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Thaddeus Mitchell Rockwell

First Suite in E-Flat by Gustav Holst (Cleveland Symphonic Winds)

Role: Boy Three
Nickname or Alias: Jude
Gender: Male
Nationality: Israeli
Age: 19

Appearance: He is tan and well built. However he has that appearance, that most Middle Eastern men have, of lacking muscle. Most approach him thinking he would go down without a fight (although that is not true). He has no scars, tattoos, or anything to make him stand out from a crowd at all, which is exactly how he likes it. He normally wears nice clothes, slacks and a sweater vest with nice north field oxport shoes.

Height: Around 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 150
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Personality: Jude is a rather imposing figure on all who see him. People naturally look to him for leadership and it is for that reason that he moved to New Ithaca. He didn't like that he would always be the one that people looked to for advise. He'd rather be the one pulling strings in the background. Not the one with his name on a blasted plaque in every hallway of his school! He can be conniving, and often dastardly, but he almost always means well. He often forgets that people are people. He thinks of them as chess pieces to be moved around and for him to play with. He has almost no sense of the little picture, the people that might get hurt in the pursuit of HIS wanted end result.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes: Chess, Smart People, Winning, (He loves it) When a Plan Comes Together, Classical Music, and the Internet
He dislikes: Dumb People, Checkers, Anyone who bases their knowledge off of Fiction books, Losing, Pop (especially Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Hannah Montana), and Checkers

Phobia(s): Claustrophobia Fear of close spaces and suffocating (ESPECIALLY suffocating)

Hobbies: Playing Chess, Reading, Learning

Power: Ventus – Power over Air
Skills/Abilities: Control of Air
He can manipulate and control gas molecules. This allows him to distinguish the molecules from one another, allows him to levitate on air, turn air to a more solid form by combining molecules, and can send out feelers of a sort to tell what is in the room around him. He has practiced all of these to a point where he can almost do it without even thinking about it. However he has never had the opportunity to test his new found abilities in battle, and hopes he never will.

Jude's IQ is 135.27 and he has Eidetic memory. He picks things up INSANELY fast and can plan things far out into the future. He is a junior in college, remember he's only 19, and is a member of Mensa International. He is a well known member of cyber space and is the hero of every small time hacker and techie. He however views technology as beneath him, he'd rather have face to face conversations.

Personal History: Jude grew up in New York. He was the son of a Jew turned Christian who owned a pharmacy on the West Side. He grew up learning everything he could and developing a rapport amongst his friends. He was advanced through 1st and 2nd grade and took two years ahead of his grade in math all the way through High School. He has always been a die hard Christian, as his father raised him, and when his father died when he was fifteen one could say he wasn't that concerned. He was put into foster care until he was in college and then when he was 18 and safely in college he was given the great chunk of money his father left him.

Eventually when he became bored with his life he moved West. WAY West. He moved to Ithaca City because it was like NY but different in many ways. He started making an online dating business and became seriously wealthy once it got lifted off it's feet, with a little help from the remainder of his father's funds. When his powers started emerging he immediately started developing them, learning and using them. He has since put out feelers over the web to see if anyone else has been found with these anomalies. He has put up several dummy websites and thousands of advertisements over the internet, hoping to find something eventually.

Other: Jude can play the trumpet rather well. He often makes money by playing Taps at Military funerals.

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Thaddeus-Jude Rockwell's Story