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The Orphanage Open

You are either an orphan or a carer, living inside an ancient orphanage where not all is as it seems. Darkness lives in the shadows of the buildings... and the hearts of the children...

Tokyo Vampires Open

Vampire? Beserker? Helot? Human? Whatever side you take, no one can win.

Classic Creatures Open

The world known so well in Jane Austen novels... with a few little differences.

Dead To The World Open

{SPOTS STILL OPEN!!!}{ROLEPLAY HAS STARTED!} Darkadia is in chaos... only the Nobodies can save it now... but why are they suddenly so important?

Beyond The Death Note Open

{THE ROLEPLAY HAS STARTED! PEOPLE CAN STILL APPLY FOR SPOTS!} What comes after death for those lived for killing?

Black Butler: Grave Shaped Cradle Open

Synopsis: {SPOTS NEED FILLING!} Why are dead bodies being stolen? Will Claude and Sebastian have to work together? Does Ciel have a rival for Lizzy’s affections?

The Afflicted Open

If you were ill, abused and trapped... what would you do if you saw a creature in black? Would you treat it as a saviour? Or would you fear it as well?

Thorns Within the Rose Open

After the invasion of the kingdom, both the invaders and the rulers find something far worse waiting to strike.

Beyond the Death Note: Price of Blood Open

Ryuk said that 'Those who use the Death Note do not go to heaven or hell, what awaits them after death is nothing.' But Ryuk was lying.

When the Sun Sets in the East Open

(OPEN AND NEEDING ROLEPLAYERS) When the two children of an ageing Samurai discover a pair Ninjas on the run have taken refuge in their house, will they use the opportunity to learn to protect their home from rival warlords?