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Congratulations! You are one of the 1 in 100,000 people who have been entered in the amazing LIAR GAME TOURNAMENT!

Along with the postcard there are 100 million yen in notes. That's the beginning of the Liar Game. When the game ends, in 30 days, you will have to return your 100 million. If your opponent steals them, he can keep them as a prize, and you will have a debt of 100 million...
Who can be trusted, and who cannot?

Set in that very situation, this work explores human psychology to its limits! Allying with an ex-convict, how will Nao Kanzaki, dubbed as foolishly honest, be able to cope with the circumstances? And what is the true intent of the corporation behind the Liar Game? A mind-boggling, psychological thriller that looks into the nature of the human mind as well as the never ending battle between truth and lies.

For anyone who have never heard of the Liar Game or don't know what it is, here is the link to the manga
If you have time and interested, I recommend that you read it. If not, you are still welcome to participate to the game. Rules are written below:

Liar Game is a game of intelligent, deception, and perception, just like the actual Liar Game from the manga (and also drama). However, the only different rule for this game is that once you've gotten in, you have to stay and play until the game is over unless you're eliminated before then.

If you're interested in participating the game, please sign up by posting a comment with your name, gender, and age. Thank you.

I will pick out a certain number of players depending on the number of participants.

Announcement for players' usernames and actual name will be posted after they are chosen.
After the players have been decided, I will schedule a battle for the Entry Round.

Have fun playing~

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