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located in Area 51, a part of A.G.M.S, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Holly opened her eyes when Laila came in and watched in facination as her wounds were healed followed by James. She observed him intently as he woke up and had some trouble regaining his motor functions but when he did she gave James a small smile, relieved that he was okay and alive. Sorry I got you so hurt, I really should have made a proper plan instead of being so cocky. Laila saved your life... she trailed off in her thoughts not sure what exactly she wanted to communicate, I should return to my room now. She then turned and ran from the room as quickly as she could before anyone could stop her. When the guards posted right outside her door saw her coming they automaticly unlocked the vault for her. She slipped inside with a nod of thanks and raced to the bathroom, turning on the cold water and climbing in still fully clothed to sit under the cold spray, clutching her knees to her chest.