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located in Arius, a part of Olive Tree, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Teth smiled and waved at the elf as he went over to join Fen and the rest of the group. He was a bit sad that he couldn't stay and get to know Arielle better, so he hoped he would still be there when they all returned. Though... when they returned, he was sure it would be to a war zone. He frowned and shook his head, suddenly noticing another elf was standing with them. Teth wanted to introduce himself, but the elf looked quite mean... and it was a bit odd that he had half of his face covered by hair. How did he see?

Cisur frowned as another dragon joined them. This one was small and looked young, and the elf couldn't help but think he would be nothing but a burden. With a small sigh, he turned to Fen, waiting for him to give them the command to head on. Honestly, he wasn't sure how good of a leader the wolf-cat was, but he supposed he would see. With Kim included, they had quite a rag-tag party... or 'pack' as he was sure Fen would call it.

"Once we are out of the city, the mountain path will split into two parts.", Kim started, speaking mostly to Fen, but loud enough so that the rest of their group could hear. "My father has told me that taking the left path will lead us west through the desert... it will be perilous, but I am told it is the quickest way to reach the shore, and there are settlements on the way that we might seek shelter at."