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located in Purplexia, a part of The Right to Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Lady Dream Character Portrait: Starlight Character Portrait: Captain Rubber Fruit
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Star flashed a smile at her Captain and picked up the money and put it into a hidden pocket. She was about to answer her Captain’s question, when her nose twitched. She could sense the guards outside the building, waiting to be called in. When the man sitting next to her Captain called his men in, Star did all she could to keep calm.

“Everyone present that doesn’t align themselves rightfully at this very moment is under arrest, your renounced majesty.” The man spat. Star’s muscled tensed she was ready to fight.

“Get ‘em."
Star smirked.

“It seems you have under-estimated my Captain and his crew, good sir.” Star grabbed the back of her dress and unzipped it, and it fell off to reveal her black pants and white shirt. Star wasn’t about to fight in a damn dress. Her tail lashed as her eyes seemed to scan the men, searching their suits for chinks in their armor. Her stance was challenging, waiting for on the charge.

And one did. He ran forward, sword at the ready, and never saw what was coming. Quick as lightening, Star reached into her pocket and pulled out a throwing knife. It whistled through the air and pierced the chain mail on his chest, and imbedded itself deep in his flesh. A gurgling sound could be heard, as he collapsed, trying to pull the blade out. He was dead in moment. In those moments, Star ran forwards, grabbed a chair, and smashing it into two guards, sending them toppling over. They recovered quickly and stood up, but Star had already taken a defensive position in front of Queen Dream.

“Perhaps we should be going, malady?” Star called back, through gritted teeth, as she stopped a man’s sword by grabbing it with her hand. Blood dribbled down her arm, and with a roar of rage, she round house kicked him in the helmet, sending him reeling.