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Snippet #2644921

located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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Character Portrait: Arabella Swift Character Portrait: Jamie Chapman Character Portrait: Ellie Wallace Character Portrait: Nate Carlile Character Portrait: Skylar Grocott
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Friday 11th September – 2:30 PM – The Road – Camp Out Outfit

※ Mood: Surprised - Chilled- Nervous
※ Listening To: Whatsername - Green Day
※ With: No One
Bella laughed gently at the exchange and wandered how Nate hadn't told anyone of them to 'fuck off' yet, she could remember plenty of times her and Jamie had sat talking in French just to wind him up a little bit but they only ever did it because he made it so easy but he didn't react he was totally calm about it and she almost hated it because that's how she realised Nate was as much involved in the mind games as Ellie, they were as bad as each other but she'd like to think Nate was purely defensive but she questioned it. As Ellie and Sky were chatting about the band, Sky asked who the support was and Bella grinned lightly and gestured dramatically to Jamie.

"This guy," She laughed before walking over to help Nate and Sky with the tent. She could remember more or less how to put up a tent and she crouched down it and unpacked the poles, coordinating them into piles according to which they side they were supposed to be on and in order of how they should be put up. Although Bella didn't study much or particularly revise she was gifted with an inquisitive mind and picture perfect memory, so new things as well as recalling old ones came perfectly naturally to her. It's why she was so good at languages and factual subjects but her strong-mindedness and ability to share her opinion reflected on her more creative subjects too, she was curious about a lot of things in life and she'd always found it useful like when her unseen poetry exam in Year 11 was on a poem she'd read before in her free time at a library. She didn't know everything but she knew a lot of random things and she liked it more than coming across as some kind of hard core nerd who revised for everything because that wasn't really her attitude to anything.

When Jamie said about instructions she laughed. "Fuck off, I've got this. Woman power," She told him with a small grin. "Take that and put them through the loopy things on your side," She ordered grinning gently, passing over a couple of rods and she did the same to Nate who rolled his eyes and pretended to imitate her bossing around until she turned around and hit the back of his head gently.

"Nate, spell the capital of Tunisa,"

"T-H-E C-A-P,"

She glared at him and he stopped smirking in amusement before going about the instructions Bella had verbally laid out and she was right because as she did the same the porch of the tent took shape even if it wasn't pinned up, you could actually see the shape more now.

She looked up and gasped dramatically when she saw Ellie grinning at her phone and she waited for Ellie to look up at her and she winked knowingly, mouthing the word 'cheeky' at her before turning a blind eye like she hadn't noticed anything, she wouldn't embarrass her in front of the guys but she wouldn't ignore it either.

Friday 11th September 2:30 PM– Camp Out – Outfit

※ Mood: Moody | Anxious | Bitter
※ Listening To: Before You Start Your Day - Twenty One Pilots
※ With: Sky
Nate did his best not to look at Ellie because it just made his stomach pit with guilt, he hadn't really spoken to anyone other than Sky since the fall out, he'd avoided Bella and Jamie all week just out of embarrassment which brought something to his attention- his philosophy teacher had been asking him about where she was all week.

"Hey Arabella-" He called prolonging her name till she turned around with a raised brow. "Where you been all week?" He asked obliviously and panic flooded across the brunette's face for a second and she opened and closed her mouth twice before she answered.

"Mum's been kind of sick. I had to up my game a bit until my step-dad got back from London," She lied quickly and Nate was suspicious but he nodded it was plausible but thinking about, he didn't even know she had a step-dad. She was so secretive with everyone but he figured they weren't really that close anyway, it just occurred to him that except Jamie probably, none of them actually knew anything about her.

He looked over at Sky and grinned at her gently when she caught his eye and he laughed softly. "Hey are they are any pegs in the bag where you are?" He asked casually.

Friday 11th September – 2:30 PM – The Road – Camp Out Outfit

※ Mood: Excited - Bubbly
※ Listening To: Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
※ With: Nate
"Seriously he plays?" She asked grinning at Arabella when she told him and the dark haired girl nodded gently. "Well he didn't before for that band but yeah, we were both in a shitty little band but hey, he got a lucky break," She explained looking over at Jamie with a small grin. Sky nodded along and smiling.

"What do you do?" She asked. "In the band," She added.

"Primarily, I play piano and squeal along at rehearsals for the sake of humour. But to be honest, he's probably the best keyboardist and vocalist I know," She commented and Sky smiled softly.

"That's pretty awesome. All I've ever really done as far as hobbies is ballet when I was a kid but I was proper shit- it was for my Mother's bragging rights primarily," She claimed light heartedly whilst helping put poles into the main sheet of the tent as the other's instructed and Bella's eyes lit up like Hyde Park at Christmas.

"Really? I dance, that's my thing more than anything. I've literally done ballet since I could walk. I used to get bitched at for wearing black tutus," She smirked with a small laugh and Skylar laughed with her.

"I can imagine that," She admitted.

When Nate spoke to her she looked confused for a second whilst she was looking through the bag for them but then she found a plastic bag full of metal right angled pegs and she tossed them to him, which he only just caught. He called back 'cheers' and then she looked at the two girls again and smiled charismatically.

"So, have you guys always gone to college here?" She asked in a friendly, chatty manner. If there was one thing to fault about Skylar, she arguably talked too much and possibly tried a little too hard but she made it look so effortless it was hard to tell she was bothering at all.