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located in Justicar Base Camp, a part of Pandemonium's Gate, one of the many universes on RPG.

Justicar Base Camp

The camp where the Justicars stay, hidden from the demons on the border of Pandemonium.


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Character Portrait: Akuma Sayako Character Portrait: Phoenix Mortre
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Akuma smiled at this poor creature. It didn't look much like a smile though, it appeared to be more of a toothy grimace. She believed the demon when it said it was just following orders. It called itself "The Rat". She had heard that name around the demon camps before, there wasn't much respect associated with that name and she could see why. Demons loved to show off their strength, they valued a creature's worth by how strong it was and this one looked like she couldn't even lift a sword. The Rat was wrong when she thought that Akuma didn't care for the Justicars.

"Did you really think I'd come after you if I hadn't already taken care of that? That arm is nothing but ashes by now, buried safely underground where it can't infect anyone and the rest of the body is going to end up the same way. Besides, if you're under orders you wouldn't dare return to your camp without spreading this disease so it made more sense to come after the source myself. "

She stopped smiling and carefully observed the Rat. There was a plan forming in her head but it would take a lot of tact to pull it off. This demon didn't seem like much of a threat so she relaxed a little but in truth she was ready for anything. She kept her arms behind her back so the Rat couldn't see the dagger in her hand and her wings were limber and ready to take off if the demon tried to run.

"So tell me Rat, you said that if I killed you your death would be swifter than the others. By others I'm guessing you mean the other demons. I've heard the way they talk about you and it doesn't seem like you get much respect. It really is a shame because you have a great talent with diseases and you must be smart to survive among the demons because you certainly don't seem like you have the strength. It really is a shame that such talents go unappreciated."