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located in New Haven, Colorado, a part of The Wolves Of Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Haven, Colorado



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Character Portrait: Connor Hook Character Portrait: Kristianna Character Portrait: Angelica Rose White Character Portrait: Chris Michael Anderson Character Portrait: Lilly Character Portrait: Damien Calvart Character Portrait: Meredith Mackenzie Character Portrait: Dezreus Dex Marin
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Every bone in her entire body was breaking, the pains so intense she could not even scream anymore while she writhed. She was going to die, she was sure of it, all alone out in the woods. Perhaps she should have listened to her mother and her father and not ventured out..

And then there was someone else who was with her. A nice girl, someone who patted her, told her it was going to be okay, and for some reason she believed in it. Her body relaxed for a few moments, and that is when she sprouted fur. Having another person there – a nurturing presence allowed for the young girl, an omega wolf, to finally release the beast that was inside of her. A flash of light, a gush of fluid and suddenly she was a small, brown and blonde wolf.

She whined, panting harshly, her eyes wide. She was so afraid –but now she could smell…Others, like her and like Meredith, the one who had come and helped her. Released her from her human form and from the pain that she had been in (at least, that’s how Lilly connected it in her head).

“Arooo!” She called back to the scream, her tail starting to wag a little bit, the pain even now receding. Young minds, so easily distracted.


She must have passed out because the next thing she knew she was on all fours, her vision was different, strange- but he smells! It was a whole new world of smells and for a few moments Kris’ human brain tried to take over and be in the front, but it was too strange, too much for her to handle, so the animal brain took over…

And it was hungry. Her nose shifted up to the sky, sniffing. There was blood in the air, hot, from a deer. She began to trot towards the area cautiously – obviously something had to have killed the deer and she did not want to be the prey to that animal, but her stomach let out a horrendous growl, clenching, and she decided to risk it so that she could get some food, sniff around.