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Daniel didn't get the perfect sleep he thought he had earned and he couldn't figure out for the love of the Gods why. It could have been likely that his mind was working over time on dealing with the fact that he had a new tormenting sister that had actually hit puberty. Or maybe it was how he had half shut down Alex.
It took him a while to physically decide to get out of bed and do something with his conscience. And naturally, that meant selecting the easier choice and heading to Andy's little quaint glass cabin she took a liking to. Daniel knocked and waited and repeated but she was obviously out and about and not a girl that loved her sleep-ins. He sighed out a little, pulling out a sticky-pad and pen. "Why would you make things easy?" Daniel scrawled a note on it that read;
Missed your weird Hocus Pocus fingers this morning.
Should catch up later.
The 1 of 2 things Hecate did right.
And stuck it to her cabin door. Daniel looked around and sighed out in defeat before roaming in Zeus' cabins direction.

So Alex and he hadn't parted on the greatest terms he figured. And she might have felt something like a fool and he didn't want her feeling that way to take a chance to kiss him. By all standards it was a good momentary kiss. But like every romance film had told him, there were ways of redemption. That usually had to be equally as foolish.
Daniel braced himself for the mad idea he had stirring in his brain and without further ado, summoned some speakers with a
Imagemicrophone to look the part. He hit the play button and let Maroon 5-Sunday Morning play.
He sang the beginning looking down, as if warming up his own confidence but once he hit the chorus he allowed himself to get swept up in the song, looking up to their cabin and smiling, expecting Alex to show, staring down on him with a big bright grin and appreciate the gesture. "That may be all I need, In darkness, she is all I see. Come and rest your bones with me. Driving slow on Sunday morning, And I never want to leave."
Even Daniel thought he was selling it. Heck, he was getting into it, moving his shoulders and finding a bounce in his legs as he kept singing.