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Courage,Metal and Magic: A never ending war

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Courage,Metal and Magic: A never ending war

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Thu Sep 20, 2007 4:40 pm

In a sort few sentences, This rp is about another war braking out between the planet Emula, A planet sworn to old ways that use magic and swords to fight there battles and stick to the old way of like, and the planet Techz, witch is a futuristic planet that is run by money and corrupt leaders. The two have been at war for the past 100 years.

First rules-
No godmoding
You can have 2-3 chars (not including npcs)
Some powers are too godly for this kind of setting. Such powers are teleporting and mind reading. If you have a power you think might be too godly but not sure, just ask.
Char profile
Weapons: (If any):
Other items:
Short bio:
Other info:
There are 2 default places your chars can start.( You can start else wear if you want.) One is Station Tezchi (A space station orbiting Emula where the grand army of Techz is readying for battle.) The other is Morvin( The capital city of Emula, This is wear the king of Emula lives.)
(At Tezchi, troops are running around, officers readying for battle, medics loading up there gear and such. In one of the larger rooms on the third floor, General Feailds (A hard core war veteran of 20 full wars.) Was with a bach of new troops and was giving the pre war spiel. The group on new troops lined up in the large white room. There black cloth uniform shattered the blank white wall. Feailds was wearing white cloth under silver parts of armor that coved most of him, He also had a helmet of with a large black glass visor on it.)
Feailds: Listen up scum bags! We are getting more troops join my regime in moments, so try not to looks like a bunch of idiots and prefect your posture.
(Feailds walked by one guy. Grabs his jaw and tilts it upwards.)
Feailds: You wont see attacks coming if you are looking at the floor!
(Walks buy one girl.)
Feailds: Stop Slouching! You all are pitiful! I hope you earn on the battle fields. Are you going to slow me down?
Troops: No sir!
Feailds: Good

( Meanwhile at Morvin, King Leio, wearing red robes and a white cape, is riding thought the streets on his white horse, watching soldiers preparing for attack and sorcerers readying there spells. He looks up at the sky.)
King:........I wish it did not come to this. (His frail grey hair blew in the wind.)

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