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located in New Haven, Colorado, a part of The Wolves Of Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Haven, Colorado



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Damien's ears perked up and pulled his muzzle out from a deer carcass. Blood embedded in his fur surrounding his jawline and a bit down his chin. His nose twitched before he raised it into the air. A woman same as him, turned to human from the same source.damien was able to read scents in the air as if they were words on a page. Pulling a scrap of muscle from the deers limb he went off to find the woman that called him.

When he turned the first thing he wanted was to run, once that was completed the next was blood. Damien had no issues getting what he wanted when he wanted it. He had easily taken out the deer and started to devour it without a human thought to get in the way. Clenching the thirsts of the wolf seemed to help the pain, help the transformation, help the process go fast. How he'd turn back to human well that was an issue for a later time.

Damien ran through the thick trees and bushes to find the one who called. His human thoughts told him to just ignore the bitch. To focus on himself. But the wolf inside knew it needed others. To respond to the howl for a possible pack. An argument that our battle in his mind for awhile. Her scent grew stronger, his legs slowed down. His hair stood on the back of his neck. She was in sight. Her silhotte was anyway. Being yards away Damien could only see so much. He got closer one step at a time weaving through the trees to stay hidden.