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Aria had slept that night, though not in her room. She spent her night pacing the gardens, throwing her knives into trees and kicking things over. She would much rather release her anger against the potted plants than upon her friends. They were leaving tomorrow - To Makarth. They were going to find out who this 'Him' was, and for his sake - He had better have damn good information about where the Mentor had gone. Aria could already feel her short-tempered nature of days past returning. Her normal copper complexion was now rather crimson as her chocolate eyes took on an angered and cold glare. She stopped for a moment and closed her eyes, gripping her blade tightly. "Don't worry...We'll find him. And things will be better. Mentor would be ashamed to see you breaking already. He taught you better than that." She gave herself a short pep talk before moving to her favorite old tree, climbing high into the boughs where she curled herself up on a quartet of branches that formed a sort of cradle. She had gotten used to sleeping in places like this years ago, so it didn't bother her or even present a problem for her to fall asleep easily.


The Elf had slept well that night and was still rather sleepy as she sat astride a pure black Riften Fox-Trotter, her body bobbing limply with each step that her mare took. She hadn't even done her hair that morning, letting her chestnut tresses cascade down over her shoulders. She could hear Dom up ahead chatting with a young boy, but didn't pay it any mind. She only just wanted to shake herself awake and find the Mentor. Sitting up as straight as she could for her sleepy condition, she glanced over to Sin and returned his smile, though hers was a bit more shy in nature. Sin was a nice guy and Aria often found herself more comfortable around him than other men - But it was a strange feeling that she got around him; A good feeling that made her warm inside - It was this feeling that made her draw away from him as she did others. She didn't quite know what it was, she had an idea of what it was. She wanted to embrace it, but her fear wouldn't let her. She vowed that she would eventually. But she had all the time in the world for that. Shaking her head, she released a heavy yawn and slumped back in her saddle, letting her hair and head dangle as she slowly slipped back into a slumber.

Anyone who knew her well would know that since she had begun her life with the Mentor, she had grown overly comfortable with sleeping in until the afternoon. When she head Adrienne conversing with the guards, she immediately sat upright, trying to look just a bit serious, releasing another yawn. "I'm awake." She mumbled to no-one in particular. She followed after Adrienne, trotting her mare alongside hers as they went to the stables. "You think we'll have any luck here?" She held the reins with one hand and rubbed sleepily at her eyes with the other, glancing over to the woman alongside her.