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located in Atria, a part of Atria, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Leon Song Character Portrait: Rosalie Song Character Portrait: Mateo Vargas Character Portrait: Stellan Mikaelsson
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L E O N. S O N G
Leon hadn't expected the prince to talk to him as much as he was. Not that he had been judging, but at first glance the man appeared to be kind of...cold and unwelcoming. Clearly that was not the case. They had barely known each other for just under two hours and Stellan was already speaking to him as if he'd known Leon for much longer. The younger prince watched in silence as Stellan mumbled for a bit, trying to explain himself, only responding with a quiet, almost childlike chuckle. It was nice to see he wasn't the only one that rambled. well thanks...I think" he responded, his face twisted into somewhat of a confused grin.

The last part of his statement, though, lingered in the back of his mind for a moment. It was unusual to find someone as important as a prince to admit to something like that so easily. Of course, Leon had no idea how things worked in Sweden. For all he knew, that was normal. Unlike upright and conservative Atria where it was considered "disgusting" and "immoral" and in the words of King Song, "unfit for an Atrian citizen". Many of the locals thought the same way. Leon never understood why, nor did he try to. He didn't plan on falling in love with another man anytime soon, or woman for that matter.

"Did you know cats can't taste sweetness." Leon quickly looked up, the prince's voice bringing back down to reality, kind of relieved by the fact he was attempting to make conversation. His gaze switched from the prince's face to the sleeping fur ball that had now moved to his lap and tilted his head in sudden realization. "Is that so?" he said, his eyes inspecting the feline's face. Surely Leon had read a book about cats at some point or another, but whatever he had learned is now long gone. "So that's why you never eat my cookies you little brat" he sighed, gently patting his pet's head. He paused for a moment before adding "or maybe they're just horrible". Leon loved sweets of any kind, shape and size, but he hardly ever made them himself. His favorite bakery usually had them delivered first thing in the morning.

Gently pushing Snickers off of his lap. Leon got to his feet and shrugged off the suit jacket. He felt a little stuffy in it, and on the off chance he would have to go back to the ball, he didn't want it to be covered in white cat hair. Adding his cream colored bow tie to the pile, he unbuttoned his shirt cuffs and rolled them halfway up his arms. He would have much rather taken everything off and slipped into a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt, but the night was still young and he would most likely have to go back down to the party to send off the guests. Sitting back down on the couch, Leon stared at his lap for a moment before meeting the man's gaze. It may have been the lighting, but his eyes looked deeper and darker than they did down in the ballroom. Almost like a deep forest green. "I'm sorry about all this...honestly. I know my father won't ever apologize, so I'll do it for him". Of course, Leon had no more control over the situation than they did, but apologizing felt like the right thing to do and since Rose wasn't here at the moment, it was up to him.


M A T E O. V A R G A S
Mateo had expected Rose to accept his hug, and stay in his arms for hours just as she had last time. But she didn't. She didn't even return the hug. After lingering for a moment she pulled away. He would be lying if he said he wasn't hurt by that. She didn't have a reason as to why she had't told him, yet Mateo could understand, somehow. Putting himself in her shoes, he probably wouldn't have had the courage to tell her either. Why? That was both the most simple and complicated question. Mateo had briefly thought about a few times before, but was always quick to discard the thought. Their relationship was fine as it was. It wasn't Mateo's right to ruin it.

But now, in the light of all things, he couldn't help but think about it again, and again. Now it felt as if it were the only logical explanation to everything. Why he felt so hurt, why he felt so heartbroken, why he felt angry because random stranger had suddenly stepped in to steal Rosalie from him. He knew nothing about her. He didn't know her likes, her dislikes, her fears, how her eyes shine when she's excited or how she tends to mess with his lip when she's nervous. Someone that doesn't know those things can't possibly make her happy. Mateo knows her, every part of her, almost better than she knows herself. She should be the one marrying her, not that stranger.

"This- no, I can't, oh god." her words echoed in Matti's head as if they were his own. For a moment he wondered if he had been the one to say them. His eyes a dark blue in the night's light and as large as dinner plates, stared down at her in both shock and confusion. "Rosie..." suddenly, as if everything had clicked into place all at once, he dropped down to his knees in front of her. His large eyes scanned her for a moment before his hand touched her cheek, gently lifting her head so they were face to face. "I don't care...I don't care that you didn't tell me, and I don't care what it is I have to do just...please don't marry him...".