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Snippet #2555748

located in Jeildea, a part of Princess of Massacre || Rebellion, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kachinonai Aku Character Portrait: Yuna Ran Character Portrait: Lyon Kazuto Character Portrait: Audona Aislinn Caoimhe Character Portrait: Adrienne M. Adamantis Character Portrait: Vern Baralli Character Portrait: Aglaeca Nero Character Portrait: Lu Fei and Shi Xin
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Yuna was delighted by the fact that the Kelpie had taken the offering; her smile widened in surprise and amazement. Perhaps the two could be a bit friendlier now? It was while she was waiting with her things that Aglaeca stood and announced he was taking his leave with the wondrous creature that had since turned her back on them all. . Yuna yawned and hugged her knees, she was sitting on the ground now having moved away from the horse since it no longer wanted anything to do with them. Consequently invading Yuna's mind were images of Adrienne being attacked and she winced, a splitting headache developing behind her eyes. She could see the Princess of Massacre in trouble, a pack odd dog like beasts approaching with the speed of a cheetah, snapping at anything that moved. The elf dropped her things, leaving her bag with the relic, her quiver of arrows, and bow before running, leaping over branches and avoiding trees; her elegant white wings tucked in as much as the bones would allow so that she could reach the Princess faster.

"BFNATEXTRA NITM!"(This is actual Elvish) She yelled, using two fingers to aim and shoot the Kagene away from Adrienne. "Are you alright?" Yuna asked, rushing to the Princess's side, her wings untucking flitting about nervously, as she looked over the woman. She noticed the bite marks in Adrienne's side but knew she couldn't use magic because the Adrienne had told her that she was immune to spells. Luckily there was a healing salve in Yuna's backpack, but she had left that back at the camp.

The pink haired female went to check on the others, knowing that her Princess was more capable and competent when it came to fighting then any of them. A loud crash brought her attention to the falling tree and Vern rolling right out from under it before Aglaeca caught it. Knowing that he had it under control, Yuna turned to face the opponents. One had legs that looked like they could cross whole lands in one stride, the other had hard, rugged features; both had faces any human could easily fall in love with. Luckily, Yuna was not human and so she was not affected by their stunning aesthetic and perfect symmetry. "So you're the ones I smelled earlier," she turned to them, knees bent in case she had to flee or dodge.

Yuna pushed her gloves up, wondering for a fraction of a second as to where Lyon had fled to. Yuna noticed Aglaeca hadn't called the man's name, perhaps he had died in the first few seconds of battle? No, Lyon was smarter then that. She wasn't going to make assumptions based on appearances. Just like these two, no doubt they were deadly, taking down a huge tree like that and letting Kagene loose? Where had they gotten that kind of summoning power, or had it merely been coincidence that the demon beasts appeared?