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"Nothing is impossible."

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Mazu will never wear in a dress if she can help it. Ever. She wears safe things like jeans and ragged T-shirts.

Mazu Ikuraka



I Otherwordly changed into a: Will-o'-the-Wisp.
Oh yes, being one is all fun and games until I start GLOWING IN THE DARK!!!! Let's just say I am one of those people who are obsessed with sleeping in total darkness. Now I'm a friggin' firecracker! And on top of that I accidentally burned a hole in the carpet yesterday where I tripped... I think it has something to do with my blood but I am not sure... Also, last night the glow resembled fire. Now, you can imagine how much that freaked me out. So of course I stopped, dropped, and rolled but the fire just wouldn't go out! And that's when I felt like a retard for freaking out because my glow changed form temporarily. I still don't know what caused it.

The first thing one should know when dealing with Mazu is never mention the fact that she looks like a 12 year old. Her reaction is unpredictable, but let's just say it's a touchy subject for her. Understandable, considering the amount of bullying Mazu has gotten on the subject most of her life. Mazu has learned to be tough over the years because of that, and now refuses to take most taunts and jibes without blinking. Mazu has a talent for catching people's insults and throwing them back in their faces. This Will-o'-the-Wisp has a lazy streak, and therefore likes to do things at her own pace if at all. However, it isn't hard to make her do things faster if you use the pity trick or the guilt trick. Serious threats work well too, but if you do so your guaranteeing some kind of misfortune happening to you in the near future.

Mazu will often imagine herself in somebody else's shoes in attempts to understand people, something she does often. Mazu will take hers and other's mistakes and make a lesson out of them in order to improve her own personality. Growing up in poverty helped Mazu develop a certain cheapness. She will never allow things to be wasted if she can help it, and Mazu will even go as far as eating leftover food from somebody else's plate even if he doesn't know them well. Just as long as the person isn't sick. If they are, Mazu will nurse them back to health, feed them something, then eat what' left. Not really. She'll usually nurse the person back to health then leave it at that. Again, even if she doesn't know the person. Anybody can think, and anybody has a sense of right and wrong so Mazu will help anybody who needs it.

Mazu cannot and will not tolerate bullying. Although bullies scare her to death, Mazu will always do something to help one being harassed even if they don't want it. Over the years Mazu has gotten in trouble for her efforts countless times; somehow the real instigator almost always finds a way to put the blame on Mazu. Being short, Mazu is rarely intimidated by other people's height. Eventually this evolved into hardly being intimidated or impressed by appearances in general, this helped by the fact her brother is very easy on the eyes so she's used to good looking people.
Spiders, weirdoes hiding in dark alleys, someone taking advantage of her, loud noises, bullies, crazy dogs, brussel sprouts

Returning to a normal human form, looking older, becoming a professional writer, finding her brother

Mazu grew up in a crappy house in a crappy neighborhood. She had to fight for her life walking to and from school every day because of bullies and crazy dogs. Two-thirds of the time Mazu didn't get home unscathed, but she would pick the dogs over the bullies any day if she ever had a choice on what eventually would catch her. Mazu would usually come home beaten and bleeding if they did, and the first thing she did when she came through the door was lock it. That is a habit she still retains after coming to the Brittle House. Mazu's father had a serious alcohol addiction, and although he was the classic sit-at-the-TV-all-day-long-and-call-for-wifey-to-make-him-a-sandwich kind of guy, he never abused his wife or kids. He only ignored them, which when you think about it is just as bad. Mazu's mother had to work for ridiculous amounts of time and different jobs and even then couldn't make ends meet after her husband stopped doing his share. This forced Mazu's 15 year old, at the time, older brother to drop out of high school to work instead. One day Mazu's mother just couldn't take it anymore and exploded during a one-way fight with Dad. One way as in Mom yells at him while he grunts in response without even taking his eyes off the TV screen. That's probably why he didn't see the bullet coming. Then Mazu's mom shot herself after a scrawled note that said 'I'm sorry.'
Mazu's brother was 17 when this happened. They got sent to separate orphanages, but had to drag Mazu there kicking and screaming.

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Mazu Ikuraka's Story

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Taking heed of her speech, the newly-turned vampire stayed silent. She also got rid of much of the blood - quite quickly in fact, and removed her blood stained clothing. She placed her hands in front of her politely, staying quite silent. Rie could only catch the hint of a slight sigh escaping her. The huldra glanced over her with a cursory glance - she was just the same as much of the workers at the Brittle House. Vampire. “So you do clean up after all,” murmured the employee, quietly to herself.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something flare up. Stumbling backwards from her place on the floor, she watched in horror as the will o’ the wisp turned into a bonfire, bringing a burning sensation to her skin. She drew back towards the door, inching further and further away from the burning otherworldly spirit. She watched the ground close to the glowing figure closely - hoping that it wouldn’t burn down the entire structure.

The closest water supply would be the customer’s rooms. Nymphs and dryads are mostly on the left side of the second floor - and their rooms are always wet after all. There should be an empty one around that area somewhere… we could probably find one in a few minutes… but by that point - ’ Shaking her head to get the negative mental images of the Brittle house burned out of her head - it was her home, after all, she took a deep gulp of the air to maintain her calm. She stood up, back placed firmly on the door, and shuddered in a mix of fear and annoyance. The glowing figure made its way towards the vampire and stood before her. “Do. Not. Blame. Her. she hissed, venom dripping from her words.

So - is this what she intended to do? Strange. I didn’t realize that these new orphans-turned-spirits would have such strong ties with each other. I certainly didn’t when I arrived here.’ Rie sighed - this venom was obviously pointed towards her previous actions. Falling back to what always had kept her alive through the years as a waitress, she put on her so-called waitress mask. She slowly stepped forward from her spot on the door to as close to the will o’ the wisp as she possibly could.

But before she got there, she heard something. “Thank you Mazu, you are so kind to stick up to me,” said the vampire - the cause of the flaring bonfire of a will o’ the wisp, was she not? Rie snapped her own eyes open to see what was going on - to see something that upset her confidence. The vampire placed one hand, ‘she’s completely calm! No trembling at all!’ on the fiery thing, Rie recoiled again. All she could feel were the flames licking up her skin, bringing with them heat and pain… Her pulse raced as her body tensed up to run away, and her palms became cold. Clenching her hands into fists, she was shocked by the vampire giggling softly to herself.

Was burning so enjoyable?

Clenching her blue eyes shut, she stumbled backwards again. At a point, halfway between the door and the two ex-orphans, she brought herself back up a poised, upright position, eyes still closed. ‘Just ignore it. It won’t burn you. Ignore it. Think of something else… like the face of the dryad, that I covered in dust’ Thoughts composed for the time being, she turned back to what she was going to do. Lashing her tail softly, she gave a slight smile. “Do not blame the vampire?” she gave a small chuckle, before shuddering inwardly. “Who said that I was blaming her? I don’t recall saying the words, I blame her.If you want me, I could, you see, will o’ the wisp. But, of course - you do jump to conclusions. I wouldn’t want you to have any bad ideas,” she continued with her waitress mask in place. Heaving a sigh, and closing her eyes, she continued with a smile. Hopefully, if her eyes remained closed, she could imagine that the flames weren’t, in reality, there. “Now. Here, in the Brittle House - for myself, at the least, the remedy for everything is spirits with honey. Any of you feel up for this?” It was always foolhardy to miss a chance for a prank - they were just spirits anyways. Her mouth widened into a smile, as she pictured what they would look like with these new additions to their skin and visage...