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located in The Pokemon Universe, a part of A Journey Into Darkness, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Pokemon Universe



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Character Portrait: Charlotte Le'Strange Character Portrait: Chase Wickson
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Charlotte Le'Strange

The sun shinned through the Crystal that was being held up by a pale hand, towards the morning sky. Dirty blonde hair was sprawled out across the bright grass, and a young girl lay with a young male Riolu Pokemon. The girl had ear buds producing from her ears, and she seemed lost in thought as she gazed upon the necklace in her hand. The Riolu was curled up beside the girl, sleeping peacefully while she argued with herself.

"I could go for my last badge..." She sighed aloud. "Or we could go train more." The girl glared at the necklace as it gleamed into her eyes. There were so many choices, but the deep unsettling desire for adventure had settled into her stomach, making it impossible of Char to sleep, eat, and stay in one place. She felt that if she traveled she might find her 'destiny' and be able to make her mark on the world. "Well, who needs an eighth badge anyway?" She mumbled before letting her arm fall down beside her head with a light thud.

A sudden rustle, rustle broke Charlotte from her thoughts, and the girl quickly sat up. Riolu jerked awake as well, the small Pokemon taking on a defensive position beside the trainer. Suddenly, an Abra rolled out of near by bushes, beaten and bruised, it took one look at the blonde teen, and then promptly passed out. char quickly slipped the necklace back around her neck before she jumped up and bounded over to the wounded Pokemon, worry coursing through her veins as she dropped to her knees beside the creature.

Without thinking, the young girl scooped the Pokemon up into her arms, and broke off into a run towards the nearest Poke Center.
"Come on, Riolu!" She hollard over her shoulder, not paying any heed to the other Pokemon as it trailed after her. Her bag dug into her shoulder blades with each stride she made, and her breath came out in puffs, but Char didn't stop. She didn't stop when she fell and had to tumble to keep going, or when she ran into an old guy. She kept going until she reached the center.

Chase Wickson

The battle he had taken part in had been less than pleasant, but he couldn't settle fr a group of thugs stealing a little girls Pokemon either. Chase Wickson, Pokemon Ranger, looked like hell. His uniform was tattered and covered in dirt, and his skin was slightly bruised with hints of grim clinging to him, along with dried sweat. None of that mattered to him right now though, what mattered was he couldn't mind his Abra. The bloody Pokemon had probably teleported away when it sensed the danger.

"Damn it," He hissed and his shoes slid on the dirt path, resulting in his pace slowing. The Ranger had run all the way from one town to the next to find his Pokemon, but so far he was having no such luck. No other choice then." He gritted out. Soon instead of the dirt path, his feet pounded upon the sun heated pavement, and he worked his way through crowds, towards the local Poke Center.

Soon, the boy found himself bursting through the doors and racing towards a startled Nurse. Has a Abra been admit-" He was cut off as someone else burst through the doors, a short Pokemon trailing behind them. It was a girl, a few years younger than Chase, her blonde hair was tousled and her Trainer outfit was covered in sweat. In her arm, was his Abra.