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located in The town of Rollen, a part of When You Wish Upon a Star, one of the many universes on RPG.

The town of Rollen



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Character Portrait: Paige Fisher
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Paige came in and out of consciousness. Images flashed through her mind as she lay where ever she was, panting. It hurts . . . she thought and tried to pry her eyes open. Her brother Derek stood over the bed looking annoyed while she could hear Zeke's worried voice.
"Is sissy okay?" Zeke asked.
"She's just faking." came a deep voice. Ted. Her mind retched to slap him but someone else did. She could hear it.
"She has a fever of 105*F, she's been puking up anything we give her and she can't even move! How dare you accuse my DAUGHTER of faking!" screeched a womans voice. Mom? Paige thought trying to sit up.
"Mommy?" she called as she got an image of Virgel Bryce and Malcolm. She let out a cry and fell back on the bed starting to cry. I don't want to be sick. She thought refusing to move.
"I'm here, Paige. I'm here. Mommy's here." she assured Paige. The white haired girl felt something freezing grab her hand as she gasped.
"Cold . . ." she rasped and her mother kissed her hand. Everyone is so cold. She thought and could feel her heart suddenly match pace. She whimpered in pain as more images flashed through her head. My picture . . . she thought trying to reach for the window. I need to finish my picture. She closed her eyes. I need to finish my picture for Zeke. More images and she slipped back into unconscious.

* * *

She wasn't sure what day it was when she woke up again. Slowly opening her eyes Paige blinked at her surroundings and looked around. Zeke had somehow gotten her easel inside again and her throat was nearly wasted away.
"hello?" she called, her voice so raspy it was nearly inaudible. "Anyone?" She looked around to see a card.
Get Better Sissy! said the scribbles. Some of the letters were comically backwards and she smiled. Even when Derek was being sweet he tried to hide it. Below was a picture of Zeke Derek and herself, all eating what seemed to be spaghetti. She swung her legs over the side of her bed and grabbed her phone. It was tuesday. She had been sick for 4 days. She rubbed her throat and pushed herself off the bed, trying desperately to find some sort of water. She trudged down the hall, stumbling carelessly and knocking a picture off the wall.
"Crap!" she shouted but to her surprise she naturally caught it like nothing. She frowned at the picture before putting it back on the wall. "That was weird." she murmured and continued down the stairs. She glanced back at the picture, making sure she had really caught it, but while she was she tripped on her own feet. "No!" she shouted but as she fell forward her feet kicked her farther out and she twisted through the air landing quietly on her feet. She sat down panting as her heartbeat sped up.
"What's going on?"

About an hour after she could force herself to stand up, eat, drink and go to the bathroom Paige sat down at her desk glancing at the clock. About 4 hours until anyone got home. She sighed and started to draw. I have to draw that ipod for Sarah. She thought bitterly then smirked. It wouldn't have Sarah's songs but Paige's instead, and it would be a different model, the teacher would then ask her to draw something else when Paige could say no. She didn't need to do what Sarah asked her . . . She slumped back in her seat, heaving a sigh.
"Who am I kidding?" she mumbled and started to draw. In the end Paige drew both. On the page were 2 ipods. One to give Paige the satisfaction of going against Sarah and the other for Sarah's homework.
She touched the picture of her ipod circling her finger where you would usually to scroll and there was a clicking sound. She froze looking at her finger. The songs she originally drew on the ipod were replaced by other songs she loved more. Her eyes widened and she reached her hand forward more. There was a strange sensation as her arm went inside the picture and she pulled out the ipod. It was green, like her eyes, and the headphones were dragon design buds. She turned the ipod over and ran her hand over it. Her eyes widened. "What the hell?"
"PAIGE?!?!?" Boomed a voice from downstairs and she dropped the ipod and it vanished back inside the paper. She was left feeling weak and like she was going to be sick again.