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“We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that you created. A generation with no place, a generation of all your sons and daughters.” Smile Empty Soul

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Setting: SmileVille2011-07-10 03:34:29, as written by Wake
It was a room. Not terribly large one mind you, but lack of objects in it made it feel that way. There wasn't much that was special about it. The room had white tiled floor, large steel walls which might attract some attention, and a barren ceiling with only two light fixtures hanging from it. Maybe ones attention might be attracted to the large window looking into a research room...

... Or maybe ones eyes would be most drawn to the seven foot tall armored giant that was strapped down with reinforced steel in a metal coffin attached to the wall opposite the window.

"... Where... where..." The giant said. Randle, his name, that's what it was right? Of course it was. That's what mama named him. "Where... where... " Where was mama though? She was there when he went too sleep. His mind was still groggy as he slowly awoke. Mama wasn't here. She said she would be here when he woke up. "Where... is mama... where is mama?" Mama wasn't here. She she said she would be here. Did mama leave him? NO! Mama wouldn't leave him! She would never leave him! She promised she wouldn't! "Mama... mama... where is mama..." Mama said she would be here. She promised she wouldn't leave him! But mama wasn't here. Did she leave him? NO! NO, NO, NONONONONONONONO! Mama would never leave him. But then why wasn't she here? Where is she? Why wasn't she here!? Where is she!? Where was mama!?

"Mama... mama... where... where... mama... where... IS..... MAAAAAMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAA!"

A researcher walking pass the window jumped back in shock, dropping his documents as Randle's bellow reverberated against the glass. Other staff in the room whipped their heads around just in time to see Randle begin thrashing against his bonds. He kept snarling and roaring as he struggled. Over and over again he growled "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!"

the effect on the staff was instantaneous.

"S$#T he's up! He's up!"

"He's not suppose to be awake yet!"

"Who's the idiot that forgot to give him his meds?!"

"Don't just stand there! Gas him already!"

"Could somebody get Doctor Jay down here and tell her that her 'son' is throwing a tantrum again." Tranquilizer gas was vented into the cell Randle was in. It seemed to calm him down for a moment as his struggles grew less and less fierce. Some of the scientist let out sighs of relief as the gas started to take effect.

Then the armored giant gave another great heave and one could hear the metal bar bend under the pressure. The last scientist to speak pulled off his glasses and wiped his forehead. "... Preferably before he kills us." He grunted as Randle threw his body against the constants again.