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Theron had followed Dani out from the small valley and into the camp once more. He wasn't sure how the other assassins would react to Daniela's decision, but he bet that they would sure as hell not be happy about it. He was of course right. There he stood, next to Dani as the many actives, recruits and guards shouted in disagreement to Dani's choice of action. They didn't want this murderer amongst their own ranks, less being an instructor for any of them. Resistant to new ways, blinded by hatred and judgment towards a man with a dark past but with a bright future. That's all Theron could see in these peoples eyes when they looked at him. One day they would accept him but he had to work for it. The protests started to calm down now and suddenly everything went quiet as people went back to their duties around the camp.

Theron felt peoples hateful stares burn through his back as he sat down by the campfire. The kids around him pushed themselves away from him, but he didn't pay them much attention anyway. All he had to do now was to wait for Dani to talk to Gloria and for Crystal and Evin to come back before he could get started with the training. They had a long journey ahead of them and the sooner they started the better. Theron remained still, looking into the dancing flames in front of him. They seemed so free, so full of life and passion. Oh, there was so much a simple fire could do. Mostly destroy and hurt things but still, it was a powerful element and once it has reached it's peek of power only water or earth could stop it, nothing else. Think about the possibility you have with fire...

Suddenly there was a small commotion by the front passage into the camp which interrupted the instructors thoughts. What was happening? Was it bad news or good news? Was there good news about the hunter or maybe bad news like someone has died? Theron could not sit around and guessed anymore and with that he got up on his feet and moved over to a crowd of people who were watching a couple of workers carrying a corpse wrapped in a blanket. They were lead further into the camp by Crystal and by the looks of it she seemed very sad, but maybe that was just Theron's good eye? never the less, Theron threw another look at the corpse and on it lied a katana which he immediately recognized as Sebastian's weapon.

Like a lightning a pain hit his heart which made him lose balance for a split-second before he regained it. He was now the last one of the Wolf hunters which was a bit sad if you thought about it. But the most saddest thing was that he had now lost a newly found ally and a very old friend. He remained speechless as he watched Crystal walk into the cottage where Dani where. Only few seconds after the guards had carried Sebastian's cold body into the house there was a high pitched scream coming from the cottage and it didn't belong to Crystal. No, it was Dani screaming out of sorrow and agony. She had now lost her husband and the Wolfpack had lost their second-in-command. A great loss to which they would surely recover from but for the time being they had to pay their respects to Sebastian for his sacrifice. Yet Theron remained unaffected more than losing his balance for a second when realizing the identity of he dead one.

He decided that he would want to wait until Evin returned and heard the news of Sebastian's death before he would gather all of those he was going to teach. Things had to cool down first and so he made his way towards the place where they served food. He was starving to say at least.