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located in Airdalen Academy, a part of No-Go AA+, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Academy



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Character Portrait: Kazuki Miyamoto
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"You know, I do things my way. So, are you sure that you're willing to hand someone to be in my care? Because, let's face it. I only care about me and may be a toy."
|| Current Location âœĻ Airdalen Academy ||
|| [ Theme âœĻ [Boy Like You ] ||


Kazuki was able to remove that appalling pink band-aid on his face. There was no way he would be caught with that on his face, even if he has a large gash there. He would rather have the gash be seen. That would add to his many badges than take the risk of being seen so uncool which doesn't match with his determined outlook of himself. It was a good thing that he also has a way with the words when it does count. He had managed to convince the guards that he won't run away anymore, but that didn't mean he would not be escorted to his uncle who was currently at the school hall where everyone else was now heading towards.

The teachers began the announcement as he gotten a good look of the two females who for the sake of all worldly things could not remember the name of. Well, he does have his nicknames for them though. There's the Hysteria girl and the Booby lady. He has that smirk on his face as he passed by them. "Hey, there ladies! I would love some action of that with me." He gave them a wink while one of the guards gave him a bump on the head. "Show some respect Miyamoto!" As a response, Kazuki just rolled his eyes and nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders. "I'm showing them my respect, you know. Come on, don't tell me you wouldn't want to be embraced by those girls? They're hot."

The guards all had red faces whether it was because they were thinking the same rather perverted things or they were annoyed. It was never shown as they only shoved Kazuki to walk faster. "Move it!" As for the Hellion, he couldn't help but chuckle lightly at this. It seemed he made a point and really he does have a mouth that is more tainted than anyone could think of and he's not afraid to showcase every time he could find the opportunity to do so. He caught sight of some of the students looking at him, with those looks as if saying that he is someone who doesn't belong in this elite school. Well, he would agree to that if it means that he isn't one of them who has a stick shove so high up in their a**es.

Others looked at him as sort of icon who can't be tamed and for that he couldn't help but be prouder of his antics than ever. That's why it is not surprising that he also have quite a following that would not be easily ignored when compared to the arrogant piece of sh*t (Aeon) and the man he assigned as his rival (Ryou). He was more approachable and friendly, but more dangeroues than the two combine. Speaking of which, some of the girls greeted him with such enthusiasm as he answered back with a grin. "My my my! Look how stunning you all are. Can't wait to have a bite of you all." His voice oozed with such a hint of risky sexual innuendo which was in pair with his golden eyes that seemed to capture their soul without effort. The girls blushed at this while the guards shook their heads and pushed him to enter the school hall.

"Come on men, it's not my fault they like me." He retorted towards the shoving with his confident smirk. Kazuki was then lead towards the front row without much of a choice as he was forced to take a seat. "Sit down and wait! Hayashi-san will be with you shortly." Kazuki released a big sigh at that and leaned on his chair while his legs were stretched in front of him as he placed his arms behind his head as a sort of cushion. "Let's just get this show on the road already... I do have other appointments to get into." He was not really thrilled to be here or be part of whatever program this school has come up with. Tapping his feet on the floor, he let his eyes look around and directed it to the area where he heard some commotion at the back. His eyes narrowed considerably as he saw his rival (Ryou) who managed to subjugate it with a few words.

"There you are..." Kazuki knew well that the guy is a Killer. He could sense it about Ryou. Someone not meant to be trifle with and that's what excites him, to beat a guy like that. He was about to do something like issuing his challenge when he felt a rather very hot presence before him. His eyes returned at front and he was welcomed by the sight of his uncle who was probably informed of his mischief and about the car. "Hey there!" He greeted him with an innocent smile that the angels would be very proud of. "I guess it's high time you get a new car. You have insurance, right?" Then, his stomach grumbled, reminding him that breakfast was yet to be served. "Oh yeah, you did drag me here so early in the morning. I deserve some credit for that. Do you have something to eat?" Ah yes, he was also the kind that won't find anything wrong with his actions and never apologizes. "I'm starving over here."