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Zero Closed

It would be nice if everything or everyone had a Description that were visible to the eye. Thing is sometimes you just have to look inside to find it.

Fairy Tale's: Twisted Open

Of course you all have heard the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid, and the cute little Thumbelina and with all stories there is almost always someone who is unsatisfied with it all. In this case, The Witch. [All Roles Taken]

Homra'z Bar Closed

Homra, one of the towns most famous bars around! Come on down and have a drink or two. Maybe even meet your one true lover? [Look inside for more] [0 Roles Left]

Shifting World Closed

This is a Chapter Roleplay. More information in the introduction .

Star-Sin Closed

This R.P is for 4 people. A romance in school. Amongst boys and girls.

Who are you? Closed

A Demon, A vampire and a human. Read the intro for my information

Valentine Vitriol's FunHouse Closed

Welcome to my funhouse, I hope you enjoy what is in store.

Return to the Labyrinth Closed

Labyrinth is a story about a young girl named Sarah who fought her way to the goblin city to take back her brother in which Jareth has taken away by her saying. But now the story has returned to her brother Toby and a few other new characters.

Solanum Closed

Solanum is a 24 hour virus process that causes Zombification. (PLEASE READ RULES)

Curtains Closed

A house for four!

Mis`fortune Closed

Closed Down

Full Moon Rising Closed

With each full moon there is a curse, some curses that can't be broken.