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located in New Haven, Colorado, a part of The Wolves Of Winter, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Haven, Colorado



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Character Portrait: Connor Hook Character Portrait: Kristianna
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Connor Hook

He can barely see her through the haze, but he can see enough to know she isn't a hallucination. He can hear and smell things now, that he shouldn't be able to smell and he can smell her. She smells...just like him, and he can smell that there are more out there like him as well. Before he can even begin to process this, or speak with her out loud the sensation of tearing skin rips a strangled scream from him. A noise he doesn't think he has ever made in his life before. He clutches the bite, feeling fresh blood gush from the wound, his fingernails suddenly digging right into the teeth marks. He howls again, ripping his hands away and staring at his fingers.

His bones are breaking, reforming just under his skin and he doesn't exactly know how he knows - he just knows that its happening. Fortunately between one breath and the next Connor blacks out, and when he comes to the pain has subsides. His body is strange and new, the scents in the air foreign. He notes wearily that he isn't really thinking, but rather feeling. He struggles to get a grip of his human thoughts. Realizing that he isn't exactly human anymore.

When he came to full awareness he realizes that the girl, the one who smelled like him had gone under the same transformation and had left. In an attempt to gain some sort of information about this sudden, and very confusing new change he trots after her. Quickly gaining on her, he moves to step in front of her. At first he doesn't think about the fact that both of them are covered in fur and on all fours. He doesn't even realize that hes looking her right in the eyes, teeth bared. Hes angry, confused and hurt. Even if he doesn't want to take it out on her he knows he won't exactly be able to get that point across to her without talking.

In the distance he can hear someone howling, instincts say he should go to the howl. But pure stubbornness keeps him rooted to the spot.