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located in Valcrest, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere outside the cities and camp (This was supposed to be default location)


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Allison had followed Theron out of Newhaven. They weren't stopped by anyone. Being in the forest already made her feel a lot better, as if she was finally breathing fresh air. Her mind started to clear as well as she recalled Theron's words to Crys. She looked at him with the corner of her eyes... Not pleased with the idea of seeing him killed in front of her eyes once they reached camp. If it was Dani's will... She could do nothing about it, that didn't make it any better.

She broke out of her thoughts with Vilen asking her what he missed. She didn't answer him until he mentioned Theron. She finished his sentence for him. "He is the Shadow Hunter. Or was. I'm not so sure anymore." She smiled at him and added. "Worry about Dani, not him." She remembered the first time she had to face Dani on account of breaking rules. It was not fun at all. "She will probably make you wish you stayed in bed."

All of a sudden she stopped when seeing blood around the trail they were walking. She frowned for a second looking at it, but dismissed it, running to catch up with the others. That could be from a dead animal, didn't mean anything. She sighed walking next to Vilen and going back to his first question. "You missed... Evin and I went to see a friend of his. We found her dead, and the killer was still inside. Which is strange... He, I'm assuming it's a he for the height, threw a smoke bomb and ran. Why not just kill Evin too? I was hiding in the roof so I don't think he saw me, but... I don't know. It's just weird anyway I look at it."

She went silent and looked up. The sun was setting, and it was getting dark. The reddish tone slipping through the tree branches caused Ali to shiver slightly again. She wished she could make her memories go away. They made her weak, and... Useless. That's what Crys had said.

She nodded and realized she hadn't eaten all day. "I'm glad we're going back... I'm starving." She remembered she had apples in her bag... She had left it in her room. She was pleased with herself for never leaving her bow behind anywhere, it was proven to be a good decision. "I also hope Justin and Takei are alright. If she gets killed Crys will never hear the end of it."