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He's not happy about being dragged into this, and if he has his way this game will be this Game Master's last...

a character in “The Monster Games”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Name: Desmond Ruler

Race: Hirule

Classification: Mage, Alchemist, Tactician

Age: 21 (Total age is nearer to 48, but years on Hydra are different than on Earth) He’s been on earth for 9 years.

Position: Alchemy Professor at Carnes, Council Member (head of the Hirule representatives… mainly name)

Relationships: Engaged to Kalen Hols

Characteristics and Traits: Brown hair, blue eyes, scars across his torso, the air pressure near him changes dependent on his mood


Personality: You'll have to judge him for himself...


Powers: Basic Healing Magic, Advanced Combat Magic, Gravity Manipulation, Portal Creation, Advanced Senses (able to read auras and feel approaching power to read the tide of battle), Experience Swordsman, Aura Manipulation, Master Alchemist

Weaknesses: If pressed I’d say it’s his personality that is his weakness, he never fights to save himself… not at full power… he only seems to fight at his best in defense of others. He is only about 1.5 times stronger than a human, so most monsters can overpower him physically (if they can outsmart him). He has several other weaknesses but I won’t tell you those, you’ll have to find them out for yourself (I will be leaving you guys hints in the combat texts, so if you’re paying attention you should be ready to fight him)

Specialized Information: Desmond is what is commonly referred too as a Hierarch, an evolved Hirule. His powers are greater than the average Hirule in that they are not channeled or held through a gem, meaning his power is much less limited. The issue with that is simple, he doesn’t have a safety net… Your average Hirule’s gem only allows the maximum amount of power their bodies can handle through. He doesn’t have that kind of safety net, and the power he can channel can kill him as well as others, meaning if he lets his temper get away from him or loses his humanity he is liable to destroy himself.

Race information: Hirules are a strange group of beings from a different world than Earth, however their power is classified as the same as mages and witches. They have massive aura’s that if left unchecked can cause atmospheric disturbances over large areas (they are not necessarily more powerful than other magic users, their auras just have a greater effect on the world as they are unnatural.)

Hirule magic is new to this world, only about as old as the Gate itself (the sphinx and pyramids) and thus most ancient magic from pre-history do not account for the magic of Hirules which remains unaffected by the ancient powers. This was shown when the group attempted to revive Desmond using an ancient and powerful well that could supposedly grant any wish but due to the well predating the Hirule it could not bring him back.

The Hirule race is still a mystery to most other races but they are not well liked due to the vast majority being “human lovers” and desiring to reveal magic to humanity to better the world. Also, a human should never put on a Hirule’s ring… doing so will change them into a Hirule and transport a small local area across the gate (Desmond had been given a large reserve of extra power to fix the Gate when he crossed, but Kalen putting on the ring released it an transported a much larger area across the Gate… as well as dissipating the extra power)

If you want a good picture on what a Hirule is think mage, or perhaps thinking like the characters of more recent Final Fantasy game would assist more. They are jacks of all trades usually, able to comprehend much as they are highly intelligent, but they specialize in combat magic. Their powers come form their Aura’s, which are not of the worlds they inhabit, meaning they clash with natural magic. Many prefer to manifest their magic in the form of energetic elements (fire, lightning, light).

Note, Racial Weakness, Hirules can go berserk and rage out of control like an animalistic being acting on instinct alone if someone tries to invade and control their minds. It is unknown why this happens but the results have been devastating at time. Desmond once went rouge when Starlet attempted to control him with her Kitsune charms and nearly killed his friends and himself.


History to be added...

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Desmond Ruler's Story