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Snippet #1906347

located in Korea, a part of A New Melody, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Harahiku Yoshi
Harah let out a soft scoff, as he fixed his light brown jacket and his blue and white flannel; before he ran a hand throughout his red hair. The other male seemed to come off a bit harsh and conceded. Keep calm Harah he probably doesn’t mean to seem that way. Sighing he smiled softly and bowed again mumbling another sorry before watching the blonde squeak as there was another knock on the door.
“More roommates, How many more are we going to have? I’ll go answer the door.” He mumbled usually the red head would have been happy about having more people joining the dorm house-but with the growing head ache that he had it turned his mood sour.
“I believe there is only four rooms in each of the Dorm houses.” Ren called as the Harah walked passed him out to the door where there was another knock. The red head hoped there wouldn’t be any more roommates after this kid and that none of his new roomies were going to annoy him and be jerks.

Harah quickly opened the door to reveal their other dorm mate—A lean-but somewhat muscular black haired boy who wore thick black rimmed glasses. To Harah he seemed like a nerdy kid. “Hello Im Harah, you must be one of our dorm mates!” He smiled and bowed politely. The other seemed to be older than him.

Ren fixed his blonde bangs before looking at Hyun Seok, with a weak smile. The other seemed to have a slight attitude and not want the others near him.
“I think we should set up a list of dorm rooms so everyone knows what each other’s boundaries are and get to know each other by that.” He stated softly as he played with the hem of his light black jacket. Before he bowed to the older before he walked to were Harah was talking to a black haired boy.
“Ah, An nyoung ha seh yo!” he bowed to the new member who looked older than he—The blonde boy blushed he forgot to ask the ages of the other two.
“I am Ren, I just turner 16! Please take care of me.” He smiled as he bowed being as polite as he could to the new member, he hoped the two could get along well.

Castiel Sebastians
Castiel smiled at the red haired man who opened the door and introduced himself as Harah.
“Hello! I am Castiel it’s nice to meet you Harah. I hope we can get along well.” He smiled and bowed slightly, from the looks of it he had to be older than the other. Harah opened the door wider for him and he stepped in checking the place out. It was very nice and looked very updated he liked the feel it put off and he could get use to the luxurious living. Harah shut the door saying something about one of the other dorm mates’ mothers redesigning it and Castiel lifted in eye brow smirking- he had lucked out.
“Ah, An nyoung ha seh yo! I am Ren, I just turner 16! Please take care of me.” Castiel turned his attention to a blonde—girly looking boy? He had to do a double take before realizing after taking in the appearance of the blond e that is was obviously a boy who was very feminine. Chuckling the older bowed to the younger.
“Hello I am Castiel age 18 nice to meet you!”

Meng Jia Kwon
Iabella nodded happily. "Yes, I have a younger brother. He's 13... I think,"
Jia smiled at Isabella who said she had a sibling also.
“Wow, so much In common!’ do you think he might come to Shining academy like you? she laughed softly as looked at Yong Hee whom looked on the verge of tears.
Yong Hee could feel the tears coming to her eyes in joy as she felt the excitement slow down a bit, and smiled widely as she could just feel the ecstacy of making friends - very cute ones, at that - overfill her with an free expression of pure happiness.

“omo! Yong Hee are you alright?” She asked as she looked at her new friend she had made. Jia could barely make out the sound of soft knocking as she laughed. Instantly the blonde stopped and smiled.
“Yah, I think we have another room mate!” She smiled walking to the door.

Ayaka Haruki Gin
Ayaka made her way to the new dorm and knocked softly, she could hear giggling and lauging from the other side of the door and she hoped that the girls she will be rooming with would like her as well and care for her. She bowed instantly as a tall blonde girl opened the door smiling

Lee Joon had finished his work at the front desk and allowed some other teacher to take his position, he stopped and talked to a few of the students who seemed to be enjoying the school and its layout. He was talking to a group of girls named Cherin, Minzy, Dara and Biom who were giggling about some blonde person dancing and singing in the garden, The told Joon about him and dragged him to where Ringa was. A lot of students had begun stopping and watching the dance teacher amazed. Some Knew who he was while others thought he was a student.
“Wow! Oppa don’t you think that kid is good?” Minzy asked Joon who laughed.
“Yeah, that’s probably why he is one of the dance teachers.” He winked as he sat on a bench watching the blonde. The group of kids listening to joon made noises of understanding.