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located in Las Vegas, a part of Las Vegas: Skin City, one of the many universes on RPG.

Las Vegas



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Character Portrait: Jaylene Sullivan Character Portrait: Kaleb Dean Sivaj Character Portrait: Summer Vorhees Character Portrait: Mikaela Kerkouian
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What if I've killed someone

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, Kaleb shook it out - gripping Summer's hand tight. As if sensing his inner anguish, Summer gravitated towards him while they waited in line, her body melding into his. For a moment Kaleb couldn't even bring him self to look up from the ground, too ashamed of his burdens. He tried not to think about it too much, and honestly there wasn't much he remembered. All he remembered was making it all burn to hell.

They had both tossed their cells before crossing state line, and from there they never really had the chance to check on the news of their hometown, Belleville. Unsure if he was mistaking his homesickness for hunger, as the cashier called him forward, he hesitated before ordering a decadent funnel cake. Grinning with melancholy, Kaleb gently dragged Summer beside him as they then waited for his food.

Any passerby could have easily mistaken the pair as a couple, the adoring look in his dark expression, the way they leaned into one another for support. For a moment, Kaleb allowed his mind to wander. His eyes drifted from the petite femme beside him, entranced by the lights of the Ferris wheel beside them. As they would flash, the colors would linger in his vision, constrasting with the rhythm of lights creating an enchanting visual. His fingers twitched at his pocket where the remainder of his stash was kept.

Gently pushing the hair behind her ear, Kaleb leaned down so his lips brushed across the tips of her ears. "Baby won't you fly with me, soar like a kite - over the sea." He sang softly, a tune he had made up during their travels. It had grown to be an affectionate way for him to indicate he wanted more drugs. It's sweet tones sung in his deep yet gentle voice was enough to make the weak knees wobble, but Kaleb wasn't for the weak of heart.

"Hey kid, your food!" Said a gruff looking man from the pick up window of the trailer, handing off a plate piled high with fried stringy dough, powdered sugar, whipped cream and strawberry preserves. An expression of glee struck his face, and just like that it was like he had forgotten all about Belleville.

Leading Summer to a secluded picnic table, he sat across from her setting the plate between them. Pointing to the plate, he made a purpose to look her in the eye and say, "Eat." As if it were a command. He knew he was hungry, and Summer had given him the last few bites of her half of a sandwich they had already shared, she was bound to be hungrier even if the drugs distracted her from the feeling.

Savagely digging in with his hands, Kaleb would greedily lick up the whipped cream or strawberry preservatives that would streak across his bronzed complexion, the dark contrast of his chocolate toned skin and the toppings all consuming, completely detaching him from the situation.

That was the only good thing about the drugs, it helped him forget - at least for a little while. Then he would remember and just need more drugs. On one hand he wanted to help Summer kick the stuff, but how could he when he couldn't even save himself. There was no way they could do this alone. He missed Belleville and all the people they had left behind- Madeline's unwavering care for each of their well being, Tristan's ability to remain levelheaded and view a situation as a whole, even Brik who had grown distant in the last few months they'd all been together. Plus there was Mordi, but even if Kaleb returned to Belleville he still wouldn't be able to ever see the toothy grin of the young and talented artist. . . .

And yet as all these thoughts flashed through his mind, Kaleb quickly brushed them off because they had spent a substantial ammount of money to get to the carnival and they had to live right now, it was all they had. After this they would be even more broke, homeless, and probably starving.

Once they finished their food, Kaleb withdrew his vial, taking a couple bumps before passing it to Summer. The head rush hit him immediately, but he took a couple more once Summer passed it back, inducing a mild hallucination of ire descent orbs spotting across his vision. Burying his face into his palms, Kaleb shook his head vigorously, as if to shake out the prismatic ghosts that clouded his vision. He couldn't hold back the groan that escaped his lips, a mixture of desperation and pleasure. "Damn," he proceeded to pant, "I feel good."

His heart was racing, nearly pounding out of his chest. Excitedly, he gripped Summer's forearm, suddenly wanting to be everywhere at once. As he spoke, he realized he could barely be heard over the crowds and the trance music playing at the stage nearby. "We need to do stuff. There's so much to do Kite, so much to do! You want to go on this ride?.....oh how about that one?...:nah nevermind I don't trust rides that go backwards." His words were running at a thousand words per minute, just talking to talk.

Finally picking a ride, he and Summer stood in the line anxiously waiting their turn. As Kaleb watched the ride warm up, his grin grew. Once it was in full swing the boy was smiling full on at the mechanism, watching with wonder. "My heart is racing, yo." He said with amusement to Kite, exaggerating his statement by imitating his heart beat by tapping on his chest rapidly.

The girl in front of them in line glanced back, giving Kaleb the opportunity to get a good look at her. For the most part Kaleb always had a thing for the pretty white girls, but the spicy treat before him was tantalizing nevertheless. The girl looked back forward, not taking an interest in anyone around her. It seemed like she was alone..
Kaleb stared her down like a lion eyeing his prey, tracing the outline of her shape deliberately. She had the type of confidence that reminded him of an old friend, like she came to the carnival to have a good time, fuck everyone else.

The line moved up as the next round of people went onto the ride, stopping at just three heads ahead of Kaleb and Summer. Discreetly, Kaleb pointed out the girl to Summer, giving her a thumbs up. To entertain his friend, Kaleb offered a bet of the sexuality of the girl, ten bucks going to Summer if the girl was a lesbian, ten to Kaleb if she were straight. It was up to them both to figure a way to settle the bet. In a not so subtle fashion, Kaleb bumped into the girl, then offering a slew of apologies.

"Oh, sorry mamí." He said with a certain charm, blatantly raking his eyes over her shape. Even dressed in wrinkled khaki shorts and a worn graphic tee, Kaleb still managed to hold himself with the charisma and confidence of one dressed in silk robes. As the ride began, Kaleb's attention momentarily shifted before his dark eyes once again settled on the girl before him. "I'm Kaaaale-" hesitant to share his real name due to paranoia he awkwardly introduced herself. To prevent embarrassment to show in his expression, he then gestured to Summer beside him. "This is my best friend, Kite."