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located in New Haven, Colorado, a part of The Wolves Of Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Haven, Colorado



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Character Portrait: Connor Hook Character Portrait: Kristianna Character Portrait: Angelica Rose White Character Portrait: Chris Michael Anderson Character Portrait: Lilly Character Portrait: Damien Calvart Character Portrait: Meredith Mackenzie Character Portrait: Dezreus Dex Marin
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The First Full Moon

As much as she hated it, Kris was off of work due to the damned wolf bite on her side. Not only did she have to spend three days in the hospital, but now she felt like complete and utter crap. It must have been the rabies shot they gave her a few hours ago because her skin burned something fierce and she could feel all the little hairs on her body stand on end. It was an awful feeling, like something was crawling around beneath her skin.

She knew she should just stay in her little apartment and lie down and go to sleep, but for some reason the idea of being in her apartment made her stomach flip and turn so, instead, she grabbed a light coat and headed out towards the woods. The danger was over, the wolf had already been killed, and it was so unlikely for there to be another wolf wondering around out there. It was safe.


Giving her head a quick shake, Kris dismissed the morbid thoughts that danced through her head as she beat feet out the door. It was necessary- she had to leave, now, go to the woods, now. The itching, burning, pulsating beneath her skin made being indoors unbearable, and so she headed up into the forest, not bothering to match her surroundings. This was New Haven, she’d been everywhere…

Or so she thought but, before long, she ended up lost, in a part of the woods that was not familiar but, upon first glance, she did not look to be alone…


Her stomach hurt and her head felt funny all of a sudden. Ten year old Lilly, who should not have been out in the woods – again – suddenly felt as if she were going to burst from her skin and die. It was worse than even the wolf bite that she had gotten a few days prior, and she thought –that- was the worst thing in the world.

Unfortunately for Lilly the change from human to wolf was coming way to fast. She was too young, she was too inexperienced, and she was so scared and so tired and everything was just too much!

She fell over and started to screech, her voice high pitched and shrill, ringing out through the trees around her. “Moooooooommmmmmmmmmyyyyy,” she shrieked violent spasms throwing her small body against the ground, the full moon hanging in the background. Something was happening to her! Fur was starting to sprout in patches.