JapanMiyuki Hayashi

a character in “Weapon Masters Are Here”, as played by brightlight664

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Name: Miyuki Hayashi
Nickname: Yuki or Mi Mi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Description: Image
Hobbies: Listening to music, and hunting down monsters/demons

Weapon's name: Myou Fuzen (calls him Myou)
Gender: Male
Weapon's Forms: Human: Image

Animal: Image

Weapon: Image (forget about the girl only the scythe)
Weapon's Skills: 1.) (Fuzen-Kurai) able to make darkness around the enemy, making them impossible to see
2.) (Shadou-Hidou) a large shadow appears in the shape of the blade of the scythe, cutting through the enemy
3.) (Akuma-hekeriki) a dark thunder stricks down on the enemy
4.) (Neikan-Kumori) a cloudy shadow covers the enemy, trapping them.
Weapon's personality: Very laid back, fools around a lot, and love to kill.

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Miyuki Hayashi's Story