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Snippet #2624240

located in Beacon Academy, a part of RWBY: Bloodmoon Rising, one of the many universes on RPG.

Beacon Academy



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Character Portrait: Terry Sawyer Character Portrait: Natalie Evans Character Portrait: Ricochet Quixo Character Portrait: Jericho Rifter
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Morning. Why did it it have to be morning? Jerry was a lot of things- punctual, musically inclined, eccentric, and far too intelligent for his own good.

However, a damnable morning person was something Jerry certainly was not. Rubbing the never-ending crust from his eyes, he could scarcely remember any shred of information the morning announcement provided, nor what he was supposed to do following. It was fortuitous, then, that Natalie had the foresight to give him a courtesy nudge- otherwise, he wouldn't have made it to the dropship that was to take him to his destination!

"Damn," he mumbled to himself, staggering behind his teammates, "Today's not my day for making good impressions..."

Jerry's drinking habit wasn't exactly a secret to the students and staff at Beacon- it was usually looked over, however, due to his stellar classroom performance and contributions to the institution. He would also never so much as think of showing up to a debriefing hung over. Unfortunately for him, his "just-got-out-of-bed" stagger is eerily similar to his "just-recently-became-somewhat-sober" stagger, which he was sure would go over well with a certain cycloptic virtuoso on his team.

Not that he was abhorrent of Natalie's motherly demeanor- quite frankly, he enjoyed the pleasure of her company. All too often, however, her overbearing would remind him of his eldest sister, who harped on him much the same way. It was an encounter that he was far too tired to handle today.

Catching his second wind, he was the last to enter the dropship, where Rico greeted him with his usual, older-brother-love-tap. This always amused him, as Rico would always have to ironically reach up to touch his shoulder. He let out a stupid grin and took a seat next to his companion, taking in all of what Weiss had to say.

At the offer to ask questions, Jerry sheepishly raised his hand. "Um, yeah, I have a few questions!" He scanned the room for approval, before quickly realizing that this was not a classroom. He cleared his throat, and voiced his concern.

"Well, first of all, do you think you can tell us a bit about the weapon? You mentioned that it was too volatile to transport by air, so why is taking a train any better? How are you containing it? It's not gonna blow up on us or anything, is it?"

He rubbed his eyes before voicing his second concern, "Also, you're next in line for the Empire, right? You're being super vague about the specifics of this weapon, which tells me there's some kind of secret that's above our pay grade. But if it's so important, why reach out to us students? Surely you've got more highly qualified Hunters or Huntresses you could reach out to?"

Although his intent was simply to garner more information about the task at hand, tact was never Jerry's strong suit, and his questions could have easily been misconstrued as rude or disrespectful. As luck would have it, Jerry is also quite terrible with body language, and would have been completely oblivious to anyone exuding any form of awkwardness.