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Snippet #2200863

located in Barracks, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.


The dwelling and training area of the castle's guards


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Character Portrait: The Historian Character Portrait: Roland Windsor
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Day Two, Midday

"As you wish, Your Highness, your training will be prepared at once. Warn the barracks!" Said Roland's attendant, the last part of that speech destined to a servant hovering nearby. Turning back to the young prince, the man said: "We will also procure you with a guard of four guards as well as two servants, to make your training more comfortable."

The prince's wish was granted easily enough and soon he was led by two servants to the castle's barracks, where a training yard was erected. The yard was imposing and seemed to be able to fit a hundred man easily enough with it's rectangular shape and it's training dummies on it's perimeter. A few guards were also sparring each other nearby. As they approached an empty spot, the party was met by a knight of the prince's late brother, the man kneeling before Roland and swearing that no ham would be made to the prince under his watch. Thus the training stated. The sun was shining harshly on the two men as they sparred, Sir Ernest was also a hard taskmaster that was unforgiving of mistakes and who did not tolerate laziness.

"Come now, Your Highness, parry like this to unbalance your attacker. You should be able to defend yourself at least..." Sir Ernest shouted, looking barely out of breath even though Roland was ready to drop.

After many hours under the rapidly rising sun, the training ended, the two men bowing to each other before they parted. Roland felt like a horde of wolves had attacked him and wanted nothing more than go to sleep at this point, but then again he did want to learn to dance...

Roland was now Fatigued.

Roland's Strength raised by 1.

Roland's Speed raised by 1.

Roland's Toughness raised by 1.

Roland was now a novice of the Martial arts.