The League of Origins

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In a nuclear wasteland we struggle to survive. Our League Of Origins replaces the inevitable war over resources, but what will the outcome of this “sport” be for us?

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A tall, lithe figured stepped gracefully past the neatly tended lawns and flowerbeds that enhanced the era-less structures of the Headquaters. He wore light brown shirt and trousers, pressed and unwrinkled in an military manner. His gait was also military, strong and sure. He extruded self confidence that was surprising from a grunt of the military service. Although Ameriv Argus Cortez knew he was no grunt, although his rank could say otherwise. He knew himself to be skilled at what he did and a valuable asset to the defense force. He was proud of his ability, not attempting to pass his own boundaries as was right. Yet in the steady steps there was the slight slope of his shoulders and the bags beneath his eyes. Fatigue leeched lightly into his muscles from a short night.

As an active member of the Aequitas Defense Force he was required to assist in defending the dome. He would have gone anyway, it was his duty and where else would his skill come in use. He had focused his life on being a warrior, to cower when he was needed would undo everything. So it was that as the sun set upon the peaceful community that he joined the chaos of prevent the hideous spawn from penetrating the unguarded interior. He had taken to a sniper roof and the the moon bathed the battlefield as the warmth of his rifle bathed the side of his face. Countless times he had seen the pink mist of through the scope, a mutated beast lurching to death as the bullet ripped through its flesh. He had seen fellow soldiers die alongside, not hearing their screams of death from his safety. He offered little sorrow for their passing, they were warriors giving themselves to protect. There was nothing greater or worthy for them. It was late into the night as the assault ended and the soldiers were dismissed to get as good a nights sleep as possible.

He was intended to have been present at the ceremony appointing the new members of the League teams until it was untimely interrupted. The man felt no great thrill at this success, only a determination to deserve the appointment that he had garnered. He slept for a short time and awoke early, certainly not getting a decent amount of sleep. He had attended the practice range in the morning, like clockwork and today was no exception. His aim was unfaltering. Score peaking just below his acceptable mark. He grudgingly settled for that, knowing that he ought to have continued and hit his target score. Yet he had no time and the night condensed his usual timetable.
His lateness was guiltless however as he entered the waiting room shortly behind his commanding officer. Not that he knew he position at the time. He ignored the others and took a seat, not allowing his eyes to shut him in a small peace. It would not do to give this situation anything other then the attention it deserved.