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located in New Haven, Colorado, a part of The Wolves Of Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Haven, Colorado



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Damien sat near the pit, the fights where still going strong, at this rate he'd be there all night. Which was perfect he didn't have many other options anyway. But as the hours grew and the sky dimmed something brewed inside him. Something that made his blood boil with excitement. More than he ever has before he couldn't wait to get in there and cause some carnage.

The bite marks from the wolf burned his calf, it felt like someone had lit a match and trapped the fire under his skin. The pain only fueled his need to fight even more so. As if the blood of those defeated by his hands would but the fire out. He grinned widely watching poor suckers punch each other in the face. Unable to control the destructive things he thought about doing to them. Death wasn't a penlty here and he had plans to excersice that rule tonight.

It happened a few times a year gangs came together to hash out their quarlls and bet with territory in a gladiator style pit set up. Two fighters went in and only the loser left. Human cock fighting was the easiest way for Damien to make his money and his favorite. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up, he could almost feel his pupils widen as he stepped closer to the pits. It was as if he was on the drugs he sold, his senses increased. Smelling the dirt and sweat of the fighters, the dry stacks of money and his favorite the cool metalic scent of blood.

Damien's heart was beating hard in his his calf where the bite was. That's where he noticed the pulsating feeling from. Strange but irrelevant all he wanted was to satisfy this sudden urge. Satisfy the violent beast that grew more restless as the seconds felt like minutes. As more blood and pride fell into the ring. He wanted it all. Every sound and sight of another man fighting made Damien envious.
"Get me in there already"