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Captain Tong winced at his friend's screams of pain. Even though he'd no idea that would happen, nor any reason to come to the conclusion that it was even a possibility, he also couldn't help but feel guilty. "Ah, sorry ma'am. Don't ye worry, me and the wunderkind here'll have things sorted out shortly."

These words of assurance sounded flimsy even to the former captain's mechanical hearing apparatuses, though how much of that was due to how badly his two accents had mangled the German word he wasn't sure, and he looked to the person beside him for confirmation.

It was hard to believe, well all of this was really, but this was especially so, that this young girl in commoner's clothing, shuffling along next to him and looking down at her feet, had only this very morning been his little brother, again shuffling along and looking at his feet, but presumably for a different reason. Noticing that she (he? it? they? Ugh, pronouns were going to be a pain in the hindquarters) was expected to add something to this, the smallish blonde, well, those aspects were at least unchanged, looked up. "Well, I suppose that, for the moment at least, following the king's request would be the best course of action. His offer of a reward was just vague enough that it might be a prompt for a way to get ourselves out of here."

What she deliberately failed to mention for the moment was that there was absolutely no in-universe reason to explain why the king would even think that they would want that sort of thing as payment, let alone actually somehow possess that kind of ability. That probably wasn't the most helpful thing to bring up at the moment.

"Alright then, that sounds like a plan."

After a little while of walking, Tong again turned to Aria. "So... where exactly are the sewers." The two stopped abruptly. "I was following you." "I thought you'd have figured out by now that that isn't commonly a good idea." The Magical Girl gave an exasperated sigh, at which Tong was barely able to suppress a laugh, and replied with "Fine then. Stay here, I'll ask someone."

And she was off before he could even ask why he shouldn't be the one asking. Probably for the better anyway, considering that there were just too many answers to give in reply, some of them being, but not limited to, he was sort of dressed like a pompous rogue, which he sort of was, he didn't have as high of an in-character charisma, and finally, he was a freaking robot made of gold.

Looking around, Aria attempted to find someone who'd likely be both willing to listen to what she had to ask, and be as helpful as possible.