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located in Oceanside, a part of Oceanside Orphanage, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Dialogue Color: #FF34B3|| Nickname: Bee || Location: Dining Room

As Isabella's golden brown eyes scanned each word from her book until something caught her attention. No, not something, someone. Nate Saintjames to be more exact. She pealed her eyes off the intense page in her book to show him some sort of attention. She gave a polite smile and smirked at him. As she was about to reply back to him Heidi walked into the room with a blonde haired girl. Isabella never paid much attention to the other people in the orphanage she pretty much kept to herself just like Amber. The only difference is Isabella talked but only when talked to. She was never the one to strike up a conversation with someone else.
Isabella looked up as Nate was sending the new girl Diamond a wicked smirk that sent shivers down her spine. The rumors seemed right, he was a player. Not that Isabella minded she could use a friend and she knew she wasn't much of Nate's type.
As Hedi walked over to Jessica's table it reminded Isabella of her first day there. Everyone was very welcoming but it wasn't the genuine welcome. It was the fake 'Oh we are so glad we got to meet you', 'Why are you here', 'You seem so nice'. And of course all of the warnings of who to hangout with and who to avoid. Nate was on the top of the list of people to avoid.
Isabella was doing a great job of lying under the radar until today. As she was stuck in her thoughts as Nate caught her attention once again asking her what her book is about. This caused Isabella to pause and made her think diligently on what she was about to say. " Its about a women who moves to a new house in the middle of the no where with her abusive husband. He ends up dying on the first day there due to his excessive drinking problem. He suffocated in his sleep and his wife went delusional. Its pretty gruesome." She laughed and waited to read his facial expression.Isabella had always been an exceptional reader of people. It was a gift most people would say. But to Isabella it was more of an annoying habit of hers.
Isabella took off the oversized mahogany sweat shirt she was wearing. She fixed the perfectly fitted white tank top that clung to her body like a second skin. She moved her long chocolate brown hair to the side and fixed her gaze back on Nate. She gave him a bright smile showing off her pearly white teeth and laughed lightly waiting for his response. "You don't strike me as much of a reader." She rose her eyebrow and smirked at him causing her to give him a playful eye roll. Image
Isabella looked around and noticed Nikolai and Zach talking at one table and the rest of the girls at another table. She wondered why Nate would sit with her. For over a year she sat by herself in the corner of the dining room reading a book or drawing. Most of her time was spent either working out or in her bedroom. So why was today so different. Of course she knew she was overthinking everything like she always did. She took in a deep breath and let it out lightly. She shifted in her seat and pulled her leggings down as she made herself more comfortable in her seat. She put her feet up on the chair across from her allowing her light brown boots to rest considering they were already hurting her feet.