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KOA: The Return » Places

Places in KOA: The Return

This is a list of locations that can be found in KOA: The Return.

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Portland, OR

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         Lolly was devastated to say the least, Maddie. Of all the...Lolly was never good with making friends but she couldn't believe that this bitch was so crazy that she took her baby boy out of the car after nearly taking her life.

Never walk again...that's what kept repeating itself in her head. Unlike before, Lolly couldn't feel her legs, it was a sign that she may never walk again, there was no way to tell she couldn't get pregnant.
She reached for her legs touching the cast. She's had her leg in a cast before, she'd jumped out of a tree because all the boys could, ei Jason and Nicky. Lolly was however too short and the distance was further for her. Then her leg itched like a motherfucker from the moment they put it on. No, There was nothing. No discomfort, no itch. Just nothing.

Just as her thoughts were becoming darker, Two worried childern burst through the door, with Ae-Jin holding baby Jack. Mireya and Elly both froze at the sight. "Oh come now, I've had scarier halloween costumes then this." Lolly said with a smile. The only person that wouldn't have fooled would be Jason.
Mireya still calmed her step as she approached her. Elly behind her."Does it hurt?" Mireya asked looking at her legs. "Only a little." Lolly lied softly. Then she decided. it was better to tell them the truth."Well...actually the truth is-" "Momma!" Jack boomed and squirmed out of Ae-Jin's arms and waddled over to the bed. Ae-Jin tried to grab him to help him up but with a loud "No!" He climbed up some on the bed. Lolly smiled sadly. He was there. Poor thing. She picked up her baby boy and held him to her chest. "momma momma." He kept saying and Lolly smoothed down his silkly yet curly hair. "Shh, It's okay Jackie, Momma's okay." She said softly. Lolly looked up at the girls. "I'll give you guys a minute." Ae-Jin said softly and ducked out before Lolly could protest. "Okay girls, The truth is, My legs...They were hurt really bad and I...I'll be in a wheelchair." She said, unable to say the words never walk again. Mireya's breathing picked up but Elly grabbed her hand quickly. "No no, mija. Try to breathe."Lolly urged her and Mireya took some shuttered breaths and she wanted to grab on to her mother but she was afraid she'd hurt her so she ran to Elly, and began twisting her hair. Lolly smiled softly as Elly held on to her baby sister. "I'll be okay, mija"
"Mommy, I know what wheelchairs are for. I'm 12 not 2. You can't walk." Mireya said as her panic attack died down some. Lolly sighed. She really needed to stop treating this kids like they was small. Hell Elly was 14. Just a year shy of when Lolly lost her virginity. "You right, I may never walk again." Lolly said and Mireya looked at her. "Are you gonna be okay?" Elly asked. "I'll be-"

Bang, Bang!

Jack clung to Lolly's chest as Mireya and Elly held to each other. "Get down!" Lolly told them and Elly grabbed Jack...or tired to. "Go with Elly, mijo" She told him and he let go as they ran into the bathroom. Lolly sat up straight as a figured approached her door but soon there was another shot fired before she heard a two bodies hit the floor.

Ae-Jin had been at the vending machine when she saw a woman walked toward the information desk. Ae-Jin watched the woman look fidgety and ask about Lolly. This wasn't Joey or Jenni and she knew no other woman in Lolly's circle of friends so Ae-Jin watched her closely. There was something off about her. Just as the woman walked passed her, Ae-Jin noticed something in her hand. Then everything clicked. She'd only heard bits of the conversation so she hadn't gotten everything but she gathered this was the culprit "Hey," Ae-Jin said and just then the woman raised her hand and opened fire. Ae-Jin ducked behind the vending machine just in time unfortunately, a nurse took a bullet as well as a the wall. The woman just walked toward Lolly's room after that. Ae-Jin darted forward, the woman fired again, catching Ae-Jin in the arm but that didn't stop her as she rammed her shoulder into the woman's stomach, knocking her to the floor, in the same motion, she stomped on her wrist, forcing the woman to open her hand, she snatched up the gun, and held it to her head. "Stay down!" Ae-Jin ordered, getting off of the shooter but still holding the gun to her head. "My son, she took my son..." The woman heaved. "I don't know what you're deal is, Lady but you better calm it down, or I will shoot." Ae-Jin warned just as police arrived. Ae-Jin held up her hands as they ordered her to drop the gun. "I am former Cpl. Ae-Jin Young of the US Marines. This woman just attacked this hospital, shot a nurse and myself, I just subdued her." She said quickly as they took Ae-Jin and the woman into custody. "You have got to be kidding me..." She muttered just as Nicky and Jason entered the hospital. "Nick, I think I'm gonna need that ride now." She said as she was ushered out of the hospital.