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located in Allevent, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.


Allevent, Realm of Caith


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Character Portrait: Isengrim Lupul Character Portrait: Zherynnia Analorum Character Portrait: Raruna (Runa) Leautia
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The wrapping was crappy at best, but it would do enough to keep the bleeding down. When she had time she would use the healing crystal to finish the job. In the mean time, well, things would just go as they would. Runa pulled on a clean white shirt, put back on her red leather and tightened it across her lithe frame. Finally, over that she replaced her coat. The repairs to both pieces of clothing would have to wait until later. Right then, she had a ship to fly.

Donning her hat and weapons once again, the pirate left her quarters and went out onto the deck. She was in her own little bubble and so didn't notice too much around the deck and the people that were with her. That was until she nearly ran into the small girl that she'd taken hostage not to long ago. It was the girl that the doctor called the map. Runa stopped dead in her tracks as the little thing stared up at her and started to speak.

"Um...Yuseif tarwn maji..."

Runa stared at her blankly. Frozen in spot and completely lost as to what just happened, she couldn't bring words to her mouth as she stood there. What the heck? Did this girl think that she was speaking the common tongue? Maybe she was broken... Damn.

"Yu-se-if ta-r-wn ma-ji...?"

Once again, Runa was lost. The girl was obviously trying to communicate, she'd even spoken slower. Her voice was accentuating all of her words, but to the pirate, none of it made sense. She arched an eyebrow at the girl that tried to speak to her, only uttering a soft 'hu' in response.

"Washu rein, you look familiar?"

"Common.... speak common! Jeez," Runa replied, flustered at trying to figure out what the heck the girl was trying to sputter out. Only the last part made any sense to the pirate and she put one hand on her hip, "Yeah. I should be familiar, I brought you to the inn back at Barberry and got in on this gig."

"Could you... maybe tell me where I am right now? I can't seem to remember anything before our encounter in the bar."

Runa's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open, "You... don't remember..." silence followed for a moment before Runa threw her hands up in the air, "God... She's broken. I knew it. Why can't anything work for me... why!?" The sky pirate turned her attention back to the woman and sighed heavily. She replaced her hand on her hip and reached up to hold her forehead in the other, "We were told that we had to accompany this doctor woman on an important mission. We have to protect her. You're apparently the 'map', not that you seem to be working properly, but hey. You're on my ship and we're heading North. Don't ask me the destination, I just follow orders right now. However! You're on my ship, that means you play by my rules. So, why don't we start with a name hu?"

Her gaze didn't waver as she tapped her foot impatiently. However, whatever reply the girl might have given was lost to Runa as her attention was suddenly caught by a shout at the bow of her ship.

"You lot seeing that!?"

Her eyes shot up from the girl and out towards the horizon where Grim had pointed off to. There in the distance was a vessel high tailing it across the skies. Raruna cursed under her breath and left the deck to go to the helm. She ran across the area, took the stairs two at a time and unhooked the ties holding the wheel in place. She was more than curious as to why they were running at full burn (even Runa didn't do that unless it was a life or death situation), were they crazy or something? The other thing that worried her was their course. They were headed directly for her vessel and she didn't think they had any intentions of stopping.

Her hands worked the levers quickly and her ship dipped off to the side to move out of the other vessel's path. Runa didn't drop their altitude, just changed their course slightly. She brought the ship back around and aimed it to be able to pass the other ship on her starboard side.

"Let's find out whats got a fire lit under their ass eh?" She said, mostly to herself and pushed the lever forward to gain a little more speed.