HellAshley 'Axel' Carter

Get out of my face, before I break yours...

a character in “Welcome to the Hell Games”, as played by Angelika Petrova

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Ashley Louise Carter
Shoulder tattoo

Theme Song: Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold

Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Axl (pronounced Axel)
Age: 16
Nationality: Chinese-American
Goal: Win.

Appearance: Axl has an attitude that is clearly shown in the clothes she wears and the way she stands. She always has a small can of pepper spray in her pocket.

Preferred Clothing: Jeans and a variety of usually veri interesting shirts. for special occaisions she wears skinny jeans, waistcoat and a fedora.

Height: 5ft 10" (she's tall for her age)
Weight: 12 stone
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: dark brown

Personality: Axl doesn't socialise well with others. She may seem bitchy, but those who know her properly know that this is merely a 'scare tactic', a way of getting rid of people she doesn't consider trustworthy. She's very competitive, but doesn't mind losing to someone genuinely better than her. Doesn't respond well to authority, and has an intense disdain for her adoptive parents. She doesn't like being told what's good for her, she believes she's old enough to work it out herself.

Rock, mainly Heavy Metal, but a teensy bit of country. (Tell no-one!)
Thai food
Simple living
Playing sports with her few friends.
Working on cars

Guinea Pigs...they just creep her out
Fancy things.
special occaisions that require dresses

Is good with a gun, a sword and a crossbow, but crappy at most other weapons.

Personal History: She was born in New Orleans, but her parents and twin brother Matthew died in a car crash when she was 11. She was adopted by some relatives in China, but they sent her into an orphanage when she refused Buddhism. She was quickly adopted by a couple and continues to live with them.

Other: If she considers you a close friend, she's a massive flirt. She can also play the drums.

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Ashley 'Axel' Carter's Story

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Over the thumping of the drums, Axel didn't hear her window being opened. She definitely didn't hear someone sneak in. She did, however, feel the arms wrap around her shoulders. This resulted in her standing up abruptly and judo-throwing the intruder straight over the drum kit and into her wall. On closer inspection, she noticed it was Rob. He had hit the wall face-first, and was now clutching his nose. "What the hell, Axel?" he glared at her. She shrugged, crossing the room to pull him up by his elbow.
"You deserved it. What have I told you about sneaking into my room?" He grinned, grabbing her hand.
"I wanted to see, you, babe. Don't tell me i don't have an effect on you, too?" She resisted the urge to growl at him. He was convinced there was something between them when there wasn't.
"The only effect you have on me is the effect you have on my gag reflex. Now get out." he frowned.
"Make me."
"Okay." she grabbed him by the ear, opened her bedroom door, and dragged him down the stairs, past her shocked adoptive parents, to the front door. She opened it, and threw him unceremoniously out onto the porch.
"Stay away from me, you creep." she snarled, before slamming the door. She walked back to her parents, who were looking at her with gaping mouths.
"Dad, I'm gonna put a lock on my window, 'Kay?" he nodded mutely, and she went back up to her room, shutting the door and sitting back down at her drum kit. She twirled the sticks in her fingers again, thinking.