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“We’ll do whatever pleases you, Melody. I’d do anything in my power to make you happy.” Eric replied softly, relishing the warmth she emanated, She always smelled of sunshine and flowers and when he closed his eyes it was as if he could feel the sun’s rays upon his skin. The ancient Viking’s cold, white skin that hadn't seen the light of day in over a thousand years. Agreeing that it’s probably in her best interest to find suitable attire, both for her sake and for Pam’s, Eric found a small row of shops and boutiques to take Melody. Though, personally he didn't mind the t-shirt look himself.

There he wandered after her like a smitten puppy, holding boxes and bags when needed and nodding appreciatively at everything that was modeled for him. Eric’s was of the opinion that everything looked stunning on Melody therefore she must have it. Any protestations Melody might have had at the lavish spending spree Eric quickly silenced, expressing desire to shower her with gifts. To any outsider it would look as if he had no backbone, an inability to say no and an unlimited credit line apparently. Yet Eric knew that he only wanted Melody to have everything she might ever need, and there was a part of him that merely liked showering her with gifts due to his affection towards her.

Eric even bought things for himself, trinkets here and there, mostly electronics. It was if the salespeople could spot him coming a mile away and knew he’d make an easy target. The amnesiac vampire was fascinated by technology and would listen wide eyed and rapt to every sale pitch directed his way. He ended up with a new phone, gaming system and laptop, which he was very eager to figure out.

Carrying the many bags, and boxes they accumulated Eric took no pains to hide his superhuman strength and quite obliviously walked through the crowded boardwalk. A genuine smile plastered to his face as he listened to the petite brunette beside him speak of the musicals she seemed enthralled by. It was quite obvious that he was smitten, a slave to Melody’s desires and needs. He wasn't sure why but there was this need within him to protect her, keep her safe from all cost and to…love her. It confused him, much as everything did since he’d lost his memory.

So when she flew away from him into a jewelry store, promising that she only wanted to look Eric laughed to himself and followed her inside. Instantly he was taken with the displays of glimmering and glittering jewels, much like a small child would be. Instantly he knew that he wanted something for Melody, yet was unsure as to what he’d be able to find that would match her beauty. Noticing a display of a set of pearls, he looked at them admiringly before he noticed the conversation happening between the strange woman and Melody. He had no idea why Melody was so upset but thought that the idea of ripping open the woman’s throat didn't sound so bad right about now. Muscles tensed, he fought every impulse and merely gave the offending woman a blank, feral stare. Eric was doing his best to abide by Pam’s rules. Never feed on a human in public, never threaten a human in public, definitely never hurt a human in public. Instead he’d rely on intimidation he supposed, something which came pretty easily when one happened to be six and a half feet tall.

As he slowly watched the woman, who was now visibly cowering in fright, move towards the exit he casually showed her his fangs, laughing softly when she ran. Quickly retracting his fangs he looked around, an boyish, impish expression on his face and made his way over to Melody. Casually looking over her shoulder at the ring that had apparently caught her attention. “We’ll take it.” He said, a confident smile overtaking his face. “There were a set of pearls. I think I’d like those as well. Is there anything else you’d like, Melody? If not that idea of exploring sounds pretty good right about now. Because, and no offense, Miss” Eric said with a pause to look at the woman behind the display case”But If I don’t get out of here soon I might kill someone, and I don’t think that’s technically allowed.” He finished with a bit of a shrug and apologetic smile to the human woman before him whose smile had slowly begun to fade.

Handing her his card, he waited patiently to sign his name like he’d had at all the other places and kept his eyes on Melody. “What did she say to you to make you so sad? I should have been with you, kept her away from you. I was distracted, I’m sorry and I swear I will never let anyone harm you. I swear it” He repeated solemnly, taking a moment to look away from Melody to gather his purchases and sign his name before turning his back on the saleslady and ushering Melody and himself out of the store and back to their car. Where he deftly extracted the purple diamond ring out of its packaging and took Melody’s petite hand in his own much larger one. Casting his blue eyes down to catch Melody’s own gaze he quietly slipped the ring onto her finger and favored her with a shy smile. “You have excellent taste Melody, and now I think that since we’re done with that mess we should reward ourselves.”