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Takeshi Kimura

"I do a little more than just flirt with death..."

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a character in “Victus Per Vitualamen”, as played by kouchima


Alias / Nicknames:
Death's Assistant
The Renegade

March 29th, 1986

Blood Type:

Born a dhampir (human mother, vampire father)
Has been turned into a Demonic Being

Hair Color:

Eye Color:
Icy blue, but they change depending on his mood.

Orientation / Status:
Straight / Married

Country of Origin:


Distinguishing Features:
Tattoo of two black moths on the back of his neck

Co-founder and Co-CEO of Organization VPV

Takeshi is fierce, uncaring, and cruel. He is easily angered and has no problem killing. The dhampir can be a bit insane at times, but typically has a level-head. He lives for violence and chaos, and loves chasing thrills.
Around his loved ones, he is much calmer, taking on a very fatherly type of persona. When with Kochou, Takeshi is stoic and protective. She is his master, and therefore he will serve her as she sees fit.
Bi-polar and unpredictable, Takeshi can go from content to furious in the blink of an eye. Strange things will set him off, and he has been known to torture someone just for looking at him funny.

He is rather skilled in the workings of the mind, and can make people forget memories or remember them, take away pain, and create mental blocks/walls. He is currently working on total mind control.
Takeshi was also given control over the shadows when Kochou shared her powers with him, an ability he then passed on to Ichiro.


His family
Smoking / Shisha

The government
Dishonest individuals
The scent of strawberries
His birthday

Hand to hand combat

Green-eyed women
His temper
His family & friends

Since he was born, Takeshi and his mother had been forced to travel all throughout Japan in order to avoid assassins sent by the vampire council trying to end his disgraceful life. The dhampir was born with a violent nature, but his mother's kindness and optimism shaped him into a kind being. Never knowing his father, but hearing wonderful stories from his mother, Takeshi was proud of his pureblood heritage. However, he hated that weak side of him, his human half. It made him age like a mortal, and caused him to be weaker than a pureblood vampire.

On his sixteenth birthday, an assassin sent by the vampire council to murder Takeshi ended up killing his mother. Enraged, the dhampir tore the assassin to shreds. He then vowed to kill every council member he came across until they established him as a noble and left him alone.

Not long after he turned seventeen, Takeshi came across a woman he knew to be a council member. After a short battle, he plunged his Katana into her abdomen. The woman then revealed to him that she was not the council member he had assumed she was, but that she was really Kochou. Death itself. Takeshi immediately pledged his loyalty to Kochou, and quickly became her right-hand man, acting as an assassin and collecting souls for his mistress.

He did, however, disappear from Tokyo for quite some time. Rumor has it, he was tricked by the council and accepted an offer to become a noble if he never returned to Japan. In an aristocratic society in Europe, he married a young vampiress and had a child with her. However, as he should have known, the council betrayed him. Takeshi ended up back in Tokyo, groveling to Kochou for forgiveness, and once again pledging himself to her. This time, the pact was made permanent. He now serves her not just as a right-hand man, but as her husband.

Base: Ruki (the GazettE)

So begins...

Takeshi Kimura's Story


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Character Portrait: Takeshi Kimura


Image It was Eiko! Eiko was back! After all these years, when she had told her not to return, she had. Kochou was furious, but she was in complete shock and pain more. Stumbling through the portal, she fell on the floor in her office and felt like she was going to choke. Breathing heavily, she was unable to stand up, unable to breathe normally. It was as if seeing a ghost!

She knew, she had to tell Takeshi about this! She knew she had to tell Hikari and Lucious about this, but it seemed like a small history lesson was about to happen to Takeshi at that late hour. And with this memorylane of Kochou... the Death worried that it might trigger some memories of her partner as well... some of their past.