Los AngelesNathan Hunter

A highly ranked member of the MTD

a character in “X-Gene”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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AKA- Agent
25 years old
High ranking member of MTD
Hunter is tall, with a muscular build, shaggy black hair, and dull red eyes. Often he will wear boots, black jeans, a leather belt with a section of chain hanging on the left side, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket. On his right hand he wears a simble black, fingerless leather glove, like a biker's glove. His left hand is wrapped in a red bandage to hide the fact that it was changed by the mutation, it is now red and clawed, with odd black marks on it that look almost like runes.
When using his powers his left hand twitches and his eyes get wide and glow a bright red


Revealed in rp


Hunter carries a very new prototype flip phone developed by the government. It can scan a mutant, tell him their abilities and power level, and then track them.
Nothing else

Hunter was given several different psychic abilities from various mutants over the years he workd with the government. Some abilities clash with others, and some are just so useless he never uses them.
Can block out people who try to read, control or affect his mind
Can read other peoples thoughts if they are close enough
Can teleport objects he owns and control them with his mind. (the government supplies him with an endless supply of the swords seen in the pic, and he can teleport them to wherever he is at will, then control them either physically or with his mind)
Other psychic powers, such as minor kenetics (moving stuff with the mind, creating flames, etc.) seem to come and go when he is angry


Nathan has been involved with the government so long he goes by either Hunter, his last name, or Agent, his codename, even around his family. His father was killed when the explosion destroyed the lab, and he hates all mutants because of this. More revealedin story.

So begins...

Nathan Hunter's Story