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located in New Haven, Colorado, a part of The Wolves Of Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Haven, Colorado



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Character Portrait: Chris Michael Anderson
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Chris can't wrap his mind around whats happening to him. The feeling so strange he can't even begin to decipher what it means. For the first time in a long time his pain isn't from illness or injury, but rather from under his skin. Like somethings trying to crawl out of him, tear him up from the inside. At the same time everything has become sharper, more defined. He looks at himself in the mirror and swears he can count every pore, and every strand of hair on him. The smells assault him at once, a mixture so strong that it makes him sick to his stomach. He vomits right there on the carpet, unable to stop once its started. He feels as if a fire has lit up in his bones. The wound on his ankle throbs strangely. He thought it would have healed all the by this point, since he kept it as clean and dry as possible as to prevent any infection or further damage to the area. He pulls up his pant leg and peels away his sock to reveal that theres been no change.

Feeling a little insane he decides that getting a little fresh air will do him some good. Chris figures this is just like any other illness he has contracted over the years, nothing to be worried about. The clinic is just down the road from his house any way, though its unlikely he will have to take a trip there.

Once outside it feels worse, the fresh air brings with it strange smells that make him feel on edge. It smells familiar, and dangerous at the same time. If he could put a name to the smell he would almost say that it smells like...home...Or more like somewhere he belongs. His feet ache, his back bowing with sudden shock waves of pain that race up and down his spine, settling only after he has doubled over and vomit again. Embarrassment floods him, and he retreats from the scene with haste in hopes his neighbors didn't see him.

He barely makes it a few steps into the copse of trees on behind his house before the pain returns, taking him to his knees. But it doesn't stop this time. Almost worse now, his skin rippling, fur sprouting out. The pain is too much now for him to be shocked, he just lets the change happen. Feeling his bones break and reform, until at last he can't take it anymore. He lets out a noise, something just short of a howl of agony, then promptly blacks out.