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Createrrion - A School of Monsters Open

Monstra et in concordia hominum (Monsters and men in harmony.) The motto of a school thought long dead, a school merging the worlds of monsters and men like none thought possible.

Baby It's Cold Outside Open

That evening hike in the forest just turned wrong. The first issue? It's winter. The second? Apparently a serial kidnapper decided to pick your backyard forest as his next haunt, and now you've been stripped to your jimmies and left to freeze.

From Nothing, Something Open

You awake in space. No memories, no nothing. You yawn, the warmth of space inviting you to sleep...wait...warmth? Space is freezing! And come to think of're not wearing a space suit! How are you alive?! You a god.

Realm of Aetherion Open

Welcome to the Realm. Watch your step, and don't wake the dragons.