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Shade removed his glasses and stored them away inside of his locker for later. His headache faded away on it's own and he realized it was undoubtedly from harassing the poor students in his previous class. He changed into his workout clothes and, naturally being picky, tugged at the spandex-like material that made up his shorts and frowned. He didn't have time to sit around and fuss though, so for now, he would just have to deal. He walked into the gym and looked around at the other students, noting that the instructor was new in the process. He listened obediently and had to suppress the overwhelming urge to voice his disapproval in the teacher's choice of sparring partners. He'd been cursed with having to share a room with Cherry, have the same classes, and now they were partners in the gym. He groaned inwardly realizing that he'd somehow have to deal with this too.

He was still puzzled by the strange feelings he experienced earlier in the locker room but wasn't about to let them cloud his mind now. He walked over to the corner Cherry occupied, satisfied that he would at least be able to beat him up some. Shade always liked to use his powers in a fight, but since it wasn't allowed he would make due without them. It wasn't like he was completely dependent on them for his success, he'd done plenty of fighting without them before. "At least one good thing can come out of this, I get some revenge for what you did to my bed earlier." He flashed a brief smile at Cherry and crouched down in a defensive stance waiting for him to make the first move. He never liked to display what he had to offer in a fight right at the beginning.