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Snippet #2499475

located in Mars- Correct Century, a part of Gundam Correct Century: Mars, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mars- Correct Century



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Character Portrait: Joe Blue Character Portrait: Seph Asuno Character Portrait: Kia Galette Character Portrait: Aiko Zala Character Portrait: Noa Yamato
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Seph didn't particularly like mornings. It was full of sounds that he had escaped all night long and people he hadn't seen for over ten hours. Not to mention that most of those people were people he was displeased with. "I'm not to fond of these political meetings you know." He reminded his fellow pilot, Aiko Zala. "There's never any good news when we're called in the morning and most of the time they say things we already know like, 'You two must win this year,' or, 'We're expecting good things from you two. Remember to work hard.' Really? Like I need to be reminded of hard work. I've been working hard since the last fights that we won." He suddenly remembered the pilot that gave him a hard time and the one pilot that beat him. The later just happened to be walking by his side at the moment. She was even thorough enough to tell him to be on his best behavior. It also, just happened to be a fact that he was in fact on the bride of maybe falling in love with her. He couldn't really tell. He hadn't loved before. However, he did respect her more than anyone else. He grunted a little at being called 'Sephy', but didn't say anything against it. "Yeah. Our best behavior," he acknowledged before holding the door open for her to go in.

Immediately she was happy go lucky on Harry. He knew, even had to even fight off, some of the rumors that went on about those two. Deep inside his sub-conscience he even wondered if maybe they had been true. That was, until Henry tricked him into giving up his most prized secret. He still had his doubts about whether Henry told her about it. If it was the other way around the boy would fel at ease from knowing her point of view over the though, but Henry gave no signs of it. He was like an evil mastermind and Seph didn't like it one bit. Though, Harry was a nice guy so the lad couldn't really dislike him as a person. After hearing Harry's request, Seph jumped and said, "Really? I have to help those slum dogs just because they believe that something is wrong with our leadership? They should be grateful that we even allow them the resources that almost match our own. It's not our fault that they have a bad system around them. Jeez. Like we have to be their babysitters."

After taking a few moments to recollect his thoughts, he looked at Aiko, who already agreed, even added him in there. It was like he hadn't said anything at all. He let go of a slight sigh and said, "Fine. If that's the order we were giving then I will accept to the best of my ability. However, I don't have to be happy about it." After that he crossed his arms and turned slightly away.

"Seph, be sure to treat Aiko with dignity, now. I don't want to be called Uncle Harry anytime soon."
Harry added.

Seph broke his cool composer and leaned back blushing in slight denial. "You a... what... C'mon Harry. Don't be ridiculous. I always treat a lady with respect. Especially one that's as good a pilot as Aiko." Seph once again turned away, but this time glanced back at Aiko to see that she was mad. To him it seemed like she could also be blushing or boiling from rage. Anyway, it was still cute.

Joe woke up early in the morning, before the sunrise, just as his normal routine called for, to exercise and read up on some of the functions of the new Wing Gundam Mark II. He had to make sure that his next battle would end in victory. Knowing that it was still good to make it as far as he did last tournament and that back then he was still a novice pilot, he still hated the fact that one of his final matches ended in a tie and another one ended in the destruction of his Gundam. He didn't want the same thing to happen again this year. In fact, he knew that it wouldn't happen. Not if he had anything to say about it.

"You're sure up early." Kia said walking into the training room to do her everyday jogs. Kia was once in puppy love with Joe, who always treated her like a sister. After a while she just settled for being like a jealous sister to Joe and whoever looked at him. When his phone rang she even through a knife like stare in its direction. "Who could that be I wonder."

Joe just shrugged. "I don't know."

"Well. Aren't you going to answer it?"

Joe shrugged once more which made Kia even more flared. She walked to the cellular device and pressed a button pressing it to Joe's ear. "Here. Say hello like a nice boy."

"Hey. Stop." Joe glared as he stopped lifting his weights. Taking the phone and giving Kia a aggrivated look he answered. "Hello."

"Um... Mr. Blue? Do you think you have time for tea with me, this week?" The familiar voice on the other end called. He looked at the caller ID and read out Noa Yamato's name. She was always the nervous type it seemed. A little reserved but she gave him feels of someone much different from himself. On top of that, she was a pretty good pilot. Definitely full of surprises.

"Umm.." He started to say before getting cut off.

"Y-you don't have to if you don't want to, dear! I-I mean..." The girl anxiously said.

Joe couldn't help but to chuckle a little. "Yeah sure. I don't think I have anything else to do today so if you don't mind being accompanied by a guy like me, I'd definitely like to have tea. Where do you want to meet?"