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Snippet #2600842

located in Hart Manor, a part of A Stoney Summer, one of the many universes on RPG.

Hart Manor



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Character Portrait: Charlotte DeMarkus
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Charlie took the last drag off of her joint before putting it out against one of the bricks on the side of the house. I hope they didn't get lost...
She slid her sunglasses back onto her eyes, and glanced around the neighborhood. A couple of small children had decided to come out and play in the warm weather. Her palms had begun to sweat as she waited for her friends. She couldn't help but worry.
Take it easy, Charlotte. You'll worry yourself to death if you don't. No use getting worked up over something you can't control. Her mother's words rang in her ears and she sighed. Her mother always told her she worried more than anyone her age ever should. School was over. Harkot and Kyle were just running late. It happened to everyone. What if they aren't going to show? This thought was complete anxiety. Kyle, Harkot, and Isabella came every summer, since the four of them started college. Since she couldn't talk herself out of this anxiety attack, she decided to light a cigarette. Smoking made her not fidget to say the least.
As she inhaled the first drag, nicotine flooded her system and she felt a bit calmer. Her left thumbnail was almost picked raw, from her inability to quit fidgeting. You're going to send yourself to the cuckoo's nest.