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located in San Diego, California, a part of Theres Vampires in My High School!, one of the many universes on RPG.

San Diego, California



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Kaylee made it back home out of breath, having run all the way back. She circled the house and grabbed the screen from her window, having remembered she needed to put it back. Happily the door was unlocked, so she went right in and took the dogs off their leashes, leaving their neon collars on them for the time being. Iris and Zero ran up to her room, promptly settling down on her bed, while Ava was still running in circles like a psycho dog. Sighing, Kaylee ran upstairs after her older two dogs, little Ava nipping at her heels to make her go faster. Finally in her room, she picked up Zero, cuddling him in her arms as she sat down on the floor, Iris hopping down and climbing into her lap to nap. Ava, determined not to be left out tried to climb in too, but found that Kaylee's lap wasn't quite big enough for three little dogs. Chuckling at her smallest dog's attempts at climbing in with the other two, she pulled a squeaky tennis ball from the box next to her and bounced it off the wall. The little dog was practically running in circles trying to catch it.