INK is a digital asset on RPG. There are 10,000,000 INK in existence, with around 41,019 users holding balances.

INK is the base currency of RPG, and is used as a medium-of-exchange for our community to buy and sell resources in player-created universes. It can be earned by participating in various initiatives around the site, such as by earning Achievements for activities which improve the health of our community.

Experiments Ahead!

The INK experiment is just beginning — so keep your eyes open for new opportunities around the site! As long as INK remains in beta, RPG will carefully monitor and manage the system as we move towards a fully decentralized asset. Interested in helping? Join the Maki Slack »

The Forge

All universes on RPG have a dedicated Forge, where INK can be spent to create and distribute virtual items. Items can be equipped to Characters, sold at in-game Stores, and a few very special items can even grant you with mysterious powers.

What else can we do with INK?

Browse the Marketplace to see a list of what's available, or browse to your list of Settings to manage your listings. Sell off old property to free up resources, and invest in others to contribute to your worlds by paying them for their work.

Making It Rain

INK can also be used to tip other users for their content, showing appreciation for their work. Show some gratitude for your favorite writers by giving them more INK to spend!


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