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Setting: HappyTown2010-11-27 06:29:53, as written by infernwolf
Dax put his game on pause and then looked o his side. He saw Jacob forcefully hugging Sam. " This is gonna be a long trip, with screaming, and.... well yea just screaming." He said to no one in perticular. He got up and walked to the back of the bus to grab one of his backpacks and took it back to his seat. He reaced into and pulled out random things, like a videogame case, a bag of Dorritos, even a pair of Boxers. When he finnaly got what he wanted he stuffed everything back into his bag.

It was a box full of assorted candy. Not just any candy, Sour candy, It was his favorite. He threw a few sour gummy nears in his mouth as he began to relax." Anyone want some candy?" He said as he held the box of candy up high." My arm is gonna get tired so hurry." He said as he began to shake the box in the air. When the sour from the gummy bears kicked in, His face became twisted in a sence. He let out a sigh of relief when he swallowed them."There really good." Dax said while grabbing a couple of gummybears.