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"If I tell you your fortune, only you can make that a miracle come true." (revamped!)

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ImageImageImagePresenting Her Imperial Highness,

[insert]Fuyuki Hakuryu was born on May 12 at 11:59 PM in the Imperial Household Agency Hospital at Tokyo Imperial Palace. She is the youngest and only daughter of Kyoshiro Hakuryu and Mitsuru Hakuryu. As she hailed from House Hakuryu, a branch family of the Imperial line, she became the first female direct descendant born since her Imperial Aunt, Princess Atsuko, which spanned 3 generations. Due to this special circumstance, she had been conferred with the title of Naishinnō elevating her to Imperial Princess status.

[insert]As per tradition, being recognized as an Imperial Princess, she was named by the Emperor. Her name was inspired by the Winter Cherry Blossoms which is a favorite of the Emperor. Fuyuki, it is written with the kanji characters for winter "冬" and princess "姫" which is said to mean, the "long-awaited princess".

[insert]Fuyuki is the youngest scion of Hakuryu. It is a lineage created as the Branch House of the Imperial Family upon granting the Prince Hakuryu permission to start his own clan separate from the Crown Prince during the Meiji era. It is currently led by Kyoshiro Hakuryu, her father who served as a trusted confidant of the reigning Emperor who by blood is his cousin. The real strength of the Hakuryu, however, stems from its bountiful connections in various sectors or placing themselves in positions of great influence and authority. Although not granted Royal Titles with her excluded, this became an advantage for their clan. It allowed them to be part of the current government such as Mitsuru Hakuryu, her mother, being the Speaker of the House for the House of Representatives. Eisuke Hakuryu, her first brother, is not only the Heir of the family but serves as Minister of State even groomed to be the next Prime Minister. Then, there is also Setsuna Hakuryu, her second brother. He is a Colonel of the Air Force belonging to Japan's Self Defense Force. Such connections, truly made this clan even more influential than the Imperial House.

[insert]As for Fuyuki, she had been granted a Royal Title in preparation for her to succeed her Imperial Aunt as the next Saishu or Supreme Priestess who shall be responsible for watching over the Ise Grand Shrine and all of its religious traditions and artifacts. In a sense, she shall be the guardian of Japan's first and foremost traditional religion, Shinto which connects present Japan to the ancient past.

I don't have much to say there's nothing in this name,Image
ImageNobody pines for the listener a thrill I've failed to deliver
[insert]Contrary to the namesake of Winter, Fuyuki's beauty is akin to earth's warmth. She inherited her father's brown locks similar to the shade of chocolates that had been the envy of most. The strands are pleasantly smooth and silky to the touch. They also make noise through the small bells constantly attached. It gave her the affectionate moniker of Suzu. At the same time, it seemed to have the remarkable trait to never get tangled especially with its length that reaches the soles of her feet. It said that she had never once cut it permeating a mystery. This earned her the nickname of Rapunzel. Yet, it is a trend not shared by the honey brown eyes received from her mother. Her doe-like eyes effectively convey the spectrum of her emotions.

[insert]Then following the racial stock of ancestry, Fuyuki was born with a slender build which enhanced an elegant silhouette. From that, it is understandable as to why she does not have large bumpers which boys tend to favor the most. She is not completely flat but she would like those basketball size ones. It is actually one of her complexes and often speaks about it. Another one would be her height of 5'5". It is actually the average height for being an Asian descent and is not considered short. However, she is stunningly short compared to her foreign contemporaries. It makes things hard to reach and she envies taller people who do not need heels or ladders. There is also her milky white complexion which she compares to a ghost. It is unattractive to her and prefers darker ones like choco. That is probably why she has a fascination for foreigners with their racial traits uncommon to her being a Japanese.

[insert]Despite the flaws Fuyuki sees, she is considered beautiful by her people and even foreigners. She is told to have the perfect body for her heritage and her features are delicate and refined which reminds one of a lovingly crafted doll, making her the pride of the Imperial Family as their Princess.

[insert]Fuyuki admits that she is a whimsical person with an insatiable itch called curiosity. That is why raising her is said to be a hard endeavor. It also does not help that she is doted by her family and even the Emperor. That is why she gets almost scot-free when breaking house rules like escaping her guards or even causing problems due to her tendency to be where the trouble is. Then again, this reckless and brazen behavior must be influenced by her male brothers and male cousins. She is literally the only rose among the thorns which made her tomboyish. But, it is unfitting for the future Supreme Priestess and Imperial Princess to act wildly like a boy. So, she was eventually taken in by her Imperial Aunt Atsuko where strict education was bestowed.

[insert]Like a child, Fuyuki resisted at first but eventually folded. It also became the platform to develop her natural intuition further as she is exposed to certain factors of her role. At the same time, it showcased the charm that attracts people to her. She became a fitting successor and Princess. But, it is wrong to say that she completely changed. She only donned a mask when required but would unabashedly remove it when she likes it. Everyone has a role to play, she does as needed but not as wanted. It is contradictory since she acts in a manner of whatever she likes. But, that is something she is actually stubborn about. It is her pride to do what is need. But, that is why she had mentioned a few times that other people's life is more interesting.

[insert]Due to that, Fuyuki is immensely sociable and even a constant interloper. But, she would not like it any other way.

You can skyrocket away from me and never come back,Image
Imageif you find another galaxy far from here with room to fly
  • Kabuki - Fuyuki had been trained in various traditional arts and this is one of them in which she shone brightly which even led her to debut in theater for a brief period of time.
  • Kagura - The traditional God-Entertainment dance performed by Shrine Maidens. Fuyuki is naturally well-versed in it but people including her Imperial Aunt had stated that her ritual dances are superb and more fantastique than anyone else.
  • Kadō - Flowers fascinated Fuyuki even as child. She even said once that it speaks to her so this everyday lesson became a hobby of hers especially when she is contemplating something quite seriously.
  • Chadō - One of the three traditional refinement arts, Fuyuki naturally studies it. But, it has gone beyond that as she took passion in it more than as a mere student. It is said that if one visits the Hakuryu, it is usually for her tea.
  • Kōdō - In Japan, the way the scents are burned is an art like none other. It started as mundane but Fuyuki eventually got interested when she suffered one sleepless night and the knowledge helped her considerably.
  • Calligraphy - Writing frequently is not something Fuyuki likes but having people interpret the meaning in each of her brush strokes is interesting to warrant her passion in the art.
  • Koto/Shamisen - Traditional music is also one Fuyuki's forte specifically the strumming of the Koto and the Shamisen. It is often asked of her to play in parties and gatherings especially when hosted by the Imperial Family or Hakuryu.
  • O-mikuji - As the next Supreme Priestess, she is taught of fortune telling and making charms. But, she is rather exceedingly talented that it scares those closest to her. So, it has been restricted for her to use it unless there is a fee.
  • Poker - It is indeed not traditional, but her brothers had taught her that being good in this game will do her well in the future and she had eventually even bested her brothers in the process.
  • Thunder/Lightning - Whenever it lights the sky and echoes through the air, Fuyuki cannot help but fear it. This is a scar that always hurts every time the weather flashes and rumbles.
  • Ghosts - As the next Supreme Priestess, talks about spirits, ghosts, and evil souls should make Fuyuki resistant to its horrors and nature. But, it makes her skin crawl and it will always be something she does not like.
  • Cats - This is a biological condition Fuyuki has no control over. She likes the feline species but their hair does not mesh with her, triggering her allergy. It makes her sneeze consistently unless she distances herself from the source.
  • Chocolate - It is no allergy or trauma. Instead, she is a glutton for the dark brown sweet which makes her rather hard or easy to control depending on the situation.
  • Promised - It is natural that the rich and powerful keep their powers limited around their circle or extend it upwards. So, it is expected that Hakuryu would want to have greater influence and daughters like her are always perfect for such a union. So, she is engaged to a prominent family heir.
  • Information Broker - Due to Fuyuki's status, lineage,and position, she is in good spot to gather various information. It allows her also to be privy in matters that should not be known. Some of it she shares to her family. Some, she keeps for herself. Some, she sells for a price. But, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that she certainly knows more than meets the eye.

There's method in madness, there's no logic in your sadness,Image
Imageyou don't gain a single thing from misery, take it from me
[insert]Born to an opportune moment, Fuyuki is granted a privileged life as a Hakuryu and the future Supreme Priestess or Saishu of the Ise Grand Shrine connected to the Divine Goddess Amaterasu. This shrine is entrusted to the Imperial Royal Family and only females born from the Imperial Family Clan can be its Priestess. However, there were no daughters born to the Main Family for 3 generations until her. Even if she belongs to just a branch family of the Imperial Clan, she still holds the Imperial Blood and was considered as the next Supreme Priestess and eventually she was conferred with a royal status for good measure.

[insert] As to be expected of the only daughter, Fuyuki has been doted by her family and Imperial relatives. That is why she had grown rather spoiled and not minding the consequences of her actions. She is also heavily influenced by the boys around her and grew up to be quite the tomboy having the penchant for brazen and mischievous deeds. It could be said that her wild antics eventually led to the incident that made her fear the flash of lightning and the roar of thunder ever since. This also prompted the decision for her to be taken in by her Imperial Aunt Atsuko to be properly raised as the next Supreme Priestess and Imperial Princess of her generation.

[insert]Now during Fuyuki's stay with her Imperial Aunt, she still was up to her old antics but not as frequent as before. It was one of these events that she met Kazuki Miyamoto. Her Imperial Aunt was a client of her mother who came for a personal matter in which he was taken along. Eventually, that one meeting became frequent and they developed a good relationship. This eventually soured when his parents die. His situation worsened and she did not reach out like a good friend should do. She remained distant and slowly became a memory for him and herself.

[insert]Time moves on without waiting. Then, Fuyuki was soon enough paired with the son of a prominent family. They were even arranged to meet but what was to be expected between two children. Yet, it did make an impression on her. That she does look forward to becoming his wife in the future. But of course, this is purely a logical move and none of the romance. To note though, they never met again after that. But, it could be a blessing as she is granted a fateful encounter in the form of a girl with the same age as hers. This also gave her another impression which slowly made the cogs turned.

[insert]Years passed and Fuyuki is now a Senior High School student at a Private All-Girl's School. Then, she was informed that she would be transferred to Airdalen Academy. The reason was never cleared to her or would they give her enough sense to make of the situation why her sudden transfer. Because of the question mark, she decided to complain about it. She actually liked her school and did not want to leave it for no good reason. That is when she was presented by her brothers a piece of information that the prospected husband for her is there. It seems that to ensure that the engagement proceeds smoothly is for them to bond over before the formal announcement.

[insert]Fuyuki was indeed curious about that boy she met once and what he has become. So, she proceeded with the transfer. It was then she also found out about certain individuals that created fissures inside of her. It would appear that the transfer idea was quite a good one. The fascination, the curiosity, and the cogs were now turning at full speed. She cannot help but think that her last days as a High School student has certainly become fun. It seems that High School life is indeed the best of one's youth.

I don't plan on looking back on my own life, I don't ever planImage
Imageto feel I own you, even if by chance everything should go wrong


[INSERT]VOICE SAMPLE || I have no regrets. None at all.

These will be lifelong stories, the light from your eyes made it feel like we were dancing in the moonlight.
Take your time, you'll find it, I see your monsters, I see your pain.
I will see you in parts of me in who I was back then, if I don't have you, at least I'll still have me.
I'm scared to drink the water, Baby, I think you drank the water, I'm hallucinating.
Like ghosts they want me to make 'em all, they won't let go ex's and oh's
So keep on playing that song that I don't like, I just wanna feel normal for the night

I could say it, but you won't believe me, you say you do,Image
Imagebut you don't deceive me, it's hard to know you're still there

[INSERT]SORA HARIGAE || They say that you are a sick boy, but that's easy for them to say because they don't take the risk.
[INSERT]TADASHI KIOMINE || You finally realized didn't you? That there is so much more than this.
[INSERT]RHYS BROWNING || You might be one of the outsiders but it is fine, after all the in-crowd is so out.
[INSERT]RYOU GIOU || Underneath it all, you are a savage, but that is the truth between us two right?
[INSERT]HIRO OSHIRO || In a dream that heroes and villains claimed before. We are kings and queens and vagabonds there.
[INSERT]ROCCO MURRAY || Nobody would understand you, so you walk the world alone. But, that is not fun isn't it?
[INSERT]BISHOP TRANDER || We don't need them anyway, so please find me where we can escape together.
[INSERT]AEON SHIROKAMI || Never leave me alone and you say, come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound.
[INSERT]KAZUKI MIYAMOTO || I wish you didn't love me perhaps in another life. But right now, please don't love me.
[INSERT]KEI WATARI || Thinking you have an ordinary life is the mistake you made, don't you know?
[INSERT]CHASE KAUFMAN || If you want something why not dance on broken glass and make the ceiling crush then take it.
[INSERT]KAITO MIYUU || How does it feel living the dream? When in truth, that you are being somebody you are not.

[INSERT]TSUKIKO KITOGAWA || Now, she is not scared to be a sweet little unforgettable thing and that is a S.L.U.T right?
[INSERT]MAO NOZOMI || We are told what to do, a give and take, be proper, but you say, this time it's my way.
[INSERT]SHIORI KITOGAWA || I run this show, so no you can't make me behave. What's wrong with being confident after all?
[INSERT]CASSIOPEIA ARGYRIS || It is funny how you want to kill them with kindness when we are running out of time.
[INSERT]AKIRA BLAKE || Adults say we have a role to play. How about you? Is the role they want is perfect for you?
[INSERT]GEN FUKUI || Do I sense some doubt? You're who you are meant to be. Let your colors show. Let your beauty glow.
[INSERT]YUUKI FUJIOKA || I just noticed, but if you keep twiddlin' thumbs, you'd be left behind. That's just the way of the world.
[INSERT]KAORI HIMEWARI || I was wondering if you think they know what you did last summer?
[INSERT]DEVONE KIM || I hold these secrets inside me and it is why you should be scared of me, who is in control, really?
[INSERT]MISAKI SERINUMA || Everything will be given to you if you let them in just like Lily, but is that good?
[INSERT]HARUHI MORINOZUKA || Do you think all the sweet little lies sold or not is enough to wipe a slate clean?

I've talked to myself in circles all night long and sleep through the morning,Image
Imageis it my fault, if I can't calm myself down, is it really?

So begins...

Fuyuki Hakuryu's Story

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What a wonderful idea to attend the Elite Airdalen Academy. NOT. That was the obvious response from the Saishu (Supreme Priestess) Heiress Apparent as she stood there in the hallways of her new school in her new uniform. Actually, the events before her arrival to school was quite a story. She had escaped the clutches of her handmaidens and bodyguards in the wee hours of the morning. There was a manhunt, however her Aunt (Princess) Atsuko was well-versed by now about her hiding places. That's why it didn't take too long to find her. It's disappointing. Well, she wasn't the kind to be demure in showing her disagreement. She liked her old school.

That feeling was now translated into a noticeable pout on her lips as she also remembered about her being required to sponsor a freshman, the senior-junior program, a partnership thing. This school was very tedious right off the bat. They could have given her a break first, right? She's new to everything. Being serious would just give everyone wrinkles. Anyway, she was at least thankful that her bodyguards weren't allowed in the campus. It gave her free movements. That thought brought a smile on her lips and a skip in her steps. Anyway, she had arrived a bit early so, she could have time to walk around and see the so-called sights.

She would enjoy that to the fullest after all, getting to know the area is not a bad thing. She began walking around with no destination in mind, just touring and all. That's when she wondered what was in the content of the envelope given to her earlier by a staff. She hadn't the chance to take a look at it before. That's why she opened it and saw a picture of her junior partner. Her acacia brown eyes immediately sparkled. It was a FOREIGNER! A boy named, Bishop Trander! He has blonde hair and those blue eyes! SO COOL! Her current expression was like that of a child getting her Christmas present from Santa Claus. She could not wait to meet him! That's right she should get to it, right? Now, she has a destination. Her Junior!

The other matters like her family's order (stupid) and a certain person in the past (incentive) were the reasons for her acceptance in attending Airdalen, albeit reluctant because of first reason. They were now put aside for her JUNIOR. Her imagination now was running at full speed as she peeked around the classrooms and being an avid lookout in the hallways and grounds. She had even began asking some of the students already there with her uninhibited approach. The older students were curious about her as she is indeed a new face and apparently a delicate Japanese Beauty, appearance wise. But, the way how she speaks is rather off the tangent. "Oh! If you do see Bishop Trander-san! Tell him, his avid fan, Fuyuki-chan is looking for him! Thanks!" She then was off with a friendly wave and wink.

Her search continues on in that manner until it was halted by an unexpected bump in the road. She turned around the corner only to have her face a mere centimeters from someone's body and her shoulder was held in place by another person's hand, so they won't collide. She looked up and those acacia-tinted eyes met those rather familiar eyes. Within a few seconds, her startled expression changed into that of a smile. "Surprise!" The joy in her voice didn't match her eyes that seemed to know something else. "I was going to look for you next!" She then looked at the hand on her shoulder and she was released on cue. "Thank you." She took a step back and did a curtsy. It was perfectly done that passersby were seeing a real live princess (more or less, she is one). "Let's catch up later!" She then walked passed this person and that encounter was now one of the talks in school for the day.

For her, she's still searching, until she was told about first period where her Junior could possibly be and she finally found him! "Trander Bishop-san!" She ran towards Bishop with the biggest smile passing by a black-haired girl (Devone). When she reached him, she looked up at him, he's way taller than her. "Finally found ya! Hakuryu Fuyuki!" She reached out her hand for a handshake happily. "I'm your Senior Partner! Let's get along okay?" She noticed the flowers he was holding. "Oh, am I interrupting something?" From that, point the students that were present looked at them oddly and in fascination of the situation.

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Ikari Akibara

“Early bird catches the worm they said.” she mumbled under her breathe. A blast of cold air hit Ikari right in the face, making her lips a bit more chapped than they had been earlier. Cursing under her breathe, the only thing that kept her warm was probably her temper. “Getting it out of the way is good they said.” mumbling again, Ikari’s breathe left her chapped lips as a cloud of white although rather transparent. “Ah f**k it! I’m going home!” Ikari yelled to no one in particular. She had been running for the past two hours non stop. While the young woman loved running, she did not love having to wake up so early in the morning just to get it out of the way.

Ikari was bundled up as one would expect a veteran runner to be. A thermal shirt, a very light jacket, running tights and some rather worn out sneakers. If it weren’t for the wind, Ikari would have just left the jacket and worn athletic shorts while on her run. It would have been a lot nicer too. Regardless of the weather, Ikari ran back home. Once back home she was immediately greeted by one of their servants. ”Good morning young miss. How was your run?” he presented Ikari with a sweat towel which she took. With a huff and a glare, Ikari placed the towel around her neck. “It was f**king windy. How do you think it went?” she said while wiping her running nose. Ikari then headed off to one of the other rooms in their large home and proceeded to go through the rest of her training regime.

After another hour had passed the same servant appeared. “Young miss it is time for you to begin preparing for school. Breakfast will be served in twenty minutes, and a hot bath has been drawn for you.” Ikari sat on a bench with a bottle of water in her hand. She looked at the servant through sweaty bangs and rolled her shoulders. “Alright.” It didn't take Ikari long to shower or to get ready. She more or less rushed it since she was starving. She donned on her uniform and as usual didn't put much effort into looking pristine or proper. Looking in the mirror, she hated wearing the uniform but she had to admit. The skirt showed off her legs which were fairly muscled without looking too masculine. With that thought, Ikari smirked at the mirror and headed for the dining area. She put her hair up in a messy bun and sat down on one of the cushions.

She looked around the table and realized she was the only one there. One of the servants caught her curious gaze and shrugged. “Your father had some business to attend to, and your brother didn't come home last night.” With a frown, Ikari began to eat. “No surprise there. Tatsumi probably went to some party with one of those ditsy blondes he is so fond of.” she snorted. It was a mean tease, but the household knew Ikari wasn't really trying to be mean. Some of the female staff giggled upon hearing her thoughts. Ikari set down her chopsticks and stood up, wiping down her mouth before throwing the napkin on the table. “It's about time to leave. Bring the car around. I’ll be there in a moment.” she let one of the servants lead her into the kitchen to pick up her bento. Guessing by the size and weight of it, Ikari knew she would be having a good meal today. That and she would always eat it throughout the day, so it made sense that they always put in extra for her to snack on. Jogging over to the car, Ikari slipped inside and they left for Airdalen.

While Ikari didn't really like being driven to school, it was pretty windy and she didn't want to deal with the wind. She also wanted to be on time which meant she wouldn't be able to check on the cats she had come across last week. Pressing her forehead against the window, her salmon colored eyes gazed out at the scenery as it blurred together. She would have to make up for not seeing them this morning by dropping by this afternoon. I’ll have to stop by the convenience store. The cats were pretty cute, and one of them was a bit beaten up. Nothing fresh though. That particular cat sported old scars from cat fights and other mishaps it may have wondered into. She had named that particular one Scratches since it scratched her the first time she approached him. He was protecting his little band of fellow cats, so she didn't get upset. A small smile graced Ikari’s features thinking about seeing them today.

“Young miss? Young miss?” The driver's voice snapped her out of her reverie, causing her to lose the smile and take up a soured expression instead. “What?” she said with a sharp bite. “We’ve arrived at the school.” Realizing her mistake, Ikari nodded. The driver stepped out to open the door for her, but Ikari had already gotten out of the car. As she headed for the gates she turned around and began walking backwards for a few steps. “Oi! Don't pick me up this afternoon. I have some business to take care of.” Without waiting for a confirmation, Ikari turned on her heel and walked into the school.

The halls that she walked through weren't particularly packed, but Ikari could see that people were making way for her. It wasn't out of awe or respect like tthe often do for that angelic prune, but it was out of fear. People often avoided her because of how she acted in junior high, her freshman year at Airdalen and her family background. Plus the way she carried herself now didn't help much. Ikari held her school bag over her shoulder and her brows were furrowed as if she were upset by something. Every time she locked eyes with someone her gaze would narrow. That combination made people frightened.

Ikari tried to smile but it only made things worse. She wasn't particularly happy as she had been told to go to the office to receive something.

Ikari was curious as to what this package could be, but when she finally got it Ikari was more irritated than not. As she exited the office Ikari looked down at the envelope. The staffs words echoing in her head. She would have to babysit more or less some junior kid. She had been away at a competition for the past few days so this was the first time she was hearing about the whole thing. With a frown she pulling out the contents of the envelope out, looking over it quickly. Her junior was some silver haired kid named Kaito Miyuu. He doesn't seem to bad. For a few minutes Ikari had been standing outside the office, but now that she had gotten the gist of it all she started to head to the gym.

Again, Ikari tried to smile but to no avail it didn't work. Once behind closed doors Ikari sighed heavily. Dammit. Gen said smiling makes you more approachable . . . Ikari glanced down a bit glumly but with a deep intake of breath she pushed aside her frustrations and got ready for gym. Unlike most other girls, Ikari didn't have much trouble in getting changed in front of other people. Hell Ikari left the locker room with the gym shirt still around her shoulders until she eventually pulled it down. Of course all anyone saw was her sports bra which she didn't care if others saw her in. It was no different than going for a run or fighting in a match.

Ikari smoothed out the creases in her shirt as she approached the bleachers. Not many were present yet which was unusual. Oh right. I’m actually on time for once or am I early? Randomly picking a spot on the bleachers, Ikari sat down and did a quick cursory glance around. She saw a blonde kid (Bishop) with flowers being approached by a much smaller girl (Fuyuki). Salmon eyes narrowed into a glare of sorts as they settled on a fellow senior (Devone). She saw another senior (Ryou) that she barely knew the name of, and there was also some purple haired girl (Yuuki) reading from a textbook. Rolling her eyes, Ikari rested her chin in the palm of her hand. A frown settled on her face without her realizing it.

While she waited for more students to arrive a thought occurred to Ikari. If this kid is a freshman and her partner then that would mean he wouldn't know anything about her! Which meant he would be her clean slate! Her first real friend! Ikari's eyes lit up and she giggled before shoving her hand over her mouth. Some other students looked at her weirdly and in reaction she shot them a glare. They looked away as they went back to gossiping. “I heard was back .. . yeah he’s so different. . . not to mention hot . . . Tadashi . . . . that's his name right? . . . yeah Tadashi Kiomine or something. . . oh who cares . . . he’s cute. . . “ At the sound of his name being spoken Ikari sat straight up in surprise. Eyes widened enough to show her startled expression. Rubbing a hand over her face, it was replaced with a look of determination. She hadn't heard that name in some time but could it really be him?

Standing straight up, the girls who were talking jumped from the suddenness of it. Ikari turned around and stood in front of them, unknowingly giving off an air of intimidation. In an attempt to smile Ikari only made the girls more nervous than they already were. “Tadashi Kiomine’s back? Have you seen him?” her voice was sharp and held an tone of anger in it despite the awful smile Ikari wore. The girls looked at one another, trying to determine who would answer the Pink Typhoon that everyone feared. Ikari's eyes narrowed as her patience was wearing thin waiting for them to answer her. “Ah yeah. He’s back . . . .” A smug look settled on her face upon hearing her answer. “Thanks” she replied bluntly.

Sitting back down, Ikari covered her mouth. A wide grin was spread across her face along with a feeling of excitement. She couldn't believe her pork buns was back but would he even seen her as a friend? She wasn't exactly nice to him, but she wasn't mean either. I wonder . . . As she sat there in contemplation, she felt a growing sense of dread at the idea of actually meeting him after a couple of years. Then a blush lightly dusted her cheeks because after all she still had a crush on him. He was her pork bun after all. A pork bun she protected from afar when she could. What if he hates me now? I mean . . . they were pretty awful to him. Ikari bit her lip as she worried. Her old friends were pretty awful to Tadashi, but it took her awhile to realize that she was in the wrong and so she dumped them. After apologizing to Tadashi, Ikari felt guilty for those years of doing nothing. Now that he was supposedly back she had to apologize again or something. But, first things first, she needed to meet up with this junior Kaito Miyuu first. Raising her eyes, Ikari watched attentively for that head of silver.

Athleticism +1

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Bishop stood nervously outside of the gym by the stairs until he saw her. The dark blue hair was unmistakable, even locking eyes with the girl. One final time he ran over what he wanted to say in his head, try and make her understand just how sorry he genuinely was. He had to make it up to Devone and try to repair the damage he thought he had done from the day prior. Bishop watched her walk by and moved to speak with her when another woman's voice shouted towards him.

"Trander Bishop-san!" Bishop turned to see another girl rushing right past Devone heading right towards him. He blushed noticing a very pretty girl that appeared to be a senior and was VERY happy to see him. Something he was not very use to at all. "Ahh, w-what?" With wide blue eyes the junior stood out in the open hiding his flowers behind his back as best he could. "Finally found ya! Hakuryu Fuyuki! "I'm your Senior Partner! Let's get along okay?" A flurry of emotions washed across his face, and every second he wasted Devone was getting further away. But.... Arietta wasn't his senior anymore? It had been literally a day and she already ditched him? A pit grew in his stomach as time for a a minute, it was painfully obvious to Fuyuki that he was having some sort of internal conflict. So much was happening at once for him, mostly that his greatest fear had actually come true.... His first senior partner left him. Without a word.

"O-Ohayo.... Senpai." Bishop managed to choke out, swallowing a lump in his throat. He glanced around the school hallway to see that several other students were now watching curiously. A girl shouting and running, a younger junior student holding an entire bouquet of flowers in the open. This looked so so bad. Especially seeing as he had wanted to talk to Devone in private, but it seemed that would not be possible. "Oh, am I interrupting something?" Bishop jumped at the question, realizing that the flowers weren't hidden so well. "Ah.. N-No. I mean.... Well. It's umm..." He glanced to try and gauge where Devone was to the entrance of the girl's locker room entrance. "T-To be honest senpai-." Bishop kicked himself for not immediately remembering her name as his mind was on the brink of short circuiting at this point. "I was planning on speaking with an old friend. B-But, can I meet you back here after I'm done. Please?" His eyes widened with the most sincere look he could come across. Bishop had a bomb dropped on him, indirectly and needed to process some things. "If I can't make it back in time, then I promise to talk with you during class. May I be excused senpai?" He would give a deep apologetic bow, showing that his manners were on par.

If Fuyuki was gracious enough to allow, Bishop would nod and thank her one more time and hurriedly walk after Devone. If she was close to the door he would sprint forward until they were about 10 feet apart. "D-Devone! Ah, senpai." Bishop would call at her name. He hoped that she would stop and listen, trying to be subtle about it though. "C-Can I talk to you, please.... Privately?" His cheeks were beat red, hiding his flowers completely behind his back. He hoped she hadn't noticed yet as he stood there awaiting her response outside the gym and girl's locker room. Would Devone make time for her old friend?

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Just like having a new toy, Fuyuki was solely focusing towards her Junior (Bishop) who was a ball of emotions in front of her. Nothing else registered to her because she was concentrated on her fascination of her FOREIGNER Junior. That's why every word that Bishop was saying set a spark inside of her like fireworks in enjoyment. She did notice though the drop of his energy due to the glow of darkness in his eyes. There was one reason that won her many conjectures of the cause, his former Senior. She had been told earlier that his assigned Junior had a Senior, but things happened. He must have liked her. Oh well, nothing is permanent isn't it? That also meant, she would have to work hard, right? Okay! She would, She likes her Junior!

She was all smiles that the students around them were blushing, men and women. It was without doubt that Fuyuki is such a pretty sight. Though, she was curious about the flowers. Her knowledge of flowers was large because of her Ikebana. From what she had seen, the flowers were asking forgiveness. Did he do something wrong? To who? Questions kept popping inside her head and each of them were answered with things she could do. Anyway, Bishop did answer her that he was going to talk to an old friend. Well, that was ironic. She was planning to do that as well later. Though, she doubt it would be a reunion where flowers would be involved.

Then, he asked for her permission to leave her for a while. His sincerity was really adorable that she cannot say no, though she had an inkling to tease him a bit. But, she can do those things later. That's right she should make a list of what to do. "No problem!" She answered with cheer. "You should stop bowing now and go ahead! I hope everything works out!" She gave him a thumbs up gesture to show her encouragement. Her big brown eyes sparkling with unrestricted joy and warmth. That brightness only made other people curious about the new student entering their midst.

Once Bishop left, she followed his form and took noticed of a black-haired girl. There was instantly curiosity on her face and that wavering sense of familiarity. She managed to connect two points in her head when she heard another student saying Kim. Like a bullet drilling through her flesh, those brown eyes alight with a different glow. It was a little colder and a serious yet alluring depth. It was like it could pull anyone who look into it towards a time bygone. Her gaze looking at a distance that no one could reach.

"Fuyuki-sama, I would like to introduce to you my daughter. I really hope you two become friends. That would make me really happy."

Her eyes glimmered with diamond dust. "Hmm... Interesting." Her voice was as whisper when her attention was taken by another. "Excuse me, Fuyuki-sama?" She mechanically looked at the person who called her attention and found a boy probably a bit older than her. "I'm Kishida Towa. My father would like to extend his greetings to you. He would like to thank you for your advice and for Eisuke-sama's support." Towa bowed his head in clear reverence. Fuyuki was used to it because of her status, but in this school that everyone has a say in the world. This scene is really a head turner, especially her who is a newcomer.

She tilted her head to the side, recalling his family name for a moment before it clicked. "Ah! Kishida-san! It's my pleasure! Though, he should relax, I know being a minister is hard. But, thank you for his hard work." She effortlessly offered gratitude and eloquently praised the individual. It was a manner that she should know considering she's part of the Imperial Household due to her Heiress Position. Well, it just stuck to her after all that nagging by her Auntie. "Tell him, he's welcome to always visit me or Eisuke-nii!" Towa blushed at the radiance she has as he fumbled with his words a bit. "Ah.... Yes! O-o-Of course! Th--Thank you!" That's when she remembered something and like a cat who fondles with her toy. She poked. "That's right! Do you know the girl named Kim Devone-san?"

Towa relaxed a bit due to the sudden question. "Ursula?" That's interesting. Kim Devone-san has now an interesting nickname. "You call her a sea witch? Why?" She was curious like a toddler towards the world. "Well...." Towa looked around a bit before answering her in a hushed voice. "She's really bad news. She's like a devil who makes deals and takes everything you have. You should avoid her, Fuyuki-sama." She blinked at that information and then slowly her lips formed a small smile and those eyes of hers held a knowing gaze, as if she finally understood something. "Oh, she's working very hard. isn't she?" That answer was something that Towa didn't expect. "Eh?" She had a thoughtful look on her face. "I wonder if I should give her a reward, but then again..." She then picked through her pocket and gestured for Towa to show her his right hand which he did. "Here, a souvenir. But, you won't get one next time." She had just given him candy. "Well, see you later, Towa-san!" She waved him goodbye as she went to go look for some seats. She'll be waiting for Bishop to return to her.

That's right, she should also talk to that one and then look for that old friend of hers. Well, it seemed she would be liking this school the longer she stays. She wondered what kind of person, she was going to meet next time? Maybe, it wasn't wrong for her to come here. Well, she finally found a seat and settled herself nicely. At that point, nearby students who were curious of her initiated small talk. Towa also chose a seat near her. He seemed to respect her privacy and just contented himself watching over her. It must be something his father asked of him. Oh well. It can't be helped, but she's thankful of not spilling the beans about her. Having secrets a few here and there isn't that bad. With that, she faced those who were curious of her with her own brand of it plus a smile.That's how it begins right? "Hello, nice to meet you!" Like that, secrets kept piling up.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

The playing continued, and the foreigner only got better and better with practice. He was getting back into the swing of things, thank heavens. The kids who hanged around seemed to enjoy themselves well enough anyway. Not that Johnny noticed, since he had tunnel vision for the frets alone.

He opted not to throw in vocals- the one musical talent he always kept up on- because that required even greater focus than he was currently using.

A kid blurted out something in the hallway, which snapped Johnny out of his groove. “Oooh crap,” he said smoothly, yet abruptly as he began shutting off equipment and putting said equipment away. He lost track of time, and was not sure if he was running late or not. He knew it’d be stupid to wait and see. “Thanks for letting me hang out here, by the way,” he bowed his head to the other students who were handling the place.

“No problem, man,” the first said, “You’re pretty good.”

“Yeah, I need more practice,” Johnny replied, “I’ll be an… good player soon though.” He didn’t recall the word “asset” or any synonym, so he had to settle on a slightly broken replacement. Soon enough, the room was emptied of people and locked. Johnny began to power-walk through the hallways at an almost comically fast speed.

He soon made it to the gymnasium he was meant to head to for his first period. As he walked into the change room, he checked his phone, only to realise that he was still pretty early. Despite being immensely relieved, Johnny was still quick to swap to his Phys. Ed outfit- his tanktop and track pants, topped with that bandana to keep his hair out of his eyes. The hair on the back of his head hung down closer to the base of his neck, but still quite short compared to most guys he’s seen attending Airdalen.

The foreigner stepped out into the gymnasium. He stretched his ligaments lightly, for he had arrived well before the actual class. His blood had been racing out of fear from being late. The fear was unfounded, however. The foreigner was thankfully not late. His smooth body, bronzed slightly from many a past outdoor activity, might have looked like it was made of metal from a distance.

As he stretched, Johnny noticed a new face who seemed just as keen on getting to know people as he was. The girl in particular seemed to be exuding an almost regal aura as she greeted just about everyone she met. She was extending said greetings from a bench near the entrance of the gym.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to make friends, Johnny approached Fuyuki Hakuryu. “Hello,” he greeted, “My name is Johnny Farelli, but you can call me Jay.” His Japanese, while solid and legible enough to avoid sending the wrong message, was still considerably sloppy on account of the dialect he grew up with in the ghetto. He had no idea he was in the presence of a princess. Sure she seemed to exude a rare grace, the foreigner was hard-pressed to really notice, let alone determine what such grace meant. All he really noticed was a friendly face and a lot of greetings to different people.

He just couldn’t miss out... but who knew how she would react to the dialect? Obviously she did, but did any of the other students know?

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Fuyuki greeted everyone that she got curious of with her smile both free and at the same time practiced. She was used to it. The introductions usually starts with names, then what their family does. It was the norm especially with the students here who have been dubbed the next generation that would influence the world. She too belonged to a clan identified officially as members of the Imperial Household and at the same time, a political one where her brothers come in the picture. The social hierarchy in the end depends on connections with people of highest influence. She understood it more than they think they do.

That's why she welcomed their small talks like expressing their interest on her long brown hair which reaches to her soles, towards the curious sound of bells (her hair accessory) with every small gesture of her head. These were the building blocks after all in every relationship, small talk that eventually leads to deeper favor. But whether, she would offer hers, well that was something for them to find out and for her to know when. Just like that, she began to know little tidbits freely without much provocation on her part. It wasn't bad to have new acquaintances after all.

The conversation around her continued to be lively and she asked them her own questions, unassuming and filled with curiosity. It was easy for her to converse with people as she was near the entrance and she just waved at them as they enter. She even called their attention when she sees someone interesting. She was basically an over-friendly and talkative person. That was when another person approached her. She blinked twice in amazement. It's because it was boy who was really really really TALL. Those brown eyes of hers sparkled in fascination. To have that height, she concluded that this person was a foreigner just like her Junior. Though, his hair was somewhat a palette common among her descent. That was a shame, but those green eyes like emerald weren't. That lifted her mood again.

He introduced himself as Johnny Farelli with a nickname Jay. He was definitely a foreigner. Because of her fascination, she really didn't hear the whispers of jeering towards Johnny like, how lame his accent is, or who he is. They even called him weird kid. Well, the discrimination against foreigners are still present especially in those traditionalist and purist of this country. But to Fuyuki, it's nonsense and she didn't really hear them. Her attention was on Johnny as she reached for her hand to have a handshake. "How cute!" That response made those around her looked completely taken aback. She just called a really tall and muscular guy, cute. Her head tilted to the side as her acacia brown eyes gazed only at Johnny as if everything else was already known.

"Hakuryu Fuyuki!" She enthusiastically introduced herself as her head bobbed making small bells jingled like wind chimes, flattering her radiant grace with a hint of mystery. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jay-chan!" She looked up to him as he was so tall, but she didn't mind. Instead, she was happy about it. "You can call me Fuyu!" Upon saying that, Towa who was quiet earlier spoke up. "Fuyuki-sama! I object him calling you that!"

She stood from her seat and that was accompanied by the sound of bells, silencing Towa effectively. There was a noticeable pout on her lips which brought mixed reactions. There were blushes and worries of earning her discontentment. "Eh? I want Jay-chan to call me Fuyu." She crossed her arms over her chest. "I appreciate your concern, but we must remember that one must be humble and treat all with respect." She then looked back at Johnny with a smile and a gaze that seemed to know something profound. "I would be a disgrace if I can't fulfill that, don't you think?" Towa lowered his head. She smiled warmly. "Well, for now, why not think on it? As for you," She turned towards Johnny again. "Please accompany me Jay-chan." She asked as she closed the distance between them with a step. Then she gestured to him to find other seats inside as the sound of bells surrounded them.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

The only part of him that was distinctly less Italian than the rest of him was his straight hair. Ordinarily, his hair would be curly and a shiny jet-black like his mother, but his Japanese father provided the change in combination. When Fuyuki extended a hand to shake, Johnny returned it in kind. His huge guitarist’s hands, with long, lean and tough fingers, might as well have enveloped the smaller girl’s digits. The toughness mostly came from much practice pressing hard into nickel-plated steel strings. One could also mistake them for blacksmith’s hands, although both a guitarist’s hands and a blacksmith’s hands had major differences.


Johnny had no idea the “-chan” suffix could be used for both women and men, so he thought this Fuyu was implying that he was a girl. It only confused him slightly, given his obviously masculine form. The strangeness of the suffix usage ultimately told to him that “-chan” could, in fact, be used for both men and women.

What would have bothered him, if he was easily offended, were some of the choice words uttered by onlookers- words on how the foreigner should “know his place” or “Objecting to calling a person a nickname”, whatever that nonsense meant. It was less offensive and more confusing. Why would these guys act so defensive around a single girl? He then recalled the attitude of the guy who punched him so weakly yesterday. As a matter of fact, that kid said the same thing about “knowing places”. A pattern began to emerge that even the foreign dumbass would’ve noticed.

Were Japanese boys defensive around girls in the face of foreigners? Why?

We’re all people, aren’t we?

Aren’t I?

Despite the negative thought, it ultimately could not pierce the immensely positive energy he had built up after helping the blacksmith and getting a job. His white smile thankfully remained on his face. “I know my place already,” Johnny replied matter-of-factly, enunciating his words well enough, but not exactly fast enough for the sake of fluency. “It’s where I am, and where I will go.” In this case, it was heading into the gymnasium proper. He really had no idea what the onlookers were implying at the end of the day.

Given Fuyuki’s reaction to the choice words of the onlookers, Johnny had a feeling they were meant to be insults of some kind. They were like no insults he had ever heard. These apparent “insults” were comically tame compared to insults from the ghetto like [nope] and [not getting banned here] or anything raunchy involving his mother. “So Fuyu, or Fuyu-san?” Johnny asked to make sure he was getting it right. He was about to continue when Fuyuki closed the distance. Between the onlookers and her sudden proximity, Johnny’s hugeness really began to well up in his thoughts. His next word (which would have been him asking "Fuyu-chan" caught in his throat.

“Please … me Jay-chan,” (get your mind out of the gutter) Johnny struggled- albeit not visibly- to remember the word ‘accompany’. However, he remembered using that exact phrase to Gen-san at the dance, so he managed to decipher what was being said soon enough.

This may be a hilarious sight for those who were not elitist sticks in the mud: A tall, muscular Italian fella with a bandana, tanktop, and track pants, walking with a smaller girl who… wasn’t exactly dressed for Phys. Ed, or even the streets for that matter. Those bells would only weigh a person down and get in the way. Hardly appropriate garb for getting a slam dunk in. Did she know what the first class was? The last time he saw a person wearing bells was Avery one Christmas, when he coiled his afro into messy dreadlocks. That was a fun year.

No! Focus, damnit! Seats, find seats… Finding seats would get him away from the crowd; that would help his claustrophobia. The only seats in the gymnasium were the bleachers. Bleachers were spacious seats. They were not exactly comfortable, but they would do.

Johnny, being a gentleman and a gentle man, stepped slowly to pace as he escorted Fuyuki into the gymnasium proper. “I’m not sure what that was about, but I think they’re cool,” He spoke cheerily in regards to the behaviour of the other kids. He was ultimately a dumbass, so he had no idea who exactly Fuyuki was, and as such did not present himself as one would in front of a princess. He was laid-back and nodded greetings to random strangers in the hallway as they walked.

The kid who had punched him passed by, and gaped when he saw that the foreigner was escorting another pretty girl. As they passed, the kid spoke to his buddies. “How the fuck is that gaijin getting friendly with so many pretty girls?!”

“How's it hangin', Yuga-san!” Johnny called back to the kid with a wave. He spoke with an innocence, unaware that the kid was implying that he was ""“Getting with”"" multiple girls. Back home, he’d have probably been self-conscious about that sort of thing, but right now he has so much else to think about that the innuendo he would have laughed at now only fell flat.

His response only made Yuga and his friends gape in dumbstruck fashion. Yuga had witnessed the toughness of the foreigner, and recalled that classic movie, King Kong. In the context of the movie, Yuga saw the princess as Fay Wray and the foreigner as… well… After yesterday, he felt like a T-Rex when Johnny Farelli was around, and he did not feel powerful.

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This was pleasant enough really to be able to walk without those overbearing bodyguards and handmaidens. At the same time, she was able to converse freely to anyone she likes, though there was Towa, but, it's a small matter. To everyone else, she was just a very very very friendly person wanting to talk to all that piqued her curiosity. There were familiar faces, but the environment they were in does not need that to be emphasized. Here, they all are just kids, studying. Well, that is a good thought, but like any school, there are still those labels and bullying of sorts. Just because most of them here are elite, rich, and influential, it didn't meant morality was also prominent, more like it's in the boondocks. She can see that kind of scenario to her current companion, Johnny.

He was also quite friendly greeting people here and there. He was really interesting even if those people looked at him oddly. She followed his lead and did the same with her enthusiastic wave. This made her giggle and those looking at this odd pair couldn't help but blush at her sight. She only stopped when he noted that what Towa said was cool. She blinked her eyes for a moment and then laughed this time, a more louder form of giggle. "Yes, they're cool! They're fun people!" She nodded in agreement. "You're really a cute person, Jay-chan!" She was really right in her assessment of him.

She also looked at the person named Yuga whom Johnny greeted. She observed a bit before forming an analysis of her own. This eventually led her having that small smile as a glimmer flashed across her brown eyes before she happily waved as well like she had done many times. "Hello to you too, Yuga-san!" She copied Johnny in his greeting and then asked him about them. "Friends?" She looked up at him with those big inquiring eyes of hers. In someway, she also limited to speak to deeply and longer with him. She could see from the moment he spoke to her, he was not familiar with nihongo. That's normal being a foreigner and all. That was her consideration as he also did so by matching her pace in walking. His long legs could definitely carry him at a greater distance, but he lessened it. She noticed that of course. "Oh, let's sit there!" She found an empty bleacher near at the back, but she could still be seen here by her Junior. She wondered if they do those introductions and so on.

She made a point to lead where and then took her seat as she looked at Johnny. "Come." She patted the space beside her for him to sit in. "I want to know more about you, Jay-chan." Fuyuki smiled happily as the sweet and light sounds of the bell accompanied her. "Where are you from?" She asked first and waited for his answer and if it was possible to grow animal ears and tail, Fuyuki would have one now. There was not an ounce pretentiousness, she was really sincere in knowing the Tall Foreigner known as Johnny. Once, her first question was answered, she asked one more. "Why here in Japan?" Her excitement never abating in its level at all. "What sports do you do?" She was really eager in hearing his answer and every time she was answer, she was radiant more than before. "Homesick?"

It's a good thing that she was not the kind that bombards someone with unrelenting questions. She gives the person time to answer properly. Speaking of which, she wasn't the kind to care what people wear as long as they want it. But, Johnny was wearing clothes that reminds her of someone working out. She also looked around and found others with the same trend of clothing. They were not in school uniform like her. "Jay-chan." Her dainty fingers gripped at Johnny's tank top's bottom hem and pulled on it. "P.E.?" She asked while her other hand pointed at the other students already in gym clothes.

If that was the case, shouldn't she changed into one too? The problem is that she wasn't sure if she had one. Well, she really didn't mind doing physical activities even in her current uniform. She wasn't the kind to ever be bothered by it. She also wasn't the kind to mind what people think. But, she felt a bit left out. "I don't have gym clothes..." She pouted in disappointment while still gripping on his top's bottom hem.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

“You’re really a … person, Jay-chan.”

What was that word… Ka-wa-yee? Something positive, I think. He hadn’t learned anything relating to compliments aside from the word for “awesome”, which was among the first words he had learned. He made a note to look it up later. As a result of not knowing what the word was exactly, he didn’t exactly react like most would.

They had arrived at the bleachers, and Fuyuki opted to sit at the higher seats. An odd choice, given that they were to have Phys. Ed. Then again, he was around these higher seats when he first met Tsukiko, so maybe he shouldn’t judge. The girl sat down, and patted the seat beside her. “I want to know more about you, Jay-chan.”

Johnny blinked; he could’ve sworn he saw some strange appendages materialize on the girl’s head, like… some kind of ears? Seeing as there turned out to be nothing, the foreigner shrugged with an almost doofy smile, and complied anyway. Wanting to know people, that’s what buddies do, he reasoned. He really didn’t mind the questions. As a matter of fact, he relished them. Now that he thought about it, he was surprised he didn’t get as many people asking him questions like this over the first month he was here. He often asked about the homes of people who passed by the old bar and grill- folks running to Mexico, others down on their luck, others working hard to make their fortune, and especially foreigners from countries like… well, Japan.

To the first question, he replied “I’m from the Los Angelas- America,”

To the second question, he replied, “My parents have work here. Father is in construction.” That was only half of the answer, however. He preferred not to talk about the other half, and thus left that particular question seemingly lacking.

To the third question, he replied, “I’m down for pretty much anything, but I’m in the Swimming and Basketball club. I heard of this thing called “Kendo”, but I have no idea what it is. Might be cool to try at least once, anyway.”

The fourth question, specifically the mention of “home”, made his eyes almost immediately glaze over. It brought memories broiling in front of his mind’s eye like a wildfire. The screech… the breaking glass… the dog… “Uhm…” He turned away, using a sharper sound emitting from somewhere as an excuse.

“Jay-chan.” Suddenly, she gripped at the hem of his tank top. Given that the tanktop form-fit over his physique, that meant her tiny soft hands were touching his brass-like musculature. The unexpected touch snapped him out of his trance of unpleasant memory lane. That’s what… buddies do…? Whaaaaaaaat? Is this a Japanese custom? Johnny had half a mind to push her hand away… but would that be taken as an insult in this culture? For that matter, was touching people a different subject in Japan? Most folks in the ghetto don’t like people touching them unless they’re close. Johnny wanted to make friends, but this seemed almost too fast for the foreigner. On top of snapping out of his trance, Johnny tensed up slightly with a sharp intake of breath. He was certain she would feel the sudden tension, but he wasn’t sure how she would take it.

Oh right, her question. Focus. Focus. Her word uses… “home” and “miss” … home miss… miss home… do I miss home? Homesick? Yeah, that must be it. “Do I miss home? No,” he replied quickly to avoid staying silent for to long, “Actually, I’m better here.” The words, while weighted like lead on their own, were delivered as light as paper. He hoped disguising the cryptic words with an upbeat phrasing would be a satisfactory answer.

He was about to ask Fuyuki something- likely about the gripping at his hem- when she semi-stated her reason for touching his clothes and himself in the first place. “P.E…? I don’t have gym clothes…” she seemed not to notice Johnny’s glazed eyes… or maybe she did, and shrugged it off as a non-issue. Johnny hoped it was the former… but it was likely the latter. Damnit.

“P.E.” Johnny repeated, “Uhm,” He scratched his chin as he tried to think of the words to describe it. “Physical… Education, I call it (in English) Phys-ed.” He flexed an arm, and pointed towards said arm with his other hand. He wasn't trying to show off his musculature; rather he was trying to show his point. “Working our bodies.” Johnny replied with a refreshed, assuring smile, “I wouldn’t worry; I’m sure the teacher would understand. He might tell you to get a uniform next time.” He would offer a spare- he had done so dozens of times. However, every time he did that, the recipient looked hilariously tiny in his attire. That, and every time he lent a shirt to a girl, he never got it back. It was always the girls, which struck the foreigner as strange… None of his shirts really fit girls that well…

… And they already had their shirts … Holy shit they were stealing my shirts! Johnny realised.

“Actually,” Johnny continued, “I have curiosity. (Broken Japanese) What are those for?” He twirled a finger around his head, in the same area where Fuyuki’s bells would be if he were wearing them. “Wouldn’t those get in the way?”

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The answers she received made Fuyuki lit up with satisfaction. It was really far different from her life that is BORING. Comparing to Johnny's? His life was far more interesting in her opinion. So, he was from America and one of the common reasons of moving to another country was due to family having job transfers. It made her wonder what it felt moving to an entirely different nation and living there without any knowledge of the culture there. There was no fear in her system, instead there was the odd sense of thrill. It was exciting to think and how she wanted to try it. However considering her position, it would probably be not allowed unless it was some kind national importance. SO BORING.

Anyway, she continued listening to his responses like his sports. It would perfectly fit his physique. He was athletically inclined like her brothers. Well, she had also a few sports and there, but she wasn't practicing professionally. It was just on a whim, so technically, she wasn't a wimp somehow. Upon hearing Kendo, her eyes sparkled a bit not in admiration of Johnny's inclination to try the sport. It was more like of a curiosity of having him pitted with that PERSON. That would certainly be quite the scene. She will get to that eventually as she placed that idea at the back of her mind waiting for the right time to have it done.

For now, she was now curious once more about Johnny. This time about his reactions. She seemed to have slowly poked a sensitive subject. Well, the question about missing home had always been an emotional issue. That was in its own environment and timing could be a landmine, but she was not really the kind to worry about it much. That's because she was ready to receive the shrapnel and explosion if it ever occurred. Other than that, she wondered why he appeared to be tensed? She really didn't do anything to him that much..... yet. Right?

She just reached to his clothes to gather his attention. A gesture that she had been familiarly doing to people she has shown interest with. Unintentionally, her fingers did brush against the firm musculature, but could it be he's worried about skin contact? That question popped into her head and somehow, that made her smile. "So cute!" She once more declared happily. That was of course her honest perception of him and then her attention shifted towards the overabundance of students wearing gym clothes. She only returned her attention back to Johnny when he described it to her. Somehow, she really found Johnny adorable by the second. She can't help but smile brightly. "You're definitely a cute and funny guy, Jay-chan!" At this point, she released him from her grip.

He seemed to think she didn't know what P.E. meant. She was well-aware of it. She was only asking as a confirmation if first period was indeed Physical Education. He even comforted her that the teacher would not scold her for understanding and so on. "I see. All right, they'd probably give me a new student some slack right?" She confirmed that thought with his explanation by nodding amicably. Anyway, she dismissed that topic with also a light giggle which was accompanied by the jingling of the bells. At that point, Johnny began to show his curiosity of her as well. The first question was of course, about the sound of bells accompanying her which was caused by the small bells she uses as her hair accessory.

Though, she also find his imperfect Japanese fun to listen to. "This?" She then touched the bells adoring her long brown hair as they delivered that trickling sound. "Not really, they're small and secured there. So, no bother." She had a thoughtful expression first as if contemplating what Johnny asked deeply. Then, her eyes glowed in understanding as if she found the perfect answer to give him about what they were for. "Warning Device." She said with a very serious face. "It's because I'm dangerous. Well, at least that's what I'm told." That statement seemed to be a complete lie or a joke as she stated it with a cheery tone and a playful wink. "So, be careful around me, okay, Jay-chan?" She added with her smile but somehow it held that mysterious knowing. She looked up to him with those big acacia honey eyes that seemed to be both revealing all and nothing at the same time.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

“So Ka-wa-yee!” There was that word again. Johnny blinked, but a smile formed around his features regardless. He had no clue what it meant, but it certainly wasn’t that other word he had heard others describe him, “Bah-kah” or however it’s pronounced. What was the word…? “You’re (definitely?) a ka-wa-yee and funny guy, Jay-chan!”

Ka-wa-yee must be some form of compliment… Johnny reasoned. “Wait… Ka-wa-yee and… funny?

The foreigner recalled… something he didn’t want to recall. To the left of Fuyuki, a dark figure materialized in Johnny’s vision. The figure was humanoid, curvaceous, and it moved. Oh fuck. At the end of two limbs, hands emerged with detail. He saw the hands move, forming gestures he had learned off-by-heart. The hands were small, smooth, and fragile. With dark skin, the vision appeared black in the bright gymnasium lights. “You / Are / Cute / And / Funny.” The face came into view. it was clean, unlike the last time he saw it. His body tensed up as a cold sweat formed.

His mind raced so fast as the phantom moved closer and closer. His heart rate rose rapidly, and his face flushed as understanding filled him- understanding the word "Kawaii", like Hawaii, except with a K. The phantom inched closer, and threatened to block Johnny's view of Fuyuki. The hands moved some more. "Why / Did / You / Pet / The / Dog?"

NO! I didn't… I didn't mean- Miraculously, a sudden, completely absurd thought formed in his head. The thought was so sudden and so absurd that it knocked the phantom back into his deeper subconscious. Wait a sec! … Hooooly shit! Johnny realised, Fuyu-san is hitting on me… I think… No, that can’t be right. We just met and- Oh my god...

During this inner monologue, he missed Fuyuki’s rhetorical question about how the teacher would probably give her some slack. Her dismissive giggle regarding the subject filled his ears and echoed in his mind. It muffled the thoughts in his mind and snapped the foreigner back to reality. Damn, right! Focus! he commanded himself as he took a deep breath. As his heart rate lowered slowly, the foreigner's hand rose to his forehead to wipe off the sweat that had formed. At this time, he wished his bangs were down in order to hide that cold sweat. However, his bandana was on, and it was visible for all to see.

Her response to his question was particularly strange. Something about an alarm and danger. “Warning device.” Johnny remembered device because it was a fitting word for anything built in the 21st century. He learned the Japanese equivalent to words like "Warning" or "Caution" so he wouldn’t stumble into dangerous areas. “It’s because I’m dangerous. Well, at least that’s what I’m told.”

“How? You’re like, half my size.” Johnny blurted before he could register the wink. Being psychologically weakened, he was not particularly focused on minding his manners. As soon as he said it, however, the lack of manners dawned on him an in instant. His eyes suddenly widened, and he slapped a large hand over his mouth. “I’m sorry, that was rude of me,” he added as he removed the hand once more. “I understand what you mean by careful, I think.”

The foreigner cleared his throat. “Anyway,” he continued, “So you’re Dan-ger-ous? I don’t see how.” the foreigner shrugged and crossed his arms. A playful smirk formed across his face as he regarded the girl in mock-suspicion. He deep-down meant the question, because he had a feeling that “dangerous” had different connotations in Japan. Right now, this small-ish girl couldn’t possibly be dangerous. Yuga-san wasn’t dangerous, and that kid punched Johnny in the gob. How could this girl with bells in her hair be any worse?

Fuyuki being dangerous seemed really absurd to Johnny… but perhaps it was meant to be a joke? A joke to bring Johnny back around from that funk? Could she tell the foreigner’s face had been crumbling? Did she have experience with this sort of psychological help? Does she know about the foreigner’s fractured psyche, the one he tries so desperately to keep together and try to be himself again?

Well… I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. whether she did or didn’t notice, she had done the foreigner an enormous solid by snapping him out of that jam. Johnny was immensely grateful. First Gen-chan, now Fuyu-chan… or was it -san… Regardless, The foreigner had that familiar feeling: the feeling that he was going to make some great friends and finally move forward in his life.


Charm +1 Fuyuki.

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"Who knows?" Fuyuki smiled at him. "I might just surprised you." She added with her hand forming a cat's paw as she playfully clawed the air, before giggling for her own actions. For now, those were the only answers she wanted to give Johnny about how she can be dangerous at the moment. Well, she does understand how impossible it seemed, considering how huge and how small she was. They were like David and Goliath or Tom and Jerry. Just with first impressions, she doesn't look like someone who could topple anything down. But, that is what's really fun about perception. Nothing is always what it seems, so thrilling!

When, her giggle settled down. She decided to focus on another topic that Johnny had brought up. The one comment that he apologized about being rude. In truth, she wasn't offended about being regarded as smaller than him. It was the truth, so there was no denying that. Actually, if one considered the average height of her ethnicity. She was actually quite tall, but against a Foreigner like him. That was water under the bridge. Anyway, it made her pout as seen on her lips. She then lowered her head symbolizing her disappointment on those words. If anyone would take a guess at her now, they would think that Johnny had said something mean to her.

But it was truly on a different matter, not really about her height. "Yes, I know... I'm small..." The word small... reminded her of something else. She released a sigh and then her hands touched her chests without any hesitation. Hers are not eye-catching, nor are they like floorboards, just right as they say, average. The students casting curious and small glances near them, suddenly had reddened faces. "But, I can't help it... Mine are just humble ones..." She then raised her head looking at the other girls nearby. She could definitely see females with bigger options than hers. She looked at her chest again and that made her really gloomy more than before. "Jay-chan... Do boys really like bigger breasts?" This time, she finally returned her eyes on him with a question that was asked in straight curiosity while she bumped up her breasts just for emphasis.

Surely in situations like this, the girl was either considered flirting or completely have her guard to a zero. But when it comes to Fuyuki, it was nothing of just one option. It was always many in between, but the major sphere of influence would be her unyielding sense of curiosity of knowing. She had asked her father about it who simply told her to ask that to her mother. Of course, her mother who was the pinnacle of Japanese Elegance and Grace simply told her to never ask anyone about that again. But this was Fuyuki, the girl who never, wait... RARELY listens to anyone. So, of course, she eventually asked someone else, including her brothers.

Her oldest brother Eisuke told her to ask her future husband about that. Her other brother Setsuna choked on his drink and even coughed heavily. Then told her, that breasts don't matter... somehow. Really... her brothers are so unreliable when she really wanted to know the answers. It's just that she had often seen men of all ages immediately attaching their eyes to those huge bumpers. She could even see desire in those eyes. Boys will be boys, she understood that, but it does make her disappointed when hers don't get that attention too. So, she was simply curious. "Why is that?" She added that as her hands now settled on her lap with her big brown eyes still looking at Johnny with question.

If Johnny can't answer too, well, she could just ask this future husband of hers. That conversation, it made her wonder how that would look like, somehow that made her giggle and so she did. It was just really funny and since no one could read her mind. There was a high possibility that she was simply playing a prank on Johnny. Of course, none of that is true, maybe? Anyways, she managed to settle herself a bit and spoke up. "I'm sorry, I just thought of something funny!" She then took a deep breath and quickly the subject matter was changed at the drop. "Anyway, I like you, Jay-chan, so let's be friends, 'kay?" She said with a gentle smile while her eyes shone with brightness. Her hand again poised for a handshake, as if to shake on that deal.

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Bishop waited for what felt like forever. He remained in his bow, holding the flowers out toward Devone. The laughter made him flinch at first in a reaction, then he slowly recoiled so where he was standing up properly. "Do you really think forgiveness can be bought?" She'd see the confusion in his conflicted eyes as he tried to process what she said. "Wait- no... That's not-" "You're years too late, Bishop. I'm a different person now and so are you. Don't act like nothing has changed when it has." He was at a lost, a small part of him was beginning to crumble as she spoke and moved towards the door. He thought about all the good times they had together as kids. She was saying now that it all meant nothing and she was going to acknowledge him or them. His eyes started to water up with tears hearing the heartbreaking words. "I suggest you let it go like I've decided to let you go." He wanted to fight, he wanted to have a full blown argument with Devone right then and there. But the conviction in her voice deterred him. He wouldn't move at first, showing hoe much he desperately wanted to be there and try and work this out. But something in the way she looked at him made him yield.

Bishop slowly walked out of the locker room consigning his defeat in the conversation. He was at a loss of what to say, but the motion of Devone caught his eye. She plucked one of the blue flowers from his bouquet, taking him off guard. A spark ignited in his eyes as she (Devone) shut the door in his face not leaving Bishop a chance to rebuttal or comment on what she did. It was there that he had an image from the past. Every time they met as children, Bishop would hand Devone a single flower. Just as their parents would exchange small but meaningful gifts to each other upon their reunions. His grip tightened on the flowers slightly, having seen that single act. A single moment between them that heralded back to their childhood. What Devone claimed to have left behind.

"I don't believe you.... No way." He'd mutter to himself taking a silent vow. Bishop wasn't going to give up on her (Devone). Something deep inside him said not to, this wasn't true. Though the two may have changed, they were still very much the same person whether they liked it or not. "I'm not going to let you go Devone. Even if it kills me." He would quickly turn and walk away, heading to the boy's locker Bishop hurried and changed into his school P.E. uniform, placing the flowers in his locker and headed to the gymnasium without further incident. Although his spirits were slightly dampened by Devone's second and much more deliberate rejection, Bishop was using it as fuel for a fire that had just been ignited. It was small, and somewhat vulnerable however it was far from ashes that could be kicked around. Anyone that had paid any attention to him the past few days might notice. He was determined, despite his motivation being on new and rather weak legs.

Bishop would look out for a friendly face, definitely noting that Devone was there too. If she watched, he'd have a slight blush to his cheeks no doubt saving face from earlier. But it was a far cry from the expression of how she left him. He'd kicked himself up and was pressing on. He hoped to find Akira around. Maybe even Rhys or someone from the swimming club. A friendly face to talk to at all really, like his new senior Fuyuki! He was going to be okay and he knew that now.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

“Yes, I know… I’m small…”

“I would not say that,” Johnny replied, still trying to make up for his blurted-out statement, “You are taller than mos-“

“But I can’t help it… Mine are just humble ones…”

Wait, what? Yours are just humble… You mean the bells are humble? Why are you touching your chest? "Yours are humble"…? What does it mean? Johnny’s expression froze in befuddlement at what Fuyuki said.

He didn't want to come across as confusing, and was about to ask for elaboration, when Fuyuki continued. “Jay-chan… Do boys really like oppai…? Why is that?”

“... Bigger what?” Johnny asked. He was clueless to the exact word Fuyuki had used, although something about her gaze- that of sudden disappointment- made him flush deeply in embarrassment. He thought the disappointment was directed at him. Ooooh my god, did she notice my thousand-yard stare? Oh crap. Oh crap. Ooooh shit. Whoa hang on... Maybe this is a misunderstanding? “I don’t know that word: Oh-Pie.” His pronunciation of the particular word was incredibly sloppy, especially compared to the rest of his dialogue. But, if I had to guess… She did lower her head, and her long hair was especially noticeable. However, Johnny knew it couldn’t be hair because he knew the word for hair.

Wait… She was touching her chest as she was saying that word… “Oppai”… Could it be…?

“I’m sorry, I just thought of something funny!” Johnny heard Fuyuki say before he could guess at what she meant. It was hard to understand the subtle differences in dialect, so Johnny couldn’t quite tell that Fuyuki was trying to change the subject for ulterior reasons. “Anyway, I like you, Jay-chan, so let’s be friends, ‘kay?” Her hand poised for a handshake.

Whatever the earlier question was about, Johnny figured he’d be 100% certain of the meaning while he learned the language. He could always answer later, given the chance. Gen knows English; Johnny could ask her later. In the meantime, his confident smile once more returned as a familiar situation brewed up. They were to shake hands on friendship. The foreigner could get behind that. He shifted his seated position in order for his muscular arms to reach Fuyuki’s hand. His large guitarist’s hand easily enveloped Fuyuki’s petite digits. Despite the size and firmness of his hands, they did not feel overwhelming, nor did the foreigner grip too tightly. It was like Fuyuki put on a snug glove. More than anything, the heat from the hand was comforting.

“Happy to be a friend!” Johnny spoke with that smile of his. Yes, friend. That’s what I need. That's all I need.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the unmistakable blonde hair of Bishop. “Yo!” Johnny called to the kid with such incredible stamina. “Come hang with us, Bishop!” He had learned the boy’s name from adding his contacts on his phone. The foreigner's free hand rose to wave at the blonde as he still held onto Fuyuki's hand.

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Well, the question that continued to haunt Fuyuki was still... left in limbo. It wasn't much of a consequence though, she wondered why men were rather evasive of that question. They apparently liked it from her observation of the majority, so shouldn't it be like a welcomed topic? Of course, she wasn't grouping Johnny in that category. She could see that he was intuitive but the language barrier was still an obstacle to get her message clear. There was also the cultural difference, but that's what makes it fun knowing people. Plus, she was quite entertained with his reaction and the way he pronounced the unfamiliar words. She couldn't help but smile and once more, "So cute!" From now on, Johnny would always be known to Fuyuki as CUTE. Good luck on changing her mind on that from now on.

Anyways, she was glad that he was also happy with them being friends. The hand that clasped hers was firm yet gentle. He was careful with her and she couldn't help but see that as an adorable aspect of his. She reciprocated that with hers despite the difference in their sizes. Those small fingers wrapped around his with a feathery grip, yet it emanated an inviting strength. Her hand was definitely smooth and soft attributing to her catered lifestyle. Though if one would inspect thoroughly, traces of very light callouses could be seen indicating hardwork. For now, what's important to her is their handshake that sealed the deal and there was no going back from that point. That was a binding contract that meant she would be able to do whatever she wants with him in the name of friendship. What would that be? Well, it was only for her to know and for him to find out sooner or later. Surprises are good, aren't they?

Thinking about it, her first day in school was starting out very interesting. She does miss her old school, but she had a feeling she would enjoy her days here no matter what. She has a wonderful Junior! A foreigner at that! Then, there was Johnny as well. Another foreigner! It was definitely a good day! There were also the familiar faces she had taken a glimpse earlier. That would definitely be the spices she could have once in a while. So wonderful! Anyway, her inner monologue was disrupted when Johnny energetically called out to someone. She followed his line of sight to see who it could be. Her doe-like honeyed brown eyes sparkled like diamonds. It was her Junior!

"Trander Bishop-san!" She was very much hyped up more than that of Johnny as her voice echoed through the gym. It wasn't really hard to do that for anyone as the building was perfect for that auditory effect. But to do that, one was practically shouting and she was filled with excitement too and that tingling sound of bells added flavor. She was now standing from her seat and with her other free hand, she waved energetically like a child in a theme park towards Bishop. Her smile was filled with uninhibited joy. One would be hard-pressed to even think that she was part of the Imperial Family and also chosen as the next Saishu, due to how she acts. But, that is how she is. The girl had never feared openly showcasing her antics.

It would be the same of course anywhere she is unless, she has it with all the nagging. Then again, it was only her way of payback in her own way. Anyway, that wasn't the important thing right now. "I'm over here!" She was really enthusiastic about it. Then, she looked at Johnny suddenly remembering that he was the first one to notice Bishop. "Jay-chan, you know my cool Junior?" Her inquiring gaze focused on him, but that quickly changed into fascination as well. "So amazing! This school is the best! Now, I have Jay-chan! And my cool kouhai!" There hand were still linked as if it had been a forgotten thing, but eventually it was released by Fuyuki as she clapped her hands in delight as the bells continued to jingle with her every moment adding a melodious presence to her. "I guess it's not bad transferring here." She added as an afterthought as she then returned her attention of Bishop. She waved at her Junior happily not minding the stares that might come her way and to the two boys who appeared going to be tied to her in some way.

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"I wonder if I face it,
would you come back?
If it would, I wonder
if I could still hold you
and think of nothing else,
I truly wonder now."

As per usual, Ryou left others alone and simply minded his own business. Life was surely easier that way from his own experience. It was what she would say, lonely, but somehow, he had gotten used to it. That loneliness had becomes part of him and he hardly doubt it would ever disappear. Anyway, he entered the boys' locker room and got changed into his gym clothes. The guys left him alone, but he could feel the occasional glances towards him. It was also followed by whispering, but he didn't mind it like always. He could hear some of it though, like body, tattoo, and, cool. It seemed that he also hit an admiring chord even among the male populace.

He continued with his changing and exited afterwards when done. He really didn't like the conversation when a brave soul finally came up to him and asked about Kim and Hakushiro. He never really understood the concept why most boys like the idea of having multiple hook-ups or so on. He had been around a lot of females... a lot, but only she can invoke anything meaningful with him, only her. That alone is enough to make his heart freeze.The thought made him sigh as he stood in front of locker's room for a moment.

When, he was back to reality. Well, he was only gone for brief time, he looked for where he was going to sit. He considered at the very back since his considerable height would block others. It's best to be at the back where he won't bother anyone's vision. He then found an empty bleachers at the very back and settled himself there nicely. Of course, he could feel the following eyes, but he had been accustomed with that. Anyway, he ignored time by busying himself. That's right he downloaded a pdf book on his phone.

He did thought of leaving his cellphone in his designated locker, but there was still time. He should use it and it would be effective to steer people to leave him alone. That's when he tinkered with his phone and began reading the book he downloaded. It was actually about marine animals. It was because of what Hikaru mentioned to him earlier at breakfast at wanting to go to the Aquarium. Their Aunt of course volunteered to take his little brother, but Hikaru wanted to go with him more. Well, it was not a bother and he does have free time. That's why he told him they would be going this weekend. That bright smile was warm to him that's why he didn't want to disappoint his little brother. So, he would be studying on these animals, so he won't look completely an idiot on that outing. It was also not bad to have some added knowledge.

At that point, he wasn't sure how much time passed by. He could feel the eyes on him, some were rather heated filled with what? He really didn't want to know. He just focused on his reading and was only briefly disturbed when the intercom delivered at announcement. He raised his head a bit. It seemed that Belrose and Fukui was being summoned by the Principal. That was odd considering those two being upright students. Then again, there was the incident... Yeah, it was probably that one, the trust fall. It seemed to him that this senior year was getting livelier when he was certain it would end without much note. He only hoped he won't be getting dragged into something. He really didn't need it. with that, he continued with his reading but then after a while, the bell finally rang which meant gym class should be starting now. That's when he kept his phone and noticed that the teacher was still not around.

There was still time isn't it...? He could return with his reading, but he wasn't in the mood anymore. After all, he had already been forcing himself in reading it... Even going to the Aquarium, but it wasn't... in the beach, so he should be fine. He just didn't want to disappoint Hikaru and even with his behavior of not caring about what others think. He didn't want to look uncool to Hikaru. That's why he should be fine. He took a deep breath and released a sigh again. Well, he can prepare himself for that. There was still time. His trail of thought stopped at that as he didn't want to think about it anymore. It also helped that his eyes caught familiar faces among the growing crowd. There were no attachments or strong emotions. There's not much of lingering feelings as well, just familiar. His current position allowed good vantage point so, he could see them well.

There was his Junior, Johnny with an unfamiliar girl (Fuyuki). She is beautiful and somehow, hold a resemblance to her. His gaze lingered at her longer than the others. "Beautiful..." He muttered under his breath, but whether it was about the unknown girl or someone else. There's no denying she was a nice sight to the eyes. Then, he noticed the American Boy (Bishop). the only time his gaze moved away. The talks he heard outside echoed in his head, but it didn't expand from that. Next, he noticed one of the names mentioned from the intercom. There was Belrose speaking with a girl (Yuuki). He really didn't think much on it and his eyes then landed at the entrance. There he saw the other half of the announcement, Fukui who was with another person (Tadashi). He soon changed his attention to somewhere else and landed on one of the girls being linked to him just because of one dance. There was Kim and it seemed she was talking with a boy (Rocco). But, like as it had been.... all of them have nothing to do with him. That's why he closed his eyes as he waited for class to begin.


Intellect+ 1 (Ryou)
Popularity+ 1 (Fuyuki)

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“Yo!” He deep booming voice drew Bishop's attention, he turned around to find the source seeing Johnny. The very tall guy that was modeling for the girls before swim practice. “Come hang with us, Bishop!” He smiled softly to himself to try and see who was the other person Johnny was speaking of. "Trander Bishop-san!" He found the shorter dark haired girl from before (Fuyuki). That's when he suddenly remembered and panicked... He didn't remember her name!! Bishop sweat-dropped and began to walk over, his gait natural but slightly nervous. There was such a rush of information the moment that they left, he actually had no idea what her name was. All he knew, was that she (Fuyuki) was his senpai.

While walking towards the group that had invited him, Bishop cast a glance towards Devone who he could clearly see now talking on the phone as well as talking a girl that appeared to be leaning over her. He sighed quietly to himself, still feeling the tug on his heart strings before he moved on and saved face with..... Now that he thought about it. He couldn't remember either of ther names (Johnny and Fuyuki). Talk about awkward. "Hey uh, good morning. Senpai, ohayo." For the lack of knowledge about them personally he attempted to make up for it with enthusiasm addressing them both simultaneously. Smiling brightly to them both, he would move to sit among the now trio of students. 2 juniors and 1 senior. "How has your day been?"

For Fuyuki it would be impossible to not note the accent that laid over his Japanese. However, it wasn't nearly as strong as Johnny's, indicating that he's been speaking it roughly since he was a small child. He wasn't fluent unfortunately, certain words come with difficulty but nothing in a basic conversation of discussion. That's what he carried his dictionary around for.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

“Yeah, he and I are in the Swim Club- Oh!” Johnny remembered that he was still holding onto Fuyuki’s hand, and gently broke off the handshake to properly greet Bishop. “Dude, you were really good yesterday! I need to catch up on my swimming.”

He spotted Ryou-senpai entering the gym. Ryou had turned away an instant after, but Johnny had the feeling that his senior was looking at something… Nah, just my imagination. He shoved the minor thought away just as soon as he had it. He was about to call to his senior to join them as well. However, the foreigner did see that his senior closed his eyes in waiting.

He smirked, and returned to the immediate conversation. He’ll be able to chill with Ryou-senpai later. Maybe they could do something badass, like jump fences, climb the fire escapes, or make the tallest human ladder… Or perhaps something normal like going to a club and playing some billiards or something.

Johnny had read up on some clubs and cafes similar to the one back home, only he imagined the ones here would be somewhat clean at least. There was this one particular ridiculously cutesy one he had passed by on his way to the blacksmith’s workshop, called the Kirby Cafe. Johnny found the mascot on the front vaguely familiar, which is why it stood out to him. He never remembered where he had seen “Kirby” before.

Little did he know that one of the other clubs he had looked up was the same one Gen-san frequented.

“You do a lot of swimming before?” Johnny asked. He figured Bishop must have done some hardcore training before, considering how good he was.


+1 Popularity to Bishop (I'm pretty sure this counts.)

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  1. Edited to add popularity points for 'sandwiched between two cute foreigners'

    by Valkyrieknight

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The world truly works in a mysterious ways do they not? Fuyuki was now lovely sandwiched between two cute foreigners she had grown quite a liking. She was very pleased with her position like a happy child that received her favorite sweet treat. That's why she did not notice anything else at all. Even the eyes on her were invisible to her senses. Well, there was that announcement (Gen and Aeon) that piqued her interest as it echoed through the gymnasium. She had a thoughtful expression on her face, but it was very briefly before it changed into that of a smile matched with a glint of knowing. As if, the simple communiqué have a profound meaning behind it that no one else could solve just like she did.

Well, this instantly changed soon enough into that of cheer when she heard Bishop asking them how their day had been. Her acacia-colored eyes gazed at Bishop with all of its bright curiosity and fascination, but before she decided to answer the question thrown her way. There was a noticeable pout on her lips. Actually, it was rather appealing to the senses despite her expression of disappointment. "Jay-chan calls me Fuyu.... and you call me Senpai..." Her tone was filled with dejection and a hint of playfulness. "You have to call me Fuyu too!" She absolutely think that it was only right for her Junior to do so, especially they would be partners more or less.

"If you don't..." She closed in a bit as her face was now just a few inches away from Bishop's and then her doe-like eyes narrowed in a form of intimidation. She then swiftly yet elegantly flicked Bishop's nose. "Punishment! First rule! Always listen to Fuyu, okay?" She playfully winked at Bishop while tapping her cheek with the finger that flicked her Junior's nose earlier and then pulled away from him, giving them a proper distance with each other. This was also followed by a light giggle as she ignored the ringing bell since she had yet to see the professor present anyway. "By the way, my day has been very fun so far." She then glanced at Jay remembering him saying about a swimming club which Bishop was also a member apparently. Jay did also say that he was into swimming when she asked about his interests in sports.

"So, you two are in the Swimming Club?" She then looked at the two of them in a more different light as her eyes sparkled. "How cool!" She clapped her hands in excitement of that information. "That means if I ever drown, then I can depend on both of you to save me right?" She first looked at Johnny and then made her gaze last longer at Bishop. Expectations present in her eyes then again, there was a certain depth that hid something, a mystery, she won't reveal just yet. "Ah, that's right! You can grasp the Nihongo, but it's not as rough as Jay-chan, but you're not a native speaker." She assessed as she has a thoughtful look. "If you have difficulties in it, I can help you with it!" She also looked at Jay. "That also extends to you!" She offered happily, after all, she is what one would call a true blue-blood of Japan and the embodiment of it's heritage.

"Oh, that's right, where are you from originally Trander Bishop-san?" She directed her attention again to Bishop, but then had a rather displeased look just for a moment. "Trander Bishop-san is long... I'll just call you B-kun!" She immediately decided on that and didn't bother asking for permission just like with Jay on using -chan. Then, she jumped back on the topic. "I can make a guess where you are from, but, I want to hear it from you." She then recalled Jay saying that Bishop was good in swimming, judging from physique, Jay has an advantage, but Bishop was better. "So, you're really good at swimming B-kun like Jay-chan says?" Her eyes glittered with admiration. "I really have a cool kouhai! That's right! I'm your number one fan now!" She then looked back at Jay. "Oh, it doesn't mean I won't support you Jay-chan! I'm your friend, so I'm on your side too!" In any case, she was really having fun. Then, she simply had to ask. "Oh, that's right, did she like your flowers, B-kun?"

popularity +1 Johnny, Bishop

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"Jay-chan calls me Fuyu.... and you call me Senpai... You have to call me Fuyu too!" The girl excitedly shouted towards Bishop suddenly making demands of him. He blinked really unsure of what to do or what to say. This was definitely against standard Japanese customs and tradition, but he previous senpai (Arietta) broke the rules as well asking him call her by her first name. "O-Ok?" "If you don't..." Bishop blushed and leaned back when the senior girl got in his face. He couldn't actively recall the last time a girl had purposefully gotten this close to him. His blonde bangs hung on the outskirts of his eyes giving him a clear view of Fuyuki and whatever she was doing. Punishment! First rule! Always listen to Fuyu, okay?" "Ow!" Bishop rubbed his nose as his senior (Fuyuki) flicked it, a tiny bit jaded. What was up with her? Bishop technically didn't even know her full name, just 'Fuyu' which honestly could've been anything. He turned to Johnny when he spoke.

"Hm? Oh uhh, yeah. I've been swimming since.... Well, as long as I could remember. I've had good coaches." Bishop easily deflected the compliment away from himself and onto his instructors. With as much self doubt as he had, it was sometimes hard to take a compliment out of the blue like that. With Fuyuki's comment Bishop nodded and smiled slightly, finding that she was technically right. "Ah, that's right! You can grasp the Nihongo, but it's not as rough as Jay-chan, but you're not a native speaker." With that, he began to feel a little bit self conscious about his speaking. It was that obvious? He really wanted to get better, but people could still tell. For a moment, he had wished that Japanese was his first language so that he could fit in better. "If you have difficulties in it, I can help you with it!" He smiled, but only outwardly still feeling a bit stung from her remark earlier. "Thank you Fuyu-.....Senpai. I'll ask for help if I need it." He had a genuine intention to ask, but not right now.

"Oh, that's right, where are you from originally Trander Bishop-san?" 'That' question, it always came up for Bishop eventually. "Trander Bishop-san is long... I'll just call you B-kun! I can make a guess where you are from, but, I want to hear it from you." This was a lot to process. It seemed as if Fuyuki would bring up several different talking points and simply expected you to tag along, he was already beginning to get a little mentally fatigued. Under normal circumstances this would be fine, but he previous encounter with Devone had worn him down a bit. "Well umm.. Hehe. That's kind of a long story." Bishop would rub the back of his head nervously, in hopes that it would deter them (Johnny and Fuyuki) from really wanting to know. The expressions on their face shown the opposite. "Well ummm.... I was born in Japan originally. In Okinawa, on the military base. Then we moved to Guam, where I started school. Then South Korea, Spain and Oman. We moved to San Diego for a while, then Texas. Then to Australia and eventually back here in Japan so... I'm from a lot of places. Hehehe." Bishop wanted to keep it as simple as possible and he didn't exactly elude to the fact that his father was in the military. Given his line of work, he was told to be somewhat candid with who you speak to and what you say.

Her comment on his swimming made Bishop's face go a little red. He was feeling a lot of focus on himself suddenly, when he was used to people ignoring him. Including his old senpai (Arietta). He was starting to get slightly anxious and fidget where he sat listening to Fuyuki go on about how excited she was about him and Johnny. He remained quiet, silently wishing the spotlight on him to get turned off. It was then that he realized how much he actually wanted to NOT be the center of attention, when the other day he wished to be that exact thing. What changed? Maybe it was the circumstances? Or maybe just all the unwarranted; in his opinion, compliments and praise. He didn't quite know, but Bishop dealt with it the best he could.

"Oh, that's right, did she like your flowers, B-kun?" "Hm? Oh uh....." Bishop looked around nervously trying to scramble for an answer. The situation hadn't gone nearly as well as he had hoped, Devone had outright rejected him and told him to give up. That, whether she liked it or not was NOT happening. Bishop smiled to Fuyuki putting his acting skills to the test. "Well- she was too modest to accept them. But I insisted anyways. I do have a few extra, I suppose I owe you several as a apology for taking off so soon." <And forgetting your name>. Bishop recovered better than he had hoped, but the sweatdrop from the exaggeration about Devone's reaction hoping they wouldn't catch on to his half-lie. "So-.... What do you think we'll be doing in P.E. today~!?" Wanting to change the subject off of him and his botched confession to Devone, Bishop brought up class. Even with her (Devone) being so nasty, he didn't find it in his heart to think or speak ill of her.

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Johnny “Jay” Farelli

He glanced away from the group when he heard Gen-san’s name being announced, along with a name he struggled to remember. Belrose… Belrose… Oh yeah, that’s the guy with the long hair. Johnny recalled learning Belrose-san’s name on his first day, along with Fujioka-san’s. More importantly, Gen-san was called to the office. “I hope it’s nothing bad,” Johnny muttered.

He was brought back to the conversation when Fuyuki said his name, or rather, the nickname “Jay-Chan”.

The rest of the conversation involved a few words that Johnny hadn’t learned yet. Specifically, he did not learn “Punishment.” Bishop’s reaction seemed rather… unnerved. Johnny had a gut feeling that the blonde wasn’t 100% there.

You and me both, man, he found himself thinking. “Anyway, I gotta take pointers on your…” Johnny paused as he strained slightly to remember the appropriate word. “Ability, technique, whichever it is. Maybe both?”

Bishop was a slightly slower speaker compared to the especially fluent people Johnny had met. As such, it was easier for Johnny to follow and recall the words he had learned. He knew about the names of places, so he was able to understand Bishop’s mentions of the different countries that had been home at some point or another.

“You’re well-travelled,” Johnny said with a grin, “I’m jealous. I hope to travel one day, once I graduate and become a musician.”

Johnny had seen the nervous fidgeting. How could he not with his ability? “Anyway, I’m from Los Angeles and area.” Big emphasis on “area”, since he lived in the ghetto. Thanks to learning to drive at a young age, he and his friends had been all over California.

This information may seem new, but it wasn’t like his ability to drive would do him any good in Japan. The family only had one car, which he never got to use, seeing as his family were rarely home. Japan had different road signs as well, so he needed to learn this country’s particular rules of the road. Once he did, he would be able to get his license squared away once more. For now, while he can drive, he’s legally not allowed to.

Johnny tried hard not to think about details, lest that phantom appear again. As a distraction, Johnny stood up from his seat and began some arm stretches. This was Phys. Ed, after all. It wasn’t even a moment too soon, for the teacher had arrived. The boisterous man, Mr. Kido, arrived with his booming, energetic voice. If there ever was a distraction from the phantom, the loud teacher was certainly one of the most welcome ones.

“With seniors and juniors gathered altogether, let’s do Kris Kringle!!” The man called out

What? Kris Kringle? That sounded distinctly English…

Johnny gave a quick nod to Bishop and Fuyuki. “See you court-side,” he smirked confidently as he began to step down the bleachers. As he moved, he tried his best to follow the teacher’s explanation.

“If you’ve never done Kris Kringle, that’s how it works! You get a name of the person you’re to give a gift to on Monday for … Everyone on board?“

Oh thank goodness, I understood everything for once… except that one word, it sounded like… Oh! OOOOOH!

Christmas! Johnny thought. His eyes sparkled like polished jade. His excitement began to fill him like fire billowing through his veins. Gift-giving, that’s gonna be so cool! He neglected to catch what the teacher said immediately after, but the foreigner soon caught himself just in time to hear Team Orange’s roster.

Team Yellow dropped the names Kon, Blake, Farelli, and… The foreigner waved back to the blonde. He almost called out to Bishop, but he managed to catch himself to avoid interrupting the teacher.

He continued to listen, hearing new names as he did. He first recognized his senior’s name, then Fuyuki’s, then Gen’s, and then Belrose. The rest of them, he recalled, but hadn’t actually fully introduced himself yet. He didn't exactly notice that the Juniors were formed up separately from the seniors, but even if he had, he would have welcomed the challenge of being teamed up on by the more experienced crop of the school.

With the visuals accompanying the teacher’s explanation, the unveiling of the velcro belts and tags, Johnny nodded as he committed any new words to memory. I’m team Yellow, so I need yellow tags, Johnny smirked as he arrived at the bottom of the bleachers and picked up his belt and a pair of yellow tags. Being the tall foreigner with an Italian name, the foreigner imagined his teammates would form up on him like some sort of easily recognizable landmark. Johnny stepped away from the belts and tags, partially to give everyone else space to pick up their own stuff, and also so he wouldn’t be so close to everyone in this… tiny… country…


Athleticism +1

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Well, it was good first step. Bishop called her Fuyu though he added the senpai bit. It was rather disappointing when formalities and politeness get in the way of fun. But, she was used to it by now, so she let it slide for now. That's why all she has was that bright and sweet smile of hers. Anyways, it seemed that Bishop had been quite the wanderer probably due to his parent's work which she could deduct to be in connected with the military. This from hearing he was born in a military base that was a high probability, but she didn't probe anymore. She could sense the uneasiness of those around her. It was both inherent and trained of her after all. Then, she also shifted her attention to Jay who said he also wanted to travel when he becomes a musician.

"Jay-chan, you play instruments? So cool!" Her eyes glittering in amazement, then she released a big sigh after. "It's good to hear about traveling. I barely even got out of my own house. So envious..." She had a slight pout on her lips and then stretched her arms forward with her hands entwined together as if releasing frustrations. She then placed it back on her lap after a while. Anyways, the topic didn't linger on that much. She looked at Bishop again who answered her query about the whole flower thing. She could tell well, that it didn't go well from his very reasoning, but didn't show it. She also knew what those bouquet meant, so there was no pluses on antagonizing her sweet junior is it? "Don't worry about me! But if you insist on giving me flowers, then make a new one just for me. Okay?" She believed that topic ended at that and followed Bishop's action of changing subjects.

"Hmm... I wonder too..." She tilted her head to side while glancing at Jay who stood up doing some stretching. He was really big on physical training and activities. It could be probably the same for Bishop as she also glanced at him, before looking back at the empty court. "I hope I can join even without gym clothes." She looked at her uniform. It wasn't a big deal for her to play in such attire or getting it dirty. Actually, the biggest concern would be seeing rather intimate parts of her specially because of the skirt, but unfortunately, her priorities were not registering that at all. "It couldn't be helped, I guess." She muttered more to herself really after all, the transfer was done in a hurry and she was thrown into this school in a hurry as well. And then, a very loud voice echoed inside the building. Well, that was a good awakening call. "Class has start!" She said positively as Jay bid her and Bishop later.

She also gave a lively wave. "See you later, Jay-chan!" One can't really tell that she's from a revere and all-important imperial family from the way she acts. She perks up again upon hearing a Kris Kringle. "That sounds exciting! I wonder what gift I'll receive." She quietly hummed inside her head then looked at Bishop, this time with a composed manner as the bells on her hair jingled elegantly. "How about you B-kun?" After that small exchange, the teacher officially started class. It seemed they would be playing rugby with tags. She wasn't as fragile as one would think from her appearance, but she wasn't really training her physical strength. But, it sounds fun really. "Oh you and Jay-chan are in the same team." She noted upon hearing it and seeing Jay waving at their general direction. "Good luck! Since it's a Junior vs Senior! I won't give you a leeway!" She stood from her seat and then gracefully reached for her hair to put it up in a ponytail. After all, a hair as long as hers would get in a way in a rugby game. She heard her name and then a familiar one in the same team with hers. What really a delightful coincidence isn't it? or not? "I guess I'm off, B-kun." Her words still had the cheerful tone, but somehow it had now been attached with elegance and her energetic presence had been replaced with a seniority of grace. Her beauty now has an appeal of maturity and dignity inherent yet perfectly nurtured. "Let's do our best, okay? I'll give you a reward if you win." She ended that with a warm smile and a gentle pat on the head whether that was a motherly instinct or for comfort. No one could tell and, she even threw a playful wink, before she climbed down to go and find her teammates for BLUE.

Athleticism + 1 to Fuyuki

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Gen was having many doubts on the plan of moving in with Tadashi. It was a hasty decision and ideally, there would be more time to think it over and consider all options but she found it difficult to say no and decline her old friend's kindness. It was also hard to pretend to be in good health when he could always see right through her. Time had passed but he knew her too well even now. She stroked the end of her braid atop her shoulder and fiddled with the beads dangling off her scrunchie. The sound of the beads hitting together was comparable to a ticking clock, counting down the seconds until she had the courage to speak her mind. She bit down lightly on her lip, Tadashi's ability to read her was both a lovely and troubling factor of their friendship. The Prima Donna knew the rewards and vulnerabilities of relationships very well that she turned capable of treating them black and white, hot and cold, becoming someone's best friend or worst enemy if it meant personal security. A rehearsed smile surfaced on her lips when she decided not to speak about her worries after all but Tadashi didn't let her get away with it.

"About what I said, Gen-chan. My first thought was, if I told Sora that we had both come from my house. I feared that would have started a terrible rumor, and with you being the president of Inryoku I didn't want to risk tarnishing your reputation. I apologize if it seemed like I was denying you in public, I never would have if I knew for sure there would be no consequences. Ok?"

Her pink-purple eyes opened wider and her copper earrings swayed back and forth even by the time her body had stilled in place. Tadashi really was a good friend, placing importance on her presidency position and reputation over honesty. How could she be mad? She didn't feel denied but cared for with great consideration towards her circumstances. "I understand but if it's an inconvenience.." There was an easier way to prevent the consequences by quitting while they were ahead. Unfortunately, her closest friends were male and rumors would be rumors so the best available option left if not moving in with one of them would be to grin and bear it until the habit of being alone kicked in. Her closest family members were unavailable, her father working as a butler for Aeon's family had given up his home and her mother... her mother was not her mother no matter what. And I'm afraid.. deathly afraid.

The remainder of Gen's words got lodged in her throat when Tadashi enveloped her in an embrace. Even as just friends, she was surprised being drawn close to a boy's warmth. Hugs were normal to receive as an admired Inryoku hostess but there's nothing quite like receiving a hug from a friend when you need it most. She was petrified like a rock for an unnoticeable split second before easing in to return the hug and relaxing her tensed up shoulders. Gen ignored the public eyes, realizing with this embrace she really did have her friend back and they were stronger than ever. We're not going to get bullied anymore.

"See you in class."

Gen nodded with a cheerful smile and wave, walking inside the women's locker room. Contrary to what occurred after her incident with Aeon, she was better received among her peers today and they wouldn't leave her alone. The most common request asked of her was, "Gen-chan~ teach me how to charm boys!" Gen would smile pleasantly and encourage them to not focus on finding the perfect partner but focus on being one first. It was especially true and important to her work for Inryoku where the client chose the host that she accommodated them selflessly, the secret to why her clients would return even if she wasn't their dream girl at the beginning. "However, selflessness isn't the same as neediness but let's put that topic on hold for another time. We'll be late~" It was ironic of her to say as a victim of autophobia but people rarely knew how much she depended on them. Rhys was the only one who had seen her true colors and Tadashi was inching closer to it. Gen pulled down the edge of her top and closed her locker, a posse of girls joining her on the bleachers and one even sitting behind to redo the twists and turns of her braid as they waited for the teacher to show. Despite her ascending popularity, none of the special treatment was inflating her ego because she knew better than to look down on people like a certain someone.

Gen gave her full attention to Mr. Kido's instructions for the lesson and beamed at participating in Kris Kringle. She was a giver not a taker by heart and wondered who she would be gifting to. She giggled with the girls around her with anticipation on drawing out a boy's name. Gen was definitely excited about gifting to a boy and the chance of her heartfelt gift blossoming romance. Maybe she would draw out a girl's name instead but that didn't discourage her. Her sexual orientation wasn't clear to her and she was open to experimenting with the same gender but being surrounded by a traditional culture lead her to focus on men more. Her dreamer thoughts ceased when it was time to join their separate groups and obtain the necessary equipment, skipping off with a wave to her fellow romanticists wishing them good luck in their draws.

There was so much on her mind from club duties to her new junior to take care of that she was only reminded of now that she was away from the girls seeking her attention. Gen sighed as she daintily fastened the velcro belt around her waist ignoring the charmed masses observing her graceful movements. Hakuryu Fuyuki is on my team but I need to find Kaufman Chase too as late members working the lunch shift today.. I also have to report to the office with Aeon and find ample time to greet my junior Murray Rocco... so much to do~ She picked up the blue tags she needed and adjusted them on her belt, clasping her hands together in front of her lap as she patiently waited by the front to spot her teammates. Gen bounced into the spotlight the moment she spotted an unrecognizable girl with long brown luscious hair climb down the bleachers. She recognized all her senior classmates except her and wanted to know if she was who she was looking for or a junior she just hadn't seen. Gen strolled over to her (Fuyuki) with a welcoming aura and intending to find out right away. "Ohayo~! My name is Fukui Gen. I hope you don't mind but could you be Hakuryu Fuyuki?" she asked, her earrings swaying matched her liveliness. Gen smiled pleasantly without fault, easier done now because she actually had a good night's sleep. Her crucifix eyes fixated on the new girl (Fuyuki) who possessed a beauty of traditional elegance but instead of comparing each other, she basked in the girl's potential as a hostess.


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“Anyway, I gotta take pointers on your… Ability, technique, whichever it is. Maybe both?” Bishop simply nodded, having no trouble with having a swim partner. He had been in the pools since he could crawl, or at least that's what his parents said. It was second nature to him, but he did also spend countless hours trying to perfect his technique. "You’re well-travelled, I’m jealous. I hope to travel one day, once I graduate and become a musician. Anyway, I’m from Los Angeles and area.” Remaining silent, he thought of Los Angeles and all the surrounding areas that he knew about. Seal Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Palos Verdes, Compton, all kinds of places and not all that savory. He took a mental note that Johnny was an American, something that was comforting. "It's good to hear about traveling. I barely even got out of my own house. So envious..." His senpai (Fuyuki) chimed in, with her very unique mannerisms and attitude. Japanese people seemed to be a bit strange, but he could recall the times his mother pouted that way when his dad didn't get her what she wanted. "Well, it's never too late I guess." He smiled sheepishly, trying to cheer them both up, but wasn't very confident in doing so.

"Don't worry about me! But if you insist on giving me flowers, then make a new one just for me. Okay?" The comment about the flowers was reassuring, until he realized the fact that he would have to get a whole new bouquet. Despite his smile, he was already counting up how much that would cost himself or his parents... Probably himself.

At the mention of Kris-Kringle he immediately thought of all the other names for the same thing. Secret Santa, White Elephant and so on. It seemed rather straight forward, but next Monday wasn't a lot of time to think of a gift for somebody. Especially somebody that he might not know. When the class presidents came around, he would collect his tag and secretly open to read it. <Fuyuki Hakuryu... Wait. Fuyu-Senpai. That means-> Bishop drifted his gaze up to Fuyuki now having a full name. It seemed that fate was on his side somewhat today, he had her name now! "That sounds exciting! I wonder what gift I'll receive. How about you B-kun?" Bishop blushed for a split second and put his paper away. "Who knows~ hehehe." He sweat-dropped where he sat as the names for the teams were announced, it appeared that him and Johnny were on the same team and the taller junior (Johnny) was taking the initiative to get the tags. "Well, at least everyone will get involved in class today." Bishop was still quite sore about how he was stood up by his old senior Arietta, who ditched him for a boy and it seemed that no one else wanted to do the trust fall exercise with him. That hurt, it really hurt to be honest being the only person in the entire class left out.

"Good luck! Since it's a Junior vs Senior! I won't give you a leeway!" He was snapped out of his thoughts, returning back to Fuyuki and smiled a bit. He wasn't very competitive in all honesty, he preferred to compete against himself if anything but he appreciated good spirit. "Ah, ok. Yeah, me too." He would nod back to his senpai (Fuyuki) "I guess I'm off, B-kun. Let's do our best, okay? I'll give you a reward if you win."[/color] His simple smile turned into a blush, seeing Fuyuki miraculously change her demeanor and overall vibe like a switch. She radiated womanly elegance and playfulness, that caused him to short-circuit for a split second. Her hand successfully landed on his head, petting him as if he was a dog followed by the wink. He just stared back with a red face, frozen in place. Did anyone notice? Fuyuki seemed the popular type, not quite like his former senpai (Arietta) in mannerisms, but with the ability to draw people in and gain their attention.

She left, he stayed put. It took only a moment for Bishop to put himself back together again, then made his way over to the 'yellow team' to see who he was with. "Oh... Blake-san, Kon-san.... It looks like we have a capable team." He didn't say it, but it would appear that they would have to compensate a little for Mai but other than that, they were a crack team of 3 athletic boys. This looked pretty good.
Athleticism +1 (Bishop)
Charm +1 (Fuyuki)

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Fuyuki as excited as she was descended to the court below, leaving a vision of a silky brown trail and the comforting yet melodic sound of bells. It seemed that her new school played more of an active role than her former one. This made her earlier rejections of transferring thrown to the wind by now. It also helped that she had meet such interesting people, including her Junior that were perfect for her preferences, foreigners. Then again, it seemed there would be another feature to this school that would permanently cement her opinion of making Airdalen Academy as paradise.

She had finally reached the spot where the velcro belts were present as she picked one and as well as the blue tag that the teacher had said would be her team. For a moment, she inspected the belt and her current outfit which was still the school uniform. It was a physical sport in a way and that's why she tied her long brown hair into a high ponytail. Well, it did effectively lift her hair from the floor, so it was not brushing the ground even by occasion. Well, she would still participate since it seemed to be a fun game. Plus, she can say that there would be no problems of movement even in her current uniform. She really wanted to play especially, it would be disappointing if she doesn't live up to the words she gave to her Junior.

It was at that point her already sparkling acacia-colored eyes brightened more than ever. That source was the girl who introduced herself as Fukui, Gen. She was like a fantasy character brought to reality and she could say that due to Gen's aqua blue hair and unique eyes which seemed to have cross-shaped irises. "My so, pretty!" She clapped her hands in delight and a smile displayed happily on her lips. The maturely elegance she had shown Bishop earlier crumbled into that of a cheerful girl. "Are you a foreigner too?" Her curiosity coming first as she went closer and leaned her face closely to inspect the eyes that were being currently leveled by her to a national treasure.

She only settled down when she heard the whispers of the others who found the scene between them probably entertaining. Actually, she couldn't hear them before as she was inside her own mental bubble, but they were able to penetrate when they were much closer. "Oh!" Regaining her manners, she stepped away in grace. "My apologies, Fukui, Gen-san." She then delivered a bow with a straight back, her hands fell beside her in linear position, creating a lovely 15 degree angle while loose strands along with her hair bound with bells added the hint of eloquence. Anyone who seen her form would have instantly seen a Japanese noble lady wearing a beautiful kimono before overlapping with her current image.

She then raised herself with a perfect posture which actually was not hard for her, since she had been doing that even unconsciously. It's why most people had connected her mentally to some noble clan even without confirming it (How close and how simple their intuition is). A gentle dignified presence surrounded her as she recalled Gen's words to her earlier. "Ohayō gozaimasu, you are correct. I am Hakuryu Fuyuki." Those who were near took another look at her upon hearing Hakuryu. It can't be helped as it is indeed a family synonymous almost to the highest echelon of Japanese status especially to royalty. "It's a pleasure to meet you!" There was still her elegance, but with that cheerful tone made her appear rather warm and approachable. "Oh," Then, she remembered something. "You're my teammate, right?, If so, please call me Fuyu!" She then reached out her hand in a friendly handshake.

Athleticism + 1 to Fuyuki
Popularity + 1 to Gen